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Looking for some fun pancake toppings to take your boring pancakes to the next level? Then you’ll love this post that outlines 25 easy ways to take your pancakes up a notch!

When it comes to pancakes we already know about the classics like maple syrup, butter and berries. They’re all very delicious and are definitely called classics for a good reason. However, if you’re looking for some more amazing topping ideas for pancakes, then this list is for you!

It outlines some classic as well as some unique pancake toppings that you can really enjoy. Pancakes don’t have to be boring and some of these topping as proof of just that! 

And, if you’re looking for some fluffy pancakes than you should check this recipe out!

25 amazing pancake toppings worth trying:

Common pancake toppings 

Maple syrup

pancake toppings

The classic maple syrup topped pancakes are a staple for many families and with good reason. The sweet, thick, sugary syrup poured over warm flapjacks are truly delicious! 

Try warming up your maple syrup before using for the best results.

Syrup and butter

Another classic, butter and warm syrup served as a pancake topping is a combination that takes pancakes to another level. Try it out when you just want something simple for breakfast.

Whipped cream

Another popular classic which is a must try is light and fluffy whipped cream. It helps to enhance the flavor of any warm cake. So, grab some liquid heavy cream, a whisk or mixer and whip up some whipped cream infused with sugar and a flavor of your choice.

Flavors like vanilla, peanut butter, mint chocolate and strawberry are just a few ideas, as you can get really creative with this! Use to top your fluffy pancakes! 

Yogurt and fruit

Yogurt and tangerines

pancake toppings

Enjoy your morning pancakes with a topping of yogurt and sweet, citrusy tangerines. This topping is easy to put together, nutritious and so delicious.

Plus, it’s a topping that you don’t see often. So, if you’re trying to change things up a bit, give this a try! You can’t go wrong with delicious warm cakes topped with such a topping!

Yogurt and blueberries

Blueberries go great with pancakes, but blueberries and yogurt goes even better with flapjacks. Try out this creamy and fruity topping for your breakfast pancakes and be amazed at how you can take boring old warm pancakes to another level! 

Yogurt and mango

There are so many interesting ways to top pancakes and mango and yogurt is one of my favorites because mangoes are one of my favorite fruits! Drizzled with some warm maple syrup, this combination is to die for! 

Yogurt and mixed berries

I’ve shared a blueberry yogurt pancake topping above, but this yogurt and mixed berries topping is so delicious, I had to share it too! 


Fresh berries to top pancakes

Blueberry topped pancakes

Another great topping to try is this topping made of fresh blueberries with some butter and simple syrup. This is a simple way to make your breakfast pancakes both fun and nutritious. 

Strawberry pancake topping

toppings for pancakes

Fresh sliced strawberries may seem like a simple addition, but it makes a big difference in the final product.  If you love berries, then you’ll really enjoy this one!

Raspberry topped pancakes

If you don’t have blueberries or strawberries on hand, or you just prefer raspberries, then fresh raspberries with some syrup can make another delicious pancake topping idea. 

Blackberry pancakes

Topping pancakes with fresh fruits

Banana, nuts and syrup

When it comes to fruits that go well with pancakes the cream ripe bananas should be on the top of every list. So, if you’re searching for a healthy topping for your pancakes that is also very indulgent, then try some slices of ripe bananas.

Mixed fruits

If you like fruit, this is a great way to get some in during breakfast. This is definitely a satisfying healthy topping for pancakes. 

Peaches and blueberries

Peaces and blueberries drizzled with some syrup. For the peach lovers this breakfast is a dream come true!

Chocolate toppings for pancakes

Chocolate chips

Topped with chocolate chips and a bit whipped cream, these pancakes are a chocolate lovers dream. 


These Nutella topped pancakes are perfect for kids or even adults who really enjoy Nutella. Add your favorite fruits to this and serve! This is a sure way to get anyone to enjoy breakfast! 

Chocolate syrup

Decadent and yummy. Chocolate syrup is a favorite in my household when it comes to topping pancakes. If you’re tired of having maple syrup, then try topping your pancakes with chocolate syrup! You won’t regret it. 

Pancake syrup topping

Strawberry syrup

Strawberry syrup is another amazing topping for pancakes. This sweet syrup goes really well with just about nay kind of pancake and add some great flavor!

Blueberry syrup

Apart from strawberry syrup, blueberry syrup is another great topping to add to pancakes. You can buy this, but you can also make it at home with just 3 to 4 simple ingredients including fresh blueberries, sugar, salt, and lemon juice. 

Caramel syrup


More pancake toppings 

Bacon topped pancakes

You can’t go wrong with these bacon pancakes. In fact, you absolutely need to try these out if you haven’t yet. These pancakes are topped with bacon and drenched with maple syrup and make the most amazing breakfast you’ve had in a while!

Mixed chopped nuts 

For a healthier option, top your pancakes with some chopped nuts, drizzle with your favorite syrup and enjoy!

Fried eggs

Yet another interesting topping for pancakes are fried eggs on savory pancakes. Try this out instead of making sweet pancakes for a unique twist on breakfast.


Fried chicken topped pancakes 

Have you ever tried pancakes like this? If you have not, then you’re missing out and it’s definitely worth a try! Find this easy chicken topped cornmeal pancakes here.

Ice cream topping

Nothing is more indulgent that ice cream topped pancakes. These are for days when you’re may be feeling the need to spoil yourself a little and indulge in something not so healthy for breakfast.

Keep in mind that ice cream as a topping for pancakes isn’t something you should have everyday. Just for cheat days and days when you feel like you deserve a nice treat!

As you can clearly see, there are a lot of ways to top a pancake. So, don’t just stop there with this list, come up with some of your own interesting pancake toppings to serve over your flapjacks!

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