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If you’re looking for some great home decor ideas, then indoor plants may be just the thing you need to spice up your space.

Not only do they add a beautiful touch to your space, they also have a host of benefits such as purifying the air are just the thing you need if you love gardening…or at least dabbling in it.

What’s more, most of these indoor plants are so easy to care for, they are virtually no risk of them dying you!

Did I mention that these are super easy to care for? In no time, your apartment can be beautified and benefit from these amazing indoor plants!

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8 Amazing Indoor Plants For The Home:


Spider Plant

This is a great plant for your apartment. It is known for helping you sleep better and purifying the air. This could be very beneficial if you have trouble sleeping. Therefore, this plant is perfect for bedrooms or living rooms.

Spider plants are fairly easy to care for. Ensure that you keep them in shade, but occasionally let it get some sunlight and lightly water it regularly.

You can find some affordable spider plants here.


Peace Lily

One of the easiest indoor plants you can have in your home is a peace lily plant. Like the spider plant, they help clean the air. They thrive best in medium to low light. However, if you want this houseplant to produce lovely white flowers, then it’ll need more light and, if you just want the foliage, expose it to less light.

Because they’re so easy to maintain, they do not need lots of water or fertilizer. In fact, try to maintain this plant maybe once a week- if needs are.

You can find affordable peace lily plants here.


Mother In Law’s Tongue

Yet another amazing indoor plant that helps purify the air, mother in law’s tongue is a must for any home or apartment.

This plant grows upwards, so if you have very limited space for plants, then Mother in law’s tongue is ideal. It’s also super easy to care for. Unlike the other indoor plants above, this plant likes bright light and will thrive if it is exposed to direct sunlight for at least part of the day which makes it a great plant for window seals.

Try to water this plant moderate during the spring and fall. Reduce water in winter to avoid rotting your plant.

You can find affordable Mother in law’s tongue here.


Jade Plants

Caring for and growing jade plants is quite simple. Like many other indoor plants, they need to be water properly as this will help them thrive. Being careful not to over water (as this may cause root rot) or under water as this will cause serious effects is ideal. Try to water this plant when the top of the soil is dry.

They also need full sunlight in order to grow well, so, do not be afraid to keep your jade plants in the sun. This beautiful indoor plant is very simple to care for and you should definitely have one in your home.

You can find affordable Jade Plants here.



Money Tree Plant

Money Tree is native to central and south American and can grow up to 6ft tall and are said to bring good luck and prosperity and financial success to you.

This plant is unique in that it has an unusual braided trunk (of course this isn’t natural, but rather something that cultivators of the plant perform in its very early stages of growth).

Money of these trees prefer bright, indirect light and moderate-to-high humidity but should be kept from direct sunlight as this could affect the leaves.

These are fairly easy to care for and need to be grown in a sandy, peat moss based soil in a pot with good drainage.

You can find affordable Money Tree plants here.


Staghorn Ferns

These plants are native to tropical rainforests and are similar to orchids which means that they like to grow on other plants. Although this is the case they make great houseplants and can be grown in pots, in wire baskets or wireframes – which is reminiscent of their natural way of growing on other trees, or pieces of wood in the forest.

They like lots of air, bright light (but not direct sunlight), and moderate water.

You can find affordable Staghorn Ferns here.


Weeping Fig

This is a very easy indoor plant to maintain. Like most other indoor plants, it needs bright indirect light, lots of fertilizer, sufficient moisture and it needs to be grown in a fast draining soil.

These plants are great for your living room as they can help filter out pollutants that typically accompany carpeting and furniture.

You can find affordable Weeping Fig plants here.


Dragon Tree

The Dragon Tree is one of the plants on NASA’s air filtering plants list that reduces benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene in the air.

It also looks really great and it fairly easy to care for. These indoor plants do well with bright light, but not direct sunlight. They like soil that is slightly moist but you must avoid overwatering.  These are fairly easy to grow.

You can find affordable Dragon Tree plants here.


All of these plants are fantastic indoor plant ideas for your home. They’ll look good in your bedroom, home office, bathroom or living room and will not only help you add a nice splash of color to your home but will also help you with air purification.

These are some of the must-have (easy to care for) indoor plants you should consider if you want to include some lovely plants in your home/apartment!




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