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When it comes to bullet journal page ideas, there are a million different ones out there that you can use. However, sometimes it just takes too long to find the exact page layout you need for a particular moment…and knowing what pages you can use beforehand makes more sense.

After all, whether you’re a die-hard bujo lover who uses the bujo as a way to be creative and de-stress, or you’re just trying to make your bullet journal a tool you use to become more productive, some days you just feel burnt out with the vast number of page ideas you have to sift through to get what will work for you.

A bullet journal is an amazing tool you can use if you’re trying to become more productive or organized, or if you’re trying to find a creative outlet to make you happy. Indeed, tons of people are starting to use bullet journals because of either of these reasons.

If you’ve considered using one yourself, or you’ve already started but you need more ideas on what you can include in your journal notebook, these ideas are for you.

They’re all put together in one central place, to make using your bullet journal easy for you…and hopefully less time-consuming. So, enjoy this massive list of all the bullet journal pages you need. Sift through them all right here without going on a wild goose chase across the web for bujo page ideas!


Most Popular Bullet Journal Page Ideas

If you’ve been on the bullet journal scene for any period of time, you will have seen a certain list of pages always showing up in bullet journal images on Instagram or on youtube. These are the pages almost everyone seems to include in their own bullet journals.

These are of some popular pages ideas and are more often than not included in almost every bullet journal: They are:

  • Habit trackers
  • Monthly spreads
  • Weekly spreads
  • Goal Pages
  • Daily pages
  • Collection pages

Of course, there are hundreds of other bullet journal pages (that you will see below) but these are widely used and loved in the bullet journal community. Now let us move on to the age ideas I know you’re excited about!


Over 55 Bullet Journal pages Ideas You Need To See!


Bullet journal key ideas for inspiration


Bullet journal key ideas

A bullet journal key is an overview of everything that is in your bullet journal, usually kept at the front of the bullet journal. It is great for keeping your journal organized. Here are some key ideas for bullet journal:


You need a key in your notebook and this one which includes tasks, color code, and space for a beautiful quote is a great idea to start with. Remember, you can use different markers and configure your tasks to fit your own special needs.

By @bulletjournalandart via Instagram



This key is very elegant, simple and clean. If keys with lots of items and colors are not your thing, a key like this is exactly what you need. Bullet journaling doesn’t always have to be about lots of color and flare, sometimes simplicity is good too!

By @linkasjournal via Instagram



Sometimes, keys just need a little uniqueness and this one is very unique indeed. If you like things that are different this is exactly the kind of key you will want in your bullet journal.



By @olivia_marcelloni via Instagram



Bullet journal monthly page ideas

Monthly pages or monthly spreads are great for monthly overviews. They allow you to see the big picture of what’s going on, what you have to get done, appointments, birthdays and so on for an entire month. Here are a few monthly pages you can check out:


Looking for a way to effectively manage all the things you have going on for the month? You can use a monthly spread like this one. It’s simple, with a little color yet still gives you the opportunity to stay focused on events of the month and track habits.

By @dandelion.studies via Instagram



One page monthly layout

This is a simple one-page monthly page with just enough space to add all the things you need to remember this month. Perfect colors for the month of February.

By @brilliant.little.bujo


Monthly review pages

Have you ever done a monthly review page before? This could be very useful in helping you see exactly how the month went compared to how you wanted it to go. It’s an awesome way to close off your months and start fresh in the next month with ideas of how to improve.




