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Do you want to keep track of your past, organize your present and plan your future while having fun and expressing yourself? Then, a bullet journal is probably your best companion. Bullet journaling is a great system used by many people who want to be more productive, creative, organized, and people who enjoy using paper and stationery. 

Although any paper and pen will do for bullet journalling, if you want to keep your bullet journal organized and functional,  then the following 14 products will be game changers for you.

If you’ve been journaling for a while you may already have a lifetime supply of bullet journal items, you’re sure to find a few things in this list that’ll be super useful to you. And, if you’re newer to bullet journaling and you don’t have quite as much, you will find a lot of supplies in here that you can put to good use.



Helix angle and Circle maker

If you want to draw perfect circles of different sizes in your bullet journal, then the Helix angle and circle maker is ideal for you. In addition to an inner rotating disk which rotates to draw different sized circles, it also has an exterior 360-degree protector for measuring angles.

This angle and circle maker is a simple way to draw circles without needing to rely on tracing various objects to get circles on your journal. Plus this device is very easy to use and turn and draws perfect circles all the time.


You can find this here.




Sticky divider

You can use sticky dividers to make an index, comment or highlight important events in your bullet journal. These are great as they allow you to reference various pages in your bujo very easily.  They can be readily repositioned as they come off easily and don’t leave a sticky residue.

You can find this here. 



Square stencil

Do you often feel the need to make perfect squares in your bullet journal? Then this square stencil is a must have tool for you. Made from flexible green plastic, it has 39 square templates ranging from 1/16 to 1-3/8 inches.

You’ll finally be able to draw perfect ‘to do list’ squares for your bullet journal. 

You can find this here.



Habit Tracker Stencil

Are you inspired by the embellishments on the DIY bullet journals you see online every other day and want to incorporate them in your bullet journal? Then this tracker stencil is something you should consider getting. It offers a wide variety of letters, numbers, and icons, which may be fun to add to the bullet journal.

This circle and ruler stainless steel stencil will enable you to build charts to visualize and improve your daily habit trackers in your journal. You will really like this very beautiful and sturdy set.

You can find this here. 



Staedtler fineliner pens

Are you looking for some super fine tip markers which produce clean, crisp and quick drying lines when you write in your bullet journal? Then these 42 color assorted markers from Staedtler are a must have for you. 

The fine tips are great for those small areas or writing in a bullet journal and the colors are amazing. 

You can find this here. 



Calligraphy alphabet stamps

If you are looking for some calligraphic stamps to make a list or highlight an important event in your bullet journal, then you can buy some really cool handmade stamps here.




Leuchtturm 1917

Are you looking for a pre-planned hardcover notebook, then Leuchtturm 1917 has got you covered. It features 249 numbered pages, blank table of contents and stickers for labeling and archiving. 

You can find this here




Bullet Journal Dot Grid Hardcover notebook

If you want a leather cover notebook specially designed for bullet journals, then this iBayam premium notebook is designed for you.  It comes in portable A5 size, elastic closure, an inner pocket, bookmark ribbon and has 128 pages. You can shop for it on

You will really enjoy this journal as the pages are sturdy and cream in color with useful dotted pages. If you’re the type of person who likes to carry your journal around, the size is perfect for you. 

You can find this here. 




Pencil Bag

If you want a pencil bag which can store up to 50 pens and pencils at a time along with other small items and gadgets, then this one is for you.

This pencil bag fits a lot and can be fit in your purse without any bulk if you like to carry your journalling supplies around with you. 


You can find this here.



Correction Tape

Correction tape is essential for managing an error-free bullet journal. What about a convenient correction tape applicator with no drying time? Then you need this one in your bullet journal supply stash. 

You can find this here.



Washi Tape Dispenser

If you want to keep craft tape, masking tape or memo rolls organized at one place then you should consider the washi tape dispenser which can hold up to 5 rolls and comes with a tape cutter.

This Washi Tape Dispenser is perfect for organizing tape rolls and decluttering your desk without being big and bulky.

You can find this here.



Post it tabs

Are you looking for some easy, brightly colored tabs to organize your bullet journal? Then give these post-it tabs a try! They can help you to easily organize your bullet journal into sections so that you to help give you the flexibility to organize by color.

You can find these here. 



Mini calendar stickers

If you want to arrange your bullet journal on a monthly basis, then these mini calendar stickers can work wonders for you. They come in chic design, are easy to apply and adhere on both sides of the page. You will get 4 sets (8 sheets) of 64 sticker tabs. Each set contains 16 tabs from September 2018 to December 2019 in four different colors.

These are also made of coated art paper which is a high-quality durable material that can withstand daily use and is not easy to break.

These self-stick colorful monthly tabs allow you to add organization to your bullet journals while saving time.

You can find these here. 



Dual tip brush pen

They come with a brush tip to give a paint brush finished look and a fine tip to give a consistent fine line look. They are a must-have if you favor embellishments in your bullet journal. They’re great for fine art, brush lettering, faux calligraphy, illustrations, watercolor illustrations, journaling and more. 


You can find these here. 


Share your favorite game-changing bullet journal supplies with us in the comments below and share this so more people whole love bullet journalling can learn about these 14 game-changing bullet journal supplies.

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