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This is the most comprehensive list of keto gift ideas you’ll want to check out before you pick any gifts for anyone who is one the keto diet.

If you have friends or family following the keto eating lifestyle, you’re probably asking your self,

What do you give someone on a ketogenic diet?

A gift item may just be so very difficult to pick out. You know you’d have to consider if the recipient would like it or use it because let’s face it you wouldn’t want to gift someone with an item only for it to be shelved. You’d also have to consider if it’s an appropriate gift or if it is even suitable for the new lifestyle they’re on and finally you’ll think of the price because you really don’t want to break the bank.

Gift-giving can be hard in general, couple that with the keto lifestyle, and this can be almost impossible to get a great gift for someone.

So we’re going to give you a list of gift items that you could get for a keto dieter. You don’t have to worry though as there is something for everyone and something for every price range. So there will be a gift for you to purchase regardless of how much you want to spend. Isn’t this what we all want? Let’s get right into it.


28 awesome keto gift ideas you can check out:


Keto T-shirt Gift Ideas

The first thing you can think of gifting the people in your life who are doing keto is one of those quirky keto t-shirts. They’re fun, affordable and unique. 


“Game of Ketones, Thinner is coming”


Here’s a swell gift idea for someone who is on the keto diet. We all know the classic Game of Thrones TV show that was recently concluded. This is comical and also reaffirms the fact that there is something to look forward to. It is a t-shirt for both men and women and can make the perfect gift idea. You can get this on Amazon in many different colors and sizes.


“Ketosis is magical”


Since we’re talking about keto t-shirt gift ideas, why not splurge it all out. The process of ketosis is indeed magical especially for those who subscribe to it. So here’s a way to encourage them in this journey and help reaffirm what they already know. Let it read “ketosis is magical”. This can be worn by both men and women and you can get it here.


“Keto AF”


This is a tank top exclusively for the women in your life who are currently living the low carb life. It comes in neon pink and it has this “don’t mess with me, I’m on the keto diet” undertone. This is definitely a confidence booster for the keto dieters and also a great gift idea. What’s more? It isn’t so expensive either. You can get this gift by clicking here.


“Keto Queen”

keto gift ideas for women 

Lately, there has been a lot of derivative meaning of who a queen is. She isn’t just someone who sits on a throne or wears a crown, she’s more of a go-getter and someone who takes pride in her achievements. Living the keto life is no easy task, so you should give kudos to the women in your life who have chosen to take on this lifestyle. Call them queens and you can do so with this “Keto Queen” inscribed t-shirt.  It is available here.


“Keto makes my clothes fall off”


Now, this is on a lighter note. Keto does make one’s clothes fall off. It is a fun inscription that should tear up your keto dieters and put smiles on their faces. It is suitable for both men and women and in every size too. You could get this here.


Keto Gift Box Ideas

Gift boxes are always a nice way to make someone feel special. Here are some of the best keto gift boxes you can check out:

The Good Grocer


If you’re looking to purchase a great gift for someone who follows a keto lifestyle, this keto gift box from The Good Grocer is an awesome idea. This box is filled with every low carb snack you could think of. It has the following, protein crisps, cheese crisps, dang keto bar, coconut crisps, almonds and a whole lot of other keto snacks for someone to sample or explore new keto snack ideas. This low carb gift box is especially great if you’ve heard your friend or family member who is following the keto lifestyle complain of lack of snack option on the keto diet! This box has 20 amazing low carb snacks to try out! This snack box is available here.


Cedar Mountain Trade Co. snack box (40 count)

low carb gift box 

This is another keto snack box gift idea in which every snack has about 0 to 3 grams of carbs. It is a tasty way to enjoy snacks and still remain in ketosis. It is a great gift for keto dieters who are always busy and who haven’t quite gotten around to sampling many keto snacks. It includes a lot of snacks like pork rinds, almond butter bars, cheese crisps, macadamias and a lot more. This box of lovely snacks is available on Amazon


Cedar Mountain Trade Co snack box (20 count)

keto gift box ideas 

With half the number of snacks in the previous box, this gift box still makes an amazing gift for any keto dieter. Get if for someone you care about if you’re on a smaller budget but still want to make them feel special. These snacks are suitable for every keto dieter and this box of goodies is available here.


