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Everyone wants a flat belly. After all, you can wear so many cute things, feel confident and look amazing if your belly is flat.

However, many times we get an extra pouch that may not look too good. If you’re looking for some flat belly tips, these are amazing and can help you flatten your stomach so that you look and feel great.

Unfortunately for many of us, when we gain weight, it tends to all stick in the stomach area which no one likes. Here are some simple things you can implement into your diet and daily life to ensure that you don’t gain extra weight anywhere, especially not your stomach.


18 Flat belly tips you should you need to try


Drink water before every meal

Drinking water at least 30 minutes before every meal. this practice will help to improve your digestion when you do eat and, it will help you to feel fuller so that you eat less food during your meal. Done over time, this will really contribute to a flatter belly as you’ll be eating less food which means fewer calories in your body.



Drink water throughout the day

Along with drinking water before your meals, also try to drink water throughout the day. Aimf or at least 8 glasses. This will ensure that your body is well hydrated and you don’t feel ‘hunger’ as often as you normally would without all this water in your body.


Don’t let yourself get thirsty

When it comes to a flat stomach, thirst is not your friend. Why? This is because many times we think we’re hungry and end up overeating when really we’re just very thirsty. Make it a habit to drink water throughout the day so you do not feel thirst and confuse it with hunger and eat more food than your body needs.



Eliminate carbs from your diet

Carbs taste good, but they aren’t the healthiest thing to have in your diet, especially when you want to get rid of your stomach pouch. Try cutting out carbs out of your diet for the next 30 days to see just how flat your stomach will get. You will be amazed.



Meal plan to control exactly what you eat

Meal planning is one of the single most important things you can do to get a flat stomach. This is so because meal planning can help you to control everything you eat during the day. Many times we overeat or eat foods that are very unhealthy because day to day, we don’t have a plan of what we’re going to be having for our various meals. Indeed most times, we tend to just grab anything that’s easily available when hunger pangs hit us. This is a sure way to gain weight around your stomach. So, instead of going with the flow and eating whatever is available, meal plan and eat the right foods that will aid in you getting that flat belly that you really want.



Cut out junk food

Like carbs, junk food tastes good. However, too much junk in the diet is a sure way to get stuck with a big belly that you’re not proud of. Cutting these out of your diet will go a long way in helping you get that flat belly. Try to replace junk foods with healthy snacks such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables.



Make smoothies for breakfast

A lot of seemingly healthy breakfast options can be filled with lots of calories that are making it harder for you to get a flat stomach. Therefore, consider replacing your typical breakfast with healthy smoothies so that you get some really healthy nutrients into your body and you consume fewer calories for breakfast.



Eat more zero calorie foods

Zero calories foods are foods that you can eat in larger quantities because they are very low in calories, and your body will burn more calories digesting these foods and using up the nutrients than the total number of calories these foods contain. If you want a flatter stomach, add a lot more of these into your diet.



Cut out sodas and other sweet drinks

How many sodas do you drink in a month? Chances are you drink a lot more than you think. Cutting these out will not only save you some money but, it’ll also help you flatten your stomach.



Consider the keto diet

Have you heard of the keto diet? It is a way of eating the promotes low carb, moderate protein, and high-fat eating. This means you get rid of bread, pasta, sugars, junk foods, rice, potatoes and tons of other foods that are extremely high in carbs and you substitute with low carb options. This diet is a great way to flatten your stomach in a short period of time. Try it out for a few months to see some great results. Not sure how to start, try out this keto resource for beginners.



Complete this 30-day ab challenge

Working your core is a great way to ensure that you get a flat belly. Try out this 30-day ab challenge to target your belly and see results in a month.



Know your serving size

Serving sizes are very important when it comes to your weight. Make sure you pay attention to your portions sizes to avoid eating too much and putting on extra pounds, both on your body and in your stomach area.



Measure and weigh your food

Do you measure your food? Like many people, this may not be something you do often. However, measuring your food helps to ensure that you’re eating correct portions sizes and you aren’t going over your calories.  Eyeballing may not be doing the trick so consider investing in a good food scale so that you can rest assured that you’re eating the right portions. Doing that will go a long way in helping you get the belly of your dreams.



Stand up straight

Many of us have bad postures, be it from sitting at our desks for hours, or just from slouching a lot. Standing upright can instantly make your stomach look so much better. in the beginning, it will be quite a task to remember to stand straight and make it a lasting habit. Therefore, if you want to get yourself into the habit of standing up straight to improve the way your belly looks, then try out this posture corrector.



Drink apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is great for helping you burn belly fat. Try it out to see some awesome results.



Calculate and stick to your daily calories

Calories are the main thing that will determine whether you have a flat stomach or a big stomach. Therefore it is very important for you to find out exactly how much you need to be eating every day and sticking to this number of calories. This will ensure that you either lose or maintain your weight (depending on what you want) and make your belly flatter.


These easy flat belly tips are exactly what you need to get a flatter stomach and look and feel great. Implement these into your day and you will have a tighter stomach that you can finally feel proud of. 

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