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This 26 week money saving challenge is the perfect money challenge to help you build a great saving habit.

It’s always a great idea to save money, whether it is for a vacation, big expense, Christmas or another holiday or money to have stashed away for an emergency. This is why this 26 week money saving challenge is very important and you should give it a try this year.

However, if you’re like me you have a habit of letting these events sneak up on you without having the money available for them. This year you have the opportunity to not let that happen. You can simply, try out this 26 week money saving challenge to help you get your coins saved up.

There have been many times in my life when I’ve needed extra money for certain things, and having the funds easily available would have made things so much better, but saving has always been a bit of a habit that I cannot seem to get going for more than a few weeks.

This 26 week money saving challenge is the opportunity to not only save money for special events and occasions but also a way to develop a great habit.

You can choose to start this savings challenge at any time you choose and it’s a great way to save $1775.00 in the next 6 months by just starting out with $5.00!


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Tips To Get Through The Money Saving Challenge

Here are a couple of ways to ensure that you actually save this morning instead and don’t fall off during the 26 week period.

  • Place the money in a jar that will be hard to access. If the money is hard to access, your chances of using it will be significantly reduced. I really like this one.
  • Treat your savings as a bill: Subtracting the sum of money that you need to save each week from your income is a great way to ensure that you’re saving what you need to each week. So, this amount into your budget like you would any other bill so that you make it a real priority.
  • Start small: When your first start the challenge, start small, that way, you slowly get yourself familiar with the idea of taking money out of your monthly income to put towards savings without feeling overwhelmed. As times goes on, you can increase the amount of money that goes towards your savings challenge, by then, it’ll be easier for you to cut out things you do not need in order to save more.
  • Cut out a lot of the things you do not need and save that money instead. Think things like extra food that you really don’t need. I’ve found that cutting out a lot of the fast food that I used to eat so often not only helps me save more money, but it also helps me stay trimmer. Winning!
  • Visualize your end goal: If you’re saving for a family vacation or Christmas, or a wedding, keep this vision in your mind so that you stick to your goal. These inspirational savings boxes can help you keep that vision alive.

  • Use a savings account that you can’t withdraw money from if you have too. I have tried this method out before with great results.
  • Automate Your Savings: At the beginning that savings challenge in itself will seem like fun and you will make your deposits, however, as time goes by and you become busy and less focused, you may begin to forget. Therefore, having the money automatically transferred into a savings account is a smart choice. 
  • Find some smart ways to make some extra cash. Try out sites like Pinecone Research to make some extra cash online.


Free Printable 26 Week Savings Plan

Embarking on this challenge is one of the best things you will do for yourself this year as you will save a nice sum of money that you can depend and you’ll develop a good habit that can be put to good use so that you continue to save for the rest of your life.

Print this out an keep it on your fridge so that you are always reminded that you have to save some money every week.

However, you do it, make sure that you follow through with the challenge this year. At the end of it, you will have an extra $1775.00 saved up!

You can click the link below to download this saving challenge.

6 month money saving challenge



Easy 26 week money challenge

26 week money saving challenge

We love hearing from you so share your ideas on how you plan to be successful with this 26 week money saving challenge in the comments. Also, share this awesome 6 month money saving chart to help a friend out too!


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