Bunny James


This box of snacks contains 20 low carb snacks that are healthy and fun for the keto dieters. There are no grains included and they all have 5 grams of net carbs or less. Oh, and there are a lot of varieties to try with this box so it makes a great, thoughtful gift box for just about anyone. You can get it here.


The Low Carb Curator

You can’t have too many snack box ideas to choose from. Here is yet another snack box idea for the keto dieters. This box contains 13 low carb snacks that include meat sticks, jerky, and bars, snacks with high protein all from different brands. They all have 1 gram of net carbs or less. With this large variety of snacks, you’re guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face. This snack box is available here.


Keto Gifts For Mom

Kyonano Keto Cheat Sheets

practical keto gift ideas 

These magnetic sheets are a very handy way to help people following the keto diet easily look up the nutritional contents of the food they are eating daily and it sticks right on the refrigerator. It is perfect for keto beginners. It is a perfect gift item that’s both practical and thoughtful and is available here.


Tecvinci Keto Cheat Sheets


These cheat sheets contain nutritional information of the 44 foods and snacks usually found in the keto diet. They are very informative and will help you decide just how much you want to eat on a keto diet. These are available here.


Xiaohe Keto Clean Sheets


The ingredients on this sheet have now been upgraded to 85 on the keto list. These sheets come in different color codes that are very pleasing to the eye and will make a great gift idea for anyone following the keto journey, especially beginners.  They can be found here.


“Keto Mom” Inscribed Mug


This is for all the mothers who have started the keto diet. It is a perfect Christmas or birthday gift idea and is available here.


“Keto Queen” Inscribed Mug

keto gifts for women 

This is yet another piece for all the divas who have chosen the keto life. It is available here.


“Sorry I can’t, I’m in ketosis”


A mug that says the above is literally the best gift you can give! It’s fun and quite interesting and a mug that will be used every day! You can get this mug here.


Keto Cookbook Gift Ideas


The Keto Guide Cookbook by Vinny Guadagnino


This book contains a lot of delicious keto recipes. It explicitly spells out the stages of cooking and all the ingredients you would need to cook healthy keto meals for yourself. This is a great gift idea to give to someone. You can get it here.


Keto Meal Prep by Liz Williams


This book is a complete guide to having ready to go meals from Monday to Friday every week. It even comes with shopping lists and instructions on how to go about preparing meals that will help you lose weight and keep you in ketosis. It is a perfect gift idea for keto dieters and it is available here.


Keto fat bombs, sweets and treats by Urvashi Pitre


This cookbook is the best gift idea for people who love sweets. With this cookbook, you’ll be able to east sweet foods that are healthier!  This book teaches you how to make all these sweets and treats you crave plus smoothies for your diet and you won’t have to feel guilty because it’s all healthy. Get this book here.


The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners by Amy Ramos

keto cookbook gift ideas  

This book sets a standard for foods and gives instructions on how beginners to the keto world should navigate their food charts. It includes 75 delicious recipes and a meal plan that beginners could use when starting out the keto diet. It is a very thoughtful gift to give. You can find this cookbook here.  


Keto Foods You Can Gift To Someone

Primal Kitchen BBQ Sauce set


This set includes classic BBQ sauce, golden BBQ sauce, and steak sauce. The steak sauce has no sugar and the classic and golden BBQ sauce are all unsweetened. They are made from organic ingredients and are suitable for people who are currently undergoing the keto diet. So if you want to give your keto friend some food items, this is a great idea. It is available here.


