11 Bullet Journal Layouts That Are Perfect For May

If you love bullet journalling and you’re looking for some really cool bullet jounral layouts for May, then this article is for you. May is a month for flowers, birds, bees and generally a time for brighter colors. Incorptationg these ideas into your various spreads for May, is a great plan. If you feel like you can’t find some creative ideas on your own, here are 11 genius bullet journal layouts to try out for the month of May. Bullet Journalling is a lot of fun when you have some really cool layouts to design. Not only do they make your bullet journal […]

6 Genius Hacks To Eat Healthier This Week

Eating healthy is a big deal. We all try…often struggle to eat healthier but sometimes it just seems impossible to do. Generally, many of us can’t commit to eating healthy for an entire week much less a month. Not only does this suck, this shows how difficult it is for us to be healthy and lose weight. However, even though it may be hard to eat healthier, there are some things that you can do every day to help you eat healthily and get healthy so that you can achieve your goal of weight loss, overall health, fitness and more for the […]

8 Indoor Plants You Need To Have In Your Apartment/Home

If you’re looking for some great home decor ideas, then indoor plants may be just the thing you need to spice up your space. Not only do they add a beautiful touch to your space, they also have a host of benefits such as purifying the air are just the thing you need if you love gardening…or at least dabbling in it. What’s more, most of these indoor plants are so easy to care for, they are virtually no risk of them dying you! Did I mention that these are super easy to care for? In no time, your apartment […]

10 Keto Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss

There’s nothing like a wonderfully tasty keto dinner recipes that are easy to make. Today’s article features 10 keto dinners you’ll wish you knew about sooner. Bening on the keto diet can be quite difficult because it seems so restrictive. One thing that can make your keto journey way easier is your ability to make various meals that the entire family (even though they’re not doing keto with you) can enjoy so that you’re not slaving in the kitchen for hours on end. These 10 delicious keto recipes will help you do just that. In fact, I’m positive they’ll be hits for […]

6 Best Keto Bread Recipes For Weight Loss

Being on the keto diet seems very difficult for most of us for a host of reasons. However, one of those big difficulties of keto is not being able to enjoy bread. As problematic as this may sound to many of us, there are some really great tasty keto bread recipes that we can use as substitutes for our favorite regular bread. What’s more, they’re easy to make, taste super delicious and will help you lose weight on the keto diet! Keto bread can be made from man different types of low carb flour options such as almond flour, coconut […]

Keto Desserts: 10 Recipes To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

Being on the keto diet can be quite difficult to maintain if you have constant sweet cravings for keto desserts. Many times these cravings are so strong that you can find yourself obsessively thinking about sweet foods. Sugars aren’t a great idea for keto dieters, however, they’re so good, often times it’s difficult to resist them. Thankfully there are some amazing keto desserts that can help curb those cravings. They’re easy to make, and you can enjoy them guilt free! You’ll have a dessert for any occasion and they will help you induce ketosis! What could be better than these delicious desserts? […]

Keto Green Smoothie: Low Carb & Tasty Smoothie Recipe

If you’re trying to find a tasty keto green smoothie recipe, then you’re in the right place. This is a great smoothie recipe that you can enjoy on the low carb high-fat diet. This is a perfect green smoothie for breakfast or even for days when it’s hot and you want something that’ll cool you down. This recipe only includes a few healthy ingredients that are easy to find and make the best keto green smoothie ever! Related: Keto Banana Bread – Easy & Tasty Low Carb Recipe     Keto Green Smoothie Benefits: If you’re on the keto diet, you must […]