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Eating well is a big deal. We all try…often struggle to eat healthier but sometimes it just seems impossible to do.

Generally, many of us can’t commit to eating well for an entire week much less a month. Not only does this suck, this shows how difficult it is for us to get success.

However, even though it may be hard to eat healthier, there are some things that you can do every day to help better so that you can achieve your goals for the next few months.

These are some really helpful tips that you should try if you want to eat healthier this week and for the foreseeable future. These tips will help you out immensely if you’re trying to shed a few pounds in time for summer.

You never know, switch to these simple hacks can help you knock out an extra 200+ calories each day!


Indulge in homemade salad dressings

Instead of having rich and creamy ranch dressing, try out a deliciously creamy avocado dressing with your salad.

These are more nutritious and can help you get in some good fats throughout the day.



Substitute all-purpose flour for almond flour

Many of us can’t give up pizzas, breads, and pastas. However, these are some of the unhealthiest food options in our daily diet because they contain lots of carbs. One easy way to greatly reduce the number of carbs you ingest each day is by substituting your regular white flour with almond or coconut flours.

You can make pizzas, cookies, bread, pancakes, muffins, cakes and so much more. You can find lots of almond flour recipes here.

These contain only 24g of carbs per cup compared white which contain 91.99g of carbs per cup.

You can now enjoy all of your delicious pizzas and stuff with only a fraction of the carbs.

You can find an awesome low carb bread recipe here.


Avoid sugar and replace with stevia

Similar to flour, sugar contains a lot of carbs as well as calories. You may not be aware f this but this can help you not only gain water weight but also gain extra fat over time.

Try avoiding sugars and sugary foods this week. And if you just can’t do without a sweetener for your drinks, try stevia. It has almost no carbs and no calories.

You can find stevia here.


Try low carb desserts over regular desserts

One of the first things we tend to do when trying ing to eat healthily is we cut off snacks and desserts.

Not only is this difficult to do, many times we cant keep it up for extended periods of time. A simple solution is to try out these low carbs desserts rather than cutting them out completely.

You’ll be surprised at just how delicious and low calorie these are.

You can check out some amazing dessert ideas here.



Follow a tried and true meal plan

Often we believe we have to do everything ourselves. However, having a list of meal ideas at your fingertips can help you make healthier meal choices throughout the week

This is a super easy to follow and effective mal plan to try out.

With it comes a detailed grocery list as well as tips and guidelines that’ll help you make much better choices all week long. Following this meal plan will help you fit into your old clothes in no time!

hacks to eat healthier

You can try out this easy meal plan here.



Try 300 lunch ideas

Pre-make a ton of 300 calorie lunch ideas so that you don’t grab unhealthy lunch choices whether you’re at home or at work. Whichever way you have those, having them on hand is a genius idea.

You can check out these tasty 300 calories lunch ideas here.

These 7 hacks will help you eat healthier this week. Not only that, they’ll also help you to develop some long lasting good habits that can help you see results.





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