Bullet Journal Weekly Page Ideas

Bullet journal weekly spreads are like an extension of monthly pages. This is where you can go into more details about the things you included in your monthly spread. They give you the opportunity to:

  • Go in more depth about appointments
  • Set grocery reminders
  • Write down things you want to get done day to day
  • Make comprehensive running task lists
  • And so much more

Here are some weekly bullet journal  pages for inspiration:


By @jotted_journal



By @myrumalist






By @myblossomjournal



Bullet journal collection page ideas

Collections are awesome. They are lists, reminders, notes, doodles, schedules, that are personal to you and that can make your bullet journal more fun and unique. With bullet journal collections, you can keep track of just about anything. Below are some bullet journal collection page ideas  you can check out:


Personal Pages

These collections and lists will include the things you want to do for yourself and keep account of. This can be anything from goals to travel plans. Here are some ideas:

  • Places to travel
  • Bucket list
  • Books to read
  • Movies to watch
  • Hobbies to try


Places to travel

If you enjoy traveling or you want to travel this year, a page like this is a great idea to include in your bullet journal. It is very simple but also very pretty with these shades of blue and green. Use colors of your choice and, you’ll have a nice travel page!

By @bullet_journalit via Instagram


Bucket list

Everyone should have a bucket list in their bullet journal. In yours, you can include just about anything your desire to achieve. This beautiful bullet journal bucket list by Masha plans is one of the best I’ve seen so far. If you want inspiration for a nice looking one, you should use this one for ideas and inspiration.

By @mashaplans via Instagram


Books to read

Every year, you should strive to read a few really good books. To keep you reminded, here is a ‘Books to read’ spread that you can try in your own bullet journal.

By @thebluebujo via Instagram


Movies to watch

Who doesn’t love watching movies? I know I sure do. If you’re like me, this page should be a staple in your bullet journal. It has no colors but looks absolutely amazing.

By @bujoboo via Instagram



Home & Family Pages

If you also want to use your bullet journal pages to track important things for your home and family, here are some page ideas you can check out:

  • Birthdays
  • Gift ideas
  • Cleaning schedule
  • Family Health Tracker



Never forget another birthday again! This page will not only make your journal look really nice, but it is also very helpful in helping you plan ahead for your loved one’s birthdays. Most importantly, if you pick up your bullet journal notebook often, you will never forget a single birthday!

By @thebulletjournal via Instagram


Gift ideas

With this page in your bullet journal, you never have to forget to give the people you love gifts again. Plus, it’s a cool central place to jot down ideas for gifts as the year goes by here so when it is time to buy gifts, you already know exactly what everyone wants!

By @treumerlsbujo via Instagram


Cleaning schedule

Not many people are keen on cleaning or remembering the things that need to be cleaned, especially things that need getting done weekly, monthly or annually. A spread like this can really come in handy and help you stay on top of cleaning. What’s more, it looks so nice, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun creating it.

By @journalsbyemily via Instagram


Family health tracker

It is extremely important to keep track of your family’s health. That way you never forget appointments. A page like this is a great place to start and keep a record of everything health related for the year.

By @textiles4you



Health & Fitness Pages

  • Weight loss tracker
  • Food diary
  • Fitness Diary
  • Workout routine
  • Measurement Tracker
  • Self-care ideas
  • Medical history
  • Medications


Weight loss tracker

Are you one a weight loss journey? Keeping a log of how far you’ve come is very motivating and a great way to stay on track throughout your journey.

By @mrskristing


Food diary

If you’re on a health journey, you may find it very helpful to keep a log of what you eat daily. If, for example, you’re not seeing the progress you’re hoping for, this food log will help you to see where you’re going wrong and where you can improve. It can also help you to see what you’re doing that is good and how you can do more of that. All in all, a food diary is a great way to go.

By @createfullliving


Workout routine

It’s important to have a plan of how to approach your workout throughout the month. A spread like this will not only serve as a reminder of what you need to do, but it is also a great way to stay motivated and consistent.

By @bluerobinlife


Measurement Tracker

Sometimes, on a health and fitness journey, you may not see the scale move, but, sometimes you may be losing inches. This is why a measurement tracker is important. You can use this to see if you’re losing inches so you don’t get discouraged if your scale isn’t moving.

By @bujobrien


Self-care ideas

Self-care is very important. Sometimes, we forget to take care of and pamper ourselves. Making a page specifically for this is a great idea as it will help remind you of you and what you need to do to practice more self-care more regularly.

