7 Keto Coffee Recipes For Weightloss On The Ketogenic Diet

These keto coffee recipes for weight loss are a must try on the keto diet.  What is keto coffee? Keto coffee, also called bulletproof coffee, butter coffee or fatty coffee is a drink that was first created by Dave Asprey. It is a high-performance drink that helps you to increase your energy levels, suppress your hunger and have more mental clarity. Dave Asprey has a specific bulletproof coffee recipe that you can try here. However, over the years many people have made lots of other variations that also fit into the keto diet and taste awesome.   Benefits of keto […]

20+ Zero Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

What are zero calorie foods? The term zero calorie food sounds totally crazy, right? I mean do zero calorie foods even exist and if they do,  are these foods even real and healthy? Rest assured, they are real and they are very healthy. Zero calories foods are foods that you can eat in larger quantities because they are very low in calories, and your body will burn more calories digesting these foods and using up the nutrients than the total number of calories these foods contain. If you are trying to eat healthier and lose weight, you should add more […]