substitute for almond milk

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Are you out of almond milk? If you are, and you’re looking for the best ways to substitute for almond milk, then you’re in the right place. Here, you can find at least 9 plant-based milk options that be used as stand-ins for almond milk in most recipes. 

substitute for almond milk

Almond milk is a type of plant-based milk made by blending almonds in water, which are then strained to remove all the almond remains.

There are many almond milk options including vanilla almond milk, chocolate almond milk, banana almond milk, original almond milk, and unsweetened original almond milk. However, for this post, we will focus on original almond milk and unsweetened original almond milk and the best replacements for these.

Almond milk is a type of plant-based milk known for having a nutty taste and a slightly creamy texture. It’s made mostly of water and therefore it has a watery consistency and can be considered close to the texture of whole milk, albeit less creamy. As a result, the best substitutes will be other plant-based milk options or milk options that are nutty and creamy and similar in texture or consistency.

Almond milk is used popularly for smoothies, cereals, dairy-free baking, coffees, teas, soups, sauces, dressings, nondairy pancakes, and basically in most other recipes as an effective replacement for whole milk. This type of milk is great for anyone doing keto, or following a dairy free or vegan eating regime.

So, if you happen to run out of almond milk, what can you use as a good alternative? Thankfully, there is a long list of plant-based milk options that one can use. Each will be shared below together with substitutions and the recipes each work best in.

Best substitutes for almond milk

Cashew milk

cashew milk

Cashew milk makes a good almond milk substitute. Cashew milk has a mild, slightly nutty, creamy flavor that is somewhat similar to almond milk, although it should be noted that it is creamier and richer. It is usually made with water, ground cashews, and some secondary ingredients.

Like almond milk, cashew milk comes in both the original unsweetened flavor and the original flavor. Use cashew milk in smoothies, cereals, baked goods, teas, coffees, hot chocolate, and many other sweet dishes. It even works well as a replacement for almond milk in certain savory dishes like creamy vegetable soups.

Substitution: 1 cup of cashew milk = 1 cup of almond milk

Hemp milk

Hemp milk is another great nondairy beverage that can be used to replace almond milk. Hemp milk is usually made with a blend of water and hemp seeds. Also, like most other plant-based milk options, it comes in both the original unsweetened as well as the original flavor.

Use this milk as an alternative to the more popular almond milk if you enjoy milk that is creamy, smooth, earthy, and nutty. You can enjoy it on its own as a nice glass of creamy milk, or you can use it to replace almond milk in cereals, smoothies, waffles, pancakes, coffees, teas, soups, sauces, and even all your favorite baked goods.

Substitution: 1 cup hemp milk = 1 cup almond milk

Oat milk

Oat milk

If you happen to have it, oat milk also makes another good dairy free milk that can be used as a stand-in for almond milk. Oat milk is smooth and creamy and naturally sweet. Therefore it is different from the more watery, nutty almond milk.

Nonetheless, you can use oat milk to make delicious drinks, baked goods like muffins, biscuits, and even pancakes, and many other yummy recipes.

Substitution: 1 cup oat milk = 1 cup almond milk

Coconut milk

Coconut milk

Have some coconut milk on hand? If you do, you can also use it in place of almond milk in certain recipes. Coconut milk has a distinctly sweet coconut scent that almond milk does not have. However, if you don’t mind the scent, you can use coconut milk in place of almond milk in smoothies, baked goods, soups, curries, and even in your favorite dairy free pancake recipes. 

It should be noted that there is a difference between coconut milk and full-fat coconut milk. Coconut milk which is often called lite coconut milk is made with coconut flesh and water and is often found in cartons. It is opaque in color and contains less than 10% fat. On the other hand, full-fat coconut milk which is mostly found in canned form is much more creamy and thick and as the name suggests full fat. Lite coconut milk is the best alternative to almond milk. 

Substitution: 1 cup lite coconut milk = 1 cup almond milk

Rice milk


Rice milk makes an effective sub for almond milk as well. Rice milk is made with ingredients like water, brown rice, oil, and sea salt and is achieved by blending milled rice with water.

This is a type of plant-based milk that is made with rice and contains lots of carbs that break down into sugars during the process, so it is quite sweeter than most other plant-based kinds of milk. However, if you don’t mind the naturally occurring sweetness you can use rice milk to replace almond milk in your cereals, smoothies, coffees, teas, and even when you just fancy a glass of nondairy milk.

Substitution: 1 cup rice milk = 1 cup almond milk

Hazelnut milk

Unsweetened hazelnut milk also makes a suitable alternative to almond milk. It is generally made from water and hazelnuts and this milk is smooth and creamy with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

Hazelnut milk will work well in oatmeal, smoothies, coffees, soups, sauces, baked goods, hot chocolate, cereals, and many other recipes.

Substitution: 1 cup  hazelnut milk = 1 cup almond milk

Sesame milk

Another plant-based milk that can be used in place of almond milk is sesame milk. Sesame milk has a rich, slightly nutty flavor that you will appreciate. Use this milk in cereals, drinks, baking, and vegan recipes and it’s also drinkable!

Sesame milk comes in both white and black, but of course, the white version is ideal as a substitute. Also, use unsweetened white sesame milk if you can find it so the flavor is closer to that of almond milk.

Substitution: 1 cup sesame milk = 1 cup almond milk

Macadamia milk

If you can find it, macadamia milk is another good option to use when you have no almond milk. Macadamia milk as the name suggests is made from macadamia nuts that have been blended in water.

This type of milk has a rich, smooth texture with a fruity flavor. It comes in both an unsweetened flavor and an original flavor like almond milk. Use this milk in your favorite cereals, smoothies, coffee, baking, and even your favorite soups. 

Substitution: 1 cup macadamia milk = 1 cup almond milk

Soy milk

Soy milk

Another alternative to almond milk is soy milk. Soy milk is generally made from soybeans and water and has a flavor that is beany and nutty as well as a creamy consistency. It can be used to make smoothies, milkshakes, coffees, and even baked goods like cakes and bread with a slight change in the flavor of your recipe.

Substitution: 1 cup soy milk = 1 cup almond milk

Whole milk 

Whole milk 

If you have no dietary restrictions and you are fine with having some dairy, whole milk can also make a good substitute for almond milk. It works in all recipes which means everything from drinks to sauces, soups, baking, desserts, and more. It should be noted that it generally adds more flavor to most recipes.

Substitution: 1 cup whole milk = 1 cup almond milk

That’s it! 10 amazing milk options to replace almond milk anytime and in just about any recipe!

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