soup with marjoram

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Are you making a soup recipe, but have no marjoram? If so, here are 5 simple ways to substitute for marjoram in soup. The substitutes are very easy to come by and are most likely in your kitchen right now!

soup with marjoram


Soups come in many different flavors, and they usually contain fresh or dried herbs like marjoram. Whether marjoram is added into the soup as it cooks to infuse its lovely flavor, as a garnish, or both, depends entirely on the recipe you’re making. Today, I will share the top 5 marjoram alternatives that can be used in most soup recipes.

So, keep reading to see exactly how to replace marjoram in any soup recipe!


Why is marjoram added to soup?

Marjoram is used in soups to add a lovely warm, minty, citrusy flavor and aroma to those soups. Add dried marjoram to your soup while it cooks so its incredible flavors can be infused into the soup. Or, you can use it fresh to garnish many soup recipes too.


Substitutes for marjoram in soup


oregano as a sub for marjoram in soup


The best substitute for marjoram in soup is oregano. Oregano is similar to marjoram in terms of flavor, save for the fact that oregano has a bolder stronger flavor, while marjoram has a milder flavor. 

Nonetheless, oregano makes the perfect marjoram alternative in soups as it can be easily added into soups while they cook to infuse its flavor, and it can also double up as a nice garnish with similar flavors to that of marjoram.

For example, if a soup recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of marjoram, use ½ teaspoon of oregano instead. 



basil + fresh basil leaves


Basil is a delicate herb that can be used as a last resort alternative for marjoram. It should be noted that fresh basil cannot be added to soup while it’s cooking since it is too delicate.

Also, while dried basil can work in soups while they’re cooking, it won’t impart the same flavor that marjoram would.

As a garnish, basil is the perfect marjoram substitute for soups. 

Summer savory

dried savory

Summer savory is another herb that can be used to substitute marjoram in soup. Summer savory is a hearty herb so it is fine to use it during the cooking process as well as a garnish.

Summer savory is amazing when it is used to infuse its mild, herbal-like, thyme-like flavor into beans. Therefore, it is the perfect alternative to marjoram in soups that have beans in them. 


dried thyme

Thyme can also be used in soup in place of marjoram as it can liven up soups by adding its sharp, earthy flavor with hints of lemon and mint to the dish.
Thyme can be used in both dried and fresh form and it can be added to the soup while it cooks, but it also can be used as a garnish after the soup has cooked.

Italian seasoning

Italian seasoning for soup


Italian seasoning can be used to season everything including soups. Made with a combination of ingredients like marjoram, savory, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, and basil it is the perfect all-in-one herb blend for every soup recipe that you can imagine since it has all the flavors!
Italian seasoning is perfect for Italian soups, but it can also be used in most other types of soup as well.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making great soups, herbs and spices play a very important role. This is why I shared these 5 amazing marjoram replacements for soups, just in case you ever run out of the stuff and need something else that can add pleasing flavors to your soup!

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