By @chronically_creative_



If you’re on medications and want to see how it affects you, this is the page you need to include in your journal.

By @katesbulletjournal


Bujo Meal Planner Pages

Meal planning is very important. It not only allows you to make better eating choices, but it also helps you to save time and money on groceries and grocery shopping. Meal planning also helps to get rid of the stress that comes with deciding what to eat every day. Here are amazing bullet journal meal planner pages to inspire you to meal plan more:


By @nubiaplans



By @lilys_bulletjournal



Bujo Gratitude Pages

Bullet gratitude pages are where you write down the things you are grateful for. It helps you see all the positive things you have going on in your life, and not just the big things, the little things too. Sometimes, we feel like the whole world is against us. A gratitude log is a great way to remind yourself of all the oo in your life. Here a few ideas you can have a look at:


By @bujo_nation





Header/Banner Inspiration Page

Some people don’t bother, but if you like being creative in your bullet journal, you can also create a header and banner page where you keep ideas for your banners and headers for easy access.





By @bujo.list



By @planwithady



Bullet Journal Trackers

  • Mood tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Period tracker
  • Habit Tracker


Mood tracker

If you suffer from anxiety, depression or any other form of mental issues, a mood tracker is a great tool to use. It will help you keep track of the roller coaster of emotions you can experience daily so that you learn to keep them in check. They’re also helpful for if you’re in therapy as they’ll help your sessions go smoother. This beautiful bullet journal mood tracker is one you should try out in your journal if this idea seems good to you.

By @shedoodles.a



Sleep tracker

If you’re always feeling tired then it’s a good idea to make sure you’re getting enough rest. Using a bullet journal sleep tracker spread is a great way to do this effectively. You can then see your sleep patterns throughout the month so you can adjust your sleep times accordingly and get better rest moving forward.


By @_prettylittledetails_



Period tracker

A period tracker is a useful thing to add to your bujo. By using one, you will learn exactly what your cycle is like, and when you can expect your period so you can always be prepared.

By @melissa_bulletjournal


Habit Tracker

Tracking habits are a great way to improve them. If there is a list of things to want to start doing more frequently this year, use a habit tracker to help you build these positive habits. A page like this one would work wonders for you.

By @lousbulletjournal


Expense Tracker

Knowing how much money you spend each month and on what you’re spending it is a blessing. Knowing this allows you to make adjustments to your budget, catch bad habits that you may not be fully aware of and so much more. If you think having one of these is a good idea, here is a simple and useful bullet journal expense tracker page you can use for inspiration.

By @sharonajournals


Bullet Journal Minimalist Page Ideas

As beautiful as embellished bullet journal notebooks and pages are, sometimes you just want something that is very simple and functional. If this is you and you believe you can do so by making your bullet journal minimalist, then these ideas are for you. You can use a minimalist bullet journal if you’re a very busy person or a beginner who thinks your time is better spent doing other things.  Here are some clean and simple ideas for you:


By @thebittengreenapple




By @minimalistic.journal




By @jacquelinemwheeler




By @aesthetically.pages



By @pen.da_bear



Bullet Journal Inspirations From Instagram

This list has been very long. In it, you’ve seen over 45 bujo pages that you can use to make your bullet journal more function, more pretty and more useful for your needs. But, we’re not done yet. We still have another list of pages you should see!


Yearly resolutions

By @creatrive



By @coffee_and_starlight



By @thestarryunicorn




By @cheapscaitcreates



bullet journal page ideas

By @bujowithtash



By @millypond



Bullet Journal Ideas – All the bujo ideas you need!

No matter what bullet journal spread you may be looking for, you can find something you love among this massive list of pages.

Bullet journaling continues to be a great way to become more productive and organized in a planning system that is fully customizable. It is truly amazing how something that can be so fun, that has seemingly endless page ideas, can help you improve your life so much!

Use these bujo pages to create the best year of your life and do enjoy every moment you spend using your bullet journal and making your life whatever it is you want it to be!


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