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We all want beautiful abs, and we all can get it with the right exercises and eating habits. This 30-day ab challenge is designed to help you challenge your midsection and sculpt beautiful abs.

Crunches alone won’t get you beautifully toned abs, and the moves in this 30-day ab challenge are exactly what you need to start sculpting your abs in no time.

Before you start the challenge it is important to note that what you eat is very important in helping you get a flat stomach. Therefore, you must eat clean in order to see optimal results. it makes no sense to work this hard for the next 30 days and not see your best results because you ate badly. Therefore,  follow these 10 simple rules to ensure that you get the best results possible doing this 30-day ab challenge.


You do not have to follow all these tips, but you can pick a few that you think you can stick to and they will go a long way in helping you see the results you want in the next 30 days.

1. Drinks lots of water. Staying hydrated throughout the day will make you feel good and it’ll help you eat less. There are many awesome benefits to drinking water, including helping you eat less – you can read more about this here.

2. Try out keto. Keto promotes the idea of eating low carbs, moderate protein, and high fat. This lifestyle has become increasingly popular because it has helped so many people get results. Add keto /low carb eating to your routine for the next 30 days and you are sure to see a big difference in your abs. Learn how to follow a 30-day keto eating plan here.

3. Considering sticking to a calorie deficit every day.

4. Drink smoothies for breakfast – Smoothies taste amazing and are s cool way to get in veggies and fruits while having a low-calorie breakfast. Having smoothies for breakfast for an entire month is sure to help you build amazing abs. Here are 24 amazing smoothie recipes.

5. Avoid alcohol – Alcohol intake is associated with having a bigger belly because when you drink alcohol the liver focuses on burning alcohol (what it considers a toxin) instead of fat. This means that when the body is focused on processing alcohol, it is not able to properly break down foods containing carbohydrates and fat. Therefore, these calories are converted into body fat and are carried away for permanent storage in your body. You want to avoid this when you’re doing this 30-day ab challenge for obvious reasons.

5. Load up your plate with watery, fibrous vegetables, including broccoli, lettuce, kale, spinach, peppers, and cauliflower.

6. Get rid of processed and junk food – Eliminate most processed foods, such as packaged bread, snack bars, sweets, alcohol and refined grains, such as white rice, pasta, and breakfast cereal.

7. Increase protein intake – Eat 4 to 6 ounces of lean proteins at each meal.

The 30-Day Ab Challenge

What you need: A Yoga Mat

What you should do: Follow the routine below for maximum results. Repeat this routine each week. Then, repeat day 1 and day 2 on the 29th and 30th day to make sure you go for the full 30 days. 

Day 1

Complete these exercises. Ideally, this routine should be about 30 minutes long

1. Blogilates 5 Minute Flat Abs – 6 minutes

2. FitnessBlender’s 10 Min Abs Workout – 11 minutes

2. High Knee Taps 45 seconds

3. Plank Knees To Elbow  – 45 seconds

4. Leg Circles  45 seconds



Day 2 

Do every exercise in this routine with a 15-second break between each exercise.  Also, repeat this routine twice for the best results.


Plank Tap – 45 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds

V Up – 45 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds

Toe Touchers – 45 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds

Reverse Crunch – 45 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds

Ballet Twist – 45 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds

Mountain Climbers– 45 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds

Barbell Rollout – 3 sets of 15 reps

Rest – 15 seconds

Russian Twists – 45 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds

Flutter Kicks – 45 seconds

Rest  – 15 seconds 

Side Plank – 45 seconds, each side

Day 3

Allana Davison 10 Minute ab workout -10 minutes

Follow this video routine with these exercises.

Spiderman Plank – 45 seconds

Knee Tuck Crunch – 45 seconds

Back Extensions – 45 seconds

X – Crunch – 45 seconds



Day 4

Do this 2 times. Rest for 15 seconds between each circuit. 


Frog Sit Ups – 45 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds


Oblique Leg Lifts -45 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds


Scissor Kicks – 45 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds


Bicycle crunches – 45 seconds

Rest -15 seconds



Day 5

Repeat this circuit 3 times. Rest as little as possible

3o bicycle crunches

30 Russian twists

30 mountain climbers

30 oblique crunches (each side)

30-second plank

30 lying leg raises



Day 6

Repeat this circuit 3 times. Rest for 15 seconds between each circuit.

Plank Jacks – 45 seconds

Basic Crunch – 45 seconds

Superman Plank – 45 seconds

Windmill Wipers – 45 seconds



Day 7

Situps – 50 reps

Side crunches- 25 reps on each side

Russian twists – 50 reps

Flutter kicks – 30 reps

Holly Dolke’s Upper Ab burner


Follow this entire 30-day ab challenge routine for the best abs of your life!

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