Anthony’s Premium Blanched Almond Flour


This flour is made from only California natural almonds. They were grounded without their barks to achieve this low carb flour that could be used to make biscuits, bread or cakes, and other keto baked goods. This flour includes healthy fat, it is high in protein and low in carbs and it is probably the best substitute for wheat flour. It is quite affordable too and you can definitely purchase this for someone on the keto diet. It is available for purchase here.


Organic Coconut Flour by Cuckoo for Coconut

This organic coconut flour is gluten-free and suitable for all keto dieters. It is also high in fibre and low in carbs. It also provides a lot of fuel for the body and will help to burn fat. It can be used to make bread, cakes, pancakes, cookies and a whole lot more keto foods. You can get this here


Organic Psyllium Husk Powder


This powder is considered a necessity for perfect health, especially for the keto dieters. It aids in clearing waste from the stomach. It can be added to smoothies or used in cooking. It is finely ground and it is gluten-free and high in fibre. It is a perfect gift idea and can be found here.


Keto Appliance Gift Ideas

Gift appliances are some of the best keto gifts you can give. Not only are these a must-have in any kitchen, but…these will make keto cooking so much easier. 

Digital Air Fryer 


This is an air fryer that uses rapid air technology to cook food. So rather than immerse your food in oil, you could sprinkle a little almond oil or olive oil on to your food before putting it in the air Fryer. It cooks food with hot air in less than 30 minutes. This is a must-have for every keto dieter and a perfect gift item to give. This gift will be a great addition to anyone’s kitchen.  You can find it here.


Glass Jar Blender 

keto gift items 

This blender does more than just blend. It also chops whatever needs chopping into the appropriate size you need. So you could blend and chop depending on what you want. This is a handy gift to give as it has multiple uses. It is available here.


KitchenAid Classic Series 4.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

This is a perfect gift item for a keto dieter. They would need to mix a lot of things especially when they are baking. The stainless steel mixing bowl that comes with it is large enough to mix dough which can be used to make 5 dozen cookies or a lot of bread. The mixer itself has speed levels from one to ten. This item is bound to make any keto dieter very happy and it is available here.


Food Processor and Vegetable Chopper with Bowl Scraper 


This is another piece of appliance that does a whole lot of good for someone on the keto journey. Great for days when you want to process things like cauliflower!  You can find this here.


Keto gifts for him

If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Bacon Socks

keto gifts ideas 

These are a fun gift to give someone on the keto diet. Almost everyone on the keto diet loves bacon and the person you purchase this gift for is guaranteed to love this! You can find this here


Keto gifts in a jar

Are you thinking of giving keto gift ideas in a jar? Here are 4 great ideas to check out!

Keto muffin mix  in a jar

Give the gift of keto with this yummy pumpkin spice muffin in a jar. Low carb pumpkin spice muffin mix ready to make with this jar gift idea.


You can learn how to make this here.


Keto candied pecans in a jar

These keto candied pecans make the perfect holiday treat for any of your low carb friends and family – or anyone for that matter! You’ll coat the pecans with a sweet cinnamon mixture, bake ’em in the oven (bonus – makes the house smell amazing!), and then package ’em up in a cute jar to give as a gift.


You can find this idea here. 


Rosemary, Orange & Thyme Flavored Herb Salt

Learn how to make a simple citrus & herb-infused salt flavored with fresh rosemary, orange & thyme. It’s perfect for seasoning & finishing foods like poultry, fish & vegetables and makes a wonderful homemade gift for the foodies in your life.

You can learn how to make this here.


Keto Taco Seasoning In A Jar

Unlike the store-bought versions of taco seasoning filled with ingredients that are not keto-friendly, this is a simple, healthy and thoughtful gift to give to someone following the keto diet. 

You can learn how to make this taco seasoning recipe here


More keto ideas


All of these gift items are affordable as there’s one for every class and price range. If you’ve been thinking of keto gift ideas, you should definitely spend time checking this list out.

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