30 Day Money Saving Challenge + Free Printable Savings Plan

This 30-day money saving challenge is a great way to challenge yourself for the next 30 day. This is the time of year for saving. After all the festivities and spending of December with all the gift giving, parties, holiday travels, it is time to get serious about saving some money. Here is a 30-day money saving challenge that can get you back on track and feeling in control of your money and spending again. You can start this money-saving challenge at any time during the year. You can even do this multiple times throughout the year to build various saving funds […]

11 Keto Hot Chocolate Recipes That Taste Like Heaven

Are you looking for Keto Hot Chocolate Recipes to make this winter? If you are, then you’re in luck. We’ve listed 11 amazingly good keto hot chocolate recipes that are creamy, rich and comforting. They’re also quick and easy to make. You won’t have to go through the winter without your favorite hot chocolate recipes just because you’re following the keto diet. Because now, you have 11 delicious cocoa recipes that you can make when you want something creamy, rich, and deeply chocolaty and comforting.   Related: Bulletproof Hot Chocolate Recipes To Make On The Keto Diet   Best of all, if you […]