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Try out these awesome ketogenic breakfast recipes and enjoy food while getting your life together!

Being on the keto lifestyle has proven to be very useful in helping thousands of people to finally take control of their life. By the way, if you want a step by step guide to starting and succeeding on keto, click here.

However, having breakfast as a keto eater can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky. Mainly because most of the breakfast keto recipes online seem to involve eggs to some degree.

Nothing is wrong with this, except that this can become super boring and feel super restrictive really easily. I mean, try including eggs in all your breakfast recipes – whether boiled fried, scrambled, deviled, etc – for over two months! Boring much?

This is why I’ve found these 10 delicious keto breakfast recipes that don’t involve eggs and that’ll keep you on your keto journey and enjoying the keto lifestyle!


Ketogenic breakfast recipes to try out!


Coconut Low Carb Porridge (Keto, Instant Pot)

If you’re looking for a tasty high fiber hot cereal recipe, then you’ll really enjoy this low carb coconut porridge. It’s easy to make, yummy and can be made on the stove top or in an electric pressure cooker.

You can find this recipe here.



Tuna Mix Ala Sophie

Looking for a great tuna recipes? This low carb recipe is perfect for breakfast, and, paired with some low carb yogurt buns, this would make a super yummy meal.

You can find this recipe here.



Perfect Keto Base Exogenous Ketone Supplement

You can grab your own here.




Perfect Keto Pancakes

Sick of eating eggs on keto? Then these perfect keto pancakes are a great and easy to make alternative option for eggs. They taste good too! Don’t forget that you can use keto pancake mix for your low carb pancakes to make easy breakfasts too!

You can find this recipe here.



Cauliflower Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Thick and creamy Cauliflower Chocolate Protein Smoothie is perfect for a post-workout meal or breakfast. This is high in protein (20gms) and very low in carbs(Net carbs 5 g)

You can find this recipe here.





3 Minute Creamy Hot Cereal (Keto)

Are you tired of eggs for breakfast on the keto way of eating? You can make this satisfying creamy keto cereal to replace eggs! This recipe tastes really good and is simple to prepare. It just might become a staple on your keto journey.

You can find this recipe here.



Keto Breakfast Smoothie

This Keto Breakfast Smoothie is the perfect whole meal – it includes deliciously balanced macros for the Ketogenic lifestyle and tastes berrylicious!

You can find this recipe here.



Strawberry Avocado Smoothie

This keto smoothie is perfect for busy mornings. You just dump all the ingredients into your blender and the result is an unbelievably yummy recipe you’ll fall in love with!


You can find this recipe here.



Avocado Burger

Wanna make some low carb burgers on keto? This avocado burger is the perfect solution to try out. It’s yummy, easy to make and delicious.

You can find this recipe here.



Slow Cooker Low Carb Granola

You can find this recipe here.


Also, find more keto breakfast ideas here. 



Which of these ketogenic breakfast recipes will you be making for breakfast? Share with your friends on the keto way of life!


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