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Looking for a great substitute for milk in mashed potatoes? How about 13 ideal options? Keep reading to find out how you can use items you may have in your kitchen to replace milk in any mash recipe.

substitute for milk in mashed potatoes


Mashed potatoes also called mash is a staple in most homes, especially during holiday gatherings, or whenever you’re in the mood for this creamy comfort food.

Mashed potatoes are typically made using Yukon gold or Russet potatoes, whole milk, garlic cloves, butter salt and pepper.

Mashed potatoes are usually serve as a creamy side dish.

But, what if you’re making some mash and you have no milk in the kitchen, can you actually replace whole milk a still come out with a yummy mashed potato recipe? 

The good news is that you can replace milk in mash. As, you can see here, where we shared the best heavy cream substitute options for mashed potatoes, there are many other ingredients that can be used in another is not available. 

What does milk do to mashed potatoes?

Milk is used to add creaminess, richness and even flavor to mashed potatoes. As a result, milk is very important in this recipe, and this is why these substitutes are important to know.

Substitutes for Milk in Mashed Potatoes

The best ways to substitute for milk in mashed potatoes is with heavy cream, cream cheese, powdered milk, half and half, sour cream, Greek yogurt, garlic and butter, chicken broth and butter, coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk and oat milk.

Let’s discuss each in more detail below where we share why they work as great alternatives in mash and the conversion ratios for each.

Heavy cream

Heavy cream is a great milk substitute for mashed potatoes. Heavy cream can be used in place of whole milk as it can also add that nice rich, smooth creaminess to mash.

Many people who are looking for a lighter mash won’t want to use this ingredient in place of milk. However, if you don’t mind making the most luxuriously rich and creamy mashed potatoes, then use heavy cream.

Use about ½ cup of heavy cream to replace milk.

Cream cheese

cream cheese


Cream cheese is another great milk substitute in mashed potatoes. Use cream cheese for a super creamy mash recipe if you have no milk on hand.

I usually use equal parts cream cheese and equal parts butter to make a mashed potato recipe without milk. 

Powdered milk

powdered milk


If you have no whole milk on hand, powdered milk can take its place.  Use a ratio of 4 tablespoons of powdered milk to 1 cup of water to make one cup of milk that you can then use to add to your recipe.

Substitute on a 1:1 ratio. So, for every 1 cup of whole milk a recipe asks for, replace with a mixture of 4 tablespoon of powdered milk and 1 cup of water.

Half and half

Half and half can also be used as an alternative for milk when making mashed potatoes. Half and half adds a nice smooth creaminess to the mash. Use about 1/4 cup of half and half for every pound of mashed potatoes.

Sour cream

sour cream


Sour cream is another easy substitute for milk when making mash. Sour cream is usually used in combination with heavy cream, half and half or some kind of milk.

The sour cream and heavy cream combination makes for a rich, velvety restaurant style mashed potatoes recipe.

I’ve found great results using 1/4 cup of sour cream with 1/4 cup of heavy cream for every pound of potatoes.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt


For a lighter mashed potato recipe, greek yogurt is your best bet. Greek yogurt is what you use if you want a healthier recipe. 

To make greek yogurt mashed potatoes, use ¾  cups of greek yogurt with herbs like chives, dill , thyme or parsley, for every 1 pound of potatoes. 




If you don’t have milk, you can use ingredients like mayo in mashed potatoes. Mayo makes for a super moist and creamy mashed potato recipe.

Use about 1/2 a cup of mayonnaise, together with ingredients like butter and seasonings like white pepper or black pepper and salt, for every pound of potatoes.

Garlic and butter



If you have no milk, you can also make garlic mashed potatoes without milk. To make a recipe like this, all you’ll need are creamy Yukon gold potatoes, butter, minced garlic and salt to taste.

Use 4 tablespoons of butter and 2 cloves of minced garlic (or  ½ teaspoon of garlic powder) for every 1 pound of potatoes.

Chicken broth and butter

Chicken broth and butter


Another way to substitute for milk in mash is with a chicken broth and butter mixture. To use these ingredients, you will need about ½ cup of chicken broth with butter, along with your favorite seasonings, minced garlic, salt and pepper, for every pound of potatoes. 

Coconut milk

Coconut milk


If you’re looking for a non dairy substitute for milk in mashed potatoes, then coconut milk is a great choice. Coconut milk makes perfectly creamy dairy-free mashed potatoes that might surprise you.

Use about ½  cup of full-fat, plain unsweetened coconut milk for every pound of Yukon gold potatoes (or other potato of choice) used in the recipe. The results will be rich and creamy potatoes that taste like they were made with heavy cream! 

Almond milk

Almond milk


Almond milk is a great plant-based substitute for whole milk in mashed potatoes. The best option is unsweetened almond milk with vegan butter if you want a vegan recipe.

Use ¼ cup of unsweetened almond milk for every 1 pound of potatoes. Trust me, you won’t be able to tell that this recipe has no whole milk! 

Soy milk

Soy milk


Soy milk can also be used in place of whole milk to make a rich, creamy and flavorful mash recipe. Use about ⅓ cup of soy milk for every pound of potatoes.

Soy milk has a slightly beany flavor, but that can easily be masked with the use of spices, seasoning or herbs. Also ensure you’re using plain flavored unsweetened soy milk for the best results.

Oat milk

oat milk


Oat milk is another non dairy substitute for milk in mashed potatoes. Use oat milk if you’re looking for a very creamy recipe, as oat milk is creamier and has a thicker texture than most other plant based milks.

Keep in min that oat milk is also more ‘oaty’ compared to mild, so with this substitute, you need to add other flavors from spices, butter, or even mayo for amazing results.

Use about ¼ cup of oat milk for every pound of potatoes needed for the recipe.

Final thoughts

There you have it, 13 amazing ways to replace milk in mashed potatoes. Most of those ingredients you are likely to have at home too!

So, if you’re making some mash because you’re in the mood for this creamy side dish today, you can easily make it even if you have no whole milk in your kitchen! Happy eating!

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