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These lazy girl hacks are very doable and effective if they’re performed on a consistent basis.

Most of us want to see good results but to be honest sometimes the laziness just gets the best of us. That is one topic I can speak on quite freely because I’m very lazy when it comes to working out, and eating well and I know I’m not alone.

This is why I love those lazy girl hacks. They’re things that are actually doable and you will see some great results doing them. 



Best Lazy Girl Hacks That Are So Easy:


Try keto

Yeah, I know that the word diet has a bad stigma and you probably automatically assumed you’d have to eat only fruit veggies and drink water. However, keto is actually very different from that. You can actually eat lots of ‘fatty’ food and get results.

Keto allows for you to enjoy a high-fat low carb way of life (so yeah, you’d have to cut out the breads and pastas) but you get to keep so much tasty stuff that this doesn’t even have to feel like a diet, but it’s effective.

If you want to learn more about this way of eating, check out keto for beginners guide.

You can get this book here.


Avoid drinking your calories

This is one of those lazy girl hacks that you should really take into consideration to help with quick results.

Most drinks have more calories than we think. After all, they’re very sweet and they taste so good that anyone can easily guzzle down more than they anticipated. What’s worst, they don’t make you feel full so it’s even easier to drink too much. One way to get results fast is to cut out sweet drinks. Substitute drinks with more water.

lazy girl hacks


Portion control

We all love big portions but these pack a lot more calorie that can make the pounds add on really quickly. If you find it difficult to eat smaller portions try getting rid of your larger bowls, plates, and glasses and substitute with smaller ones. Also, be mindful to order smaller portions when you’re eating out.

You can get some portion control plates here.


Eat one full meal that’s completely plant-based each day.

One main reason why we easily put on extra pounds is due to us eating lots of processed cooked foods. A simple way to slim down is by introducing more plant-based (particularly) raw foods into the daily way of eating. Start by making one meal completely planted based each day.


Drink at least 64 oz of water.

Drinking lots of water throughout the day can help you feel full throughout the day and this could help you avoid constant snacking throughout the day. The less you snack the quicker you’ll look and feel great.

You can find a great Hydration Bottle here.


Do a 10-minute workout routine daily

Now I won’t advise that you do a 30-minute strenuous workout, but adding a short 10 or even 5-minute workout can help you get results faster. Make sure it’s a HIIT routine like the one below.

You can click here to find a simple 10-minute HIIT workout anyone can do.


Eat Low-Calorie Dinners

These will help you see great results really quickly, especially if you’re using this method along with other great factors such as drinking more water and replacing a regular meal with a fully plant-based meal each day and doing a short workout each day.

You can find loads of low calorie & delicious dinners here.


Try the Apple Cider vinegar challenge


  • Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar + 8 ounces water 
  • Drink before meals 3 times a day

You can get Apple Cider Vinegar here.


Don’t eat in front of the TV

If you constantly eat in front of the TV or your laptop then you could be consuming a lot more calories than you think. I used to grab my bag of snacks and indulge while I binge watched Youtube videos. Needless to s, y I was consuming too many calories with this unconscious eating and it contributed to lots of extra pounds. Stop eating while you’re distracted by TV or videos.

These are 9 lazy girl hacks that you absolutely need. Try them out and let me know your results and in what time frame you started to see them.

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