21 Keto Meal Prep Recipes That’ll Make It Easy to Burn Fat

Meal prepping is a great way to get more control over your diet and stop eating foods that aren’t good for your health. If you’ve got a healthy bowl of rice and chicken ready to go in the refrigerator, another pizza won’t seem like such a good option. However, what if you’re on a keto diet, and you’re looking to start meal prepping to make your healthy eating so much easier and better coordinated? Don’t you worry, because we have you covered if you’re looking for some delicious, low carb recipe ideas to get started with? Before we get into […]

46 Keto Snacks To Buy To Enjoy Keto While Losing Weight

Today we’ll explore a list of over 40 keto snacks you can buy in order to stay in ketosis. If you’re looking for ideas for keto snacks to buy, then this list is going to help you out tremendously! Ever since the Keto diet became a popular way to lose weight fast, everyone seems to be talking about it. Promising to turn your body into a fat burning machine, the Keto diet is not new for some Hollywood stars. In fact, many people have been using this diet to lose weight and to treat various other issues such long before […]

11 Must Have Hand Lettering Books For Beginners

Hand lettering is a form of drawing letters that is quite similar to calligraphy but not the same. Calligraphy uses a dip pen and ink to draw strokes and letters with different amounts of pressure, Whereas hand lettering uses a pen to artfully draw out letters in a decorative way. When it comes to hand lettering, each letter is carefully thought out and drawn in a different way for every situation. Hand-lettered words are usually illustrated and they are all unique and different from each other.   Hand lettering is a way of expressing oneself that has evolved over time […]

Konjac Rice: The Best Keto Rice Alternative

If you happen to be a rice lover and at the same time want to kick start a ketogenic dietary regime, you have come to the right place to learn about keto konjac rice. A ketogenic diet comprises of a high-fat, low-carb, adequate-protein diet that is primarily used to treat refractory cases of epilepsy arising in children. There are other reasons people resort to a ketogenic diet such as weight loss, or controlling acne.   What is The Ketogenic Diet? The ketogenic diet focusses on changing the fuel that your body relies upon. Instead of using the regular sugar (glucose) […]

21 Keto Recipes For Beginners & Meal Plan For Weight Loss

So, you’ve decided to start the keto diet, and you need some help figuring out what to eat to help you finally lose this weight and look and feel good. If this is you, you’re in the right place.  Whether you’re looking for breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, dinner ideas, snacks, drinks that can work on the keto diet, you will find some really easy to make ideas here. Not only are these keto recipes easy to make, but they are also delicious and are the perfect introduction into the keto diet. These are recipes you can also share with your […]

The Ultimate List Of Keto Baking Ingredients

This post outlines not only the list of keto baking ingredients and some amazing keto baked goods recipes, but also some easy and useful tips you can use to make baking on low carb diet easier. The keto or ketogenic diet has a wide array of benefits. You might have gone low-carb for any of these numerous reasons: whether to lose weight quickly, keep your blood sugar better controlled, or to benefit from more energy. Keto diets are very effective, but it involves cutting down on a lot of different food items which have high carbohydrate content.   What is […]

Complete Bullet Journal Starter Kit For Beginners And Beyond

This bullet journal starter kit article contains everything you need to start your very own bullet journal! So, what is a bullet journal after all? The truth is that bullet journaling is becoming more and more popular every day and you probably already heard about it.   But, if you haven’t, a bullet journal is a planner system that can help you plan your different activities. In most bullet journals, you will find a wide range of elements inside. From collections to dailies, monthlies, an index, and even a future log.   It is a very forgiving planning system, which […]

Bullet Journal Setup : Step By Step Guide For Your First Bujo

If you are highly into productivity, to do lists and habit tracking and the like, chances are you’ve considered using a bullet journal to help you manage your life. After all, who doesn’t love being more productive and more organized, right? But if you’ve been stuck on exactly how to set up your bullet journal, then you’re int he right place. We get it. After all, starting something new. Something as completely ‘blank’ as a bullet journal may be a little bit intimidating. We’re here to help you go through all the steps you need to get your bullet journal […]

33 Low Carb Starbucks Drinks Keto Dieters Can Enjoy

You’re looking for some amazing low carb Starbucks drinks that you can have without any guilt on the keto diet. You need to find out exactly what you can have to drink when you go to Starbucks without kicking yourself out of ketosis. Maybe you’ve been thinking of starting the keto diet after reading all of the success stories all over the internet. Maybe you’ve already started but you’re finding it restrictive and thus difficult to continue you. Maybe you’re just looking for ideas of things you can make adjustments to make them low carb friendly, especially when you feel like going […]

Bullet Journal Doodles: 24 Amazing Doodle Ideas For Beginners & Beyond!

So you’ve started a bullet journal and you’re looking for some creative bullet journal doodles to use in your journal. If you are, you’re not alone. You may be looking to start doodling in order to help with your anxiety, or just to be more creative. This article will work for you if you’re a beginner or even if you’re more advanced. Whatever reason you want to learn more about doodles, you will be pleased with this massive list of doodles that you can use in your bullet journal.   What are doodles? Doodles are simple drawings that typically doesn’t take a long […]