6 Foolproof Dijon Mustard Substitute Options

replacements for dijon mustard

Dijon Mustard is a popular condiment for sandwiches, hot dogs, and much more! This version of mustard is made with mustard seeds and wine and offers a creamier consistency than its counterpart. Getting it’s name from Dijon, France, and sporting a classy pale-yellow color, this zesty mustard can be hard to imagine replacing.  However, if you do find yourself without Dijon Mustard, or in need of a vegan option don’t despair! There are a few things that can act as replacements for certain recipes. In this article, we’ll check out these options so you can decide for yourself on the […]

How To Make Buttermilk For Fried Chicken

Learn how to make buttermilk for fried chicken with ingredients you have in your kitchen! If you’re craving delicious tender, crispy fried chicken but you have no buttermilk, chances are you’re looking for the best substitutes for buttermilk in fried chicken and we’ve shared those here. However, if you also want to learn how to make a simple buttermilk recipe that you can use for frying chicken, then you’ll be glad you came here. Can I use butter and milk to make buttermilk? No you cannot. Due to the name, many people still think that buttermilk is a combination of […]

7 Great Pork Belly Substitute Ideas Everyone Should Know

pork belly substitute

Did you run to the store only to find they’re out of pork belly? Don’t worry! Today, you will find 7 great pork belly substitute ideas worth knowing. Pork belly is a common component of many Korean dishes and brings a rich, meaty flavor to the recipes. Pork belly comes from the belly of a pig, meaning it is a very fatty cut of pork. The fat gives the meat more flavor and makes it tender and moist. Many people recommend slow-roasting pork belly, but there are plenty of ways to prepare it. It is usually fairly easy to get, […]

How To Make Heavy Cream For Alfredo Sauce

how to make cream for alfredo

I’ve shared a list of the best heavy cream substitutes for Alfredo sauce here as well as the best ways to substitute for Alfredo sauce in any recipe here. But today, I’ll show you how to make heavy cream for alfredo sauce!      Just how do you actually make a homemade heavy cream substitute for Alfredo sauce? This is something many people want to know. If you’re such a person, keep reading to see exactly how to make heavy cream for Alfredo sauce in a few minutes! If you’re craving a delicious Alfredo sauce but have no heavy cream […]

9 Best Substitutes For Gruyere Cheese

substitute for gruyere cheese

Are you looking for some good substitutes for gruyere cheese? Keep reading to find the best options. Gruyere cheese is a very rich, nutty cheese with a hint of saltiness. Its texture is creamy and its flavor depends on its age. Many people love to use it for quiches, fondue, dips, and gratins. Gruyere is also great on pizzas and just topped on top of bread with some jam. It also has many substitutes to choose from.   You can substitute Gruyere cheese with cheeses such as Emmental, Jarlsberg, Raclette, Comte, Beaufort, American Swiss, Fontina, Cheddar and Gouda. Most gruyere cheese […]

How To Substitute For Sour Cream In Baking

substitute for sour cream in baking

Check out these amazing ways to substitute for sour cream in baking. While baking, you may realize midway that the recipe calls for sour cream and you do not have any. If you do not want to trek out to the store for sour cream, you can always substitute it with something else that you may already have at home. So, what can you substitute for sour cream in baking? The best sour cream substitutes for baking include both dairy and non-dairy options. They are: Yogurt Mayonnaise Buttermilk Creme Fraiche Cream Cheese Cottage Cheese Coconut Milk Tofutti Better Than Sour […]

8 Best Ways To Substitute for Old English Cheese

substitute for Old English cheese

Are you planning to cook with old English cheese? Can’t find any? Keep reading for a list of the best old English cheese substitutes. With so few companies still making old English cheese, the product can be challenging to get your hands on. Here are some of the best foods if you need a substitute for old English cheese.  So, what are the best substitutes for old English cheese? The cheeses and foods listed below are the best alternatives for old English cheese. They include: Stilton Mild Cheddar Halloumi Buffalo Mozzarella Labneh Graceburn Cheese Cheez Whiz Each is explained in […]

3 Best Ways To Substitute For Heavy Cream In Ice Cream

substitute for heavy cream in ice cream

Are you looking for a great way to substitute for heavy cream in ice cream? Keep reading to get 3 easy options! Ice cream is a delicious treat that can be made with a variety of different ingredients. One key ingredient in ice cream is heavy cream, which helps to give the dessert its rich, creamy texture. However, heavy cream can be expensive for some people, and other times it may just not be available at all stores. Fortunately, there are a few substitutes that can be used in their place.  So, what are the best substitutes for heavy cream […]

12 Best Ways To Substitute for Cotija Cheese

substitute for cotija cheese

Below, you will find the best ways to substitute for Cotija cheese. Do you want to make a recipe that calls for Cotija cheese but your favorite market has run out? Do you need a readily available alternative? Are you just looking for a slightly different flavor or texture than Cotija cheese? There are plenty of substitutes you can use.   Cotija is a Mexican cheese named for the city of Cotija, Mexico. It is made from cows’ milk and has a milky and salty taste. It is used in a wide variety of Mexican dishes and is often crumbled or […]

How To Make Heavy Cream For Pasta

how to make heavy cream

We’ve shared a list of the best heavy cream substitutes for pasta here. But today, we’ll show you how to make it!  Just how do you make your own homemade heavy cream for pasta? This is something many people want to know. So, keep reading to see how to make heavy cream for pasta in a few minutes!   Yes that’s right! We’ll teach you how to make your own heavy cream right from your kitchen, with staple ingredients. You can then use this recipe as an effective sub for heavy cream in any pasta dish! Heavy cream is a […]