Keto Mexican Skillet With Chicken And Palmini Noodles

This easy keto Mexican skillet with chicken and Palmini pasta makes the perfect 30-minute keto dinner recipe for the whole family! This is the ultimate keto dish you can make. It is super delicious, easy to make and something the family may ask for over and over again. If you have a Mexican dish on the keto diet, then this is a great choice. This skillet dish is made with boneless chicken, low carb vegetables, seasoning and palmini noodles for those who miss noodles on the keto diet. The best part is that this meal is so good, that your […]

Keto Avocado Toast Topped With Fried Egg

This easy keto avocado toast with a fried egg is the perfect low-carb option for your breakfast. It has healthy fats, a significant amount of fibers, and comes with protein to start your day in the best possible way. The best part is that this keto breakfast idea, although it looks gourmet,  the preparation is super simple. All you’ll need is some almond flour bread, an egg, avocado, lemon juice, and simple seasoning. The toast if fulfilling and very versatile. With a simple ingredient – spice swap, you can make something completely new. Top with fresh chives or jalapeno pepper, […]