substitute for milk in eggs

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Have you run out of milk and only noticed this at the last minute? Were you just about to make some of your favorite scrambled eggs? If you are then you are likely looking for ways to substitute for milk in scrambled eggs.

Today you will find 15 amazing ways to replace milk in eggs with ingredients you may have in your kitchen right now!

substitute for milk in eggs


Eggs or scrambled eggs are usually scrambled with ingredients like raw eggs, butter, cheese, milk, salt, pepper, and one’s favorite seasonings. 

Many people leave out the milk because they just prefer their scrambled eggs without it.

But, if you’re one who enjoys scrambled eggs with milk, but you have no whole milk on hand, there are ways to alternate with good results.

Why use milk in scrambled eggs?

Using milk in scrambled eggs serves two purposes. One is to keep the cooked eggs moist. Egg whites contain a lot of water, i.e 90% water,10% protein and 0% fat. Therefore when they’re cooked the water tends to evaporate and the eggs can dry out. Using milk helps to keep the eggs moist and soft.

Milk also tends to add some creaminess to eggs and, it helps to dilute the flavor of egg somewhat and remove some of the ‘eggy flavor’.

So, what are the ways to substitute for milk in scrambled eggs?

The best ways to replace milk in eggs are with heavy cream, cream cheese, half and half, greek yogurt, plain yogurt, creme fraiche, almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, rice milk, cashew milk, powdered milk (or dry milk), evaporated milk and water.

Each of these ingredients will be discussed in more detail below, showing how they work in eggs, or scrambled eggs and what effect they have!

Best substitutes for milk in eggs

Heavy cream

heavy cream

Heavy cream is an easy substitute for milk in scrambled eggs as most people are likely to have heavy cream in the refrigerator. 

When using heavy cream to replace milk in a scrambled egg recipe, you can use it on a 1:1 substitute ratio with milk.

I usually use 1 tablespoon of milk for every egg, and I do the same for heavy cream. This means I also use 1 tablespoon of heavy cream for every egg I use in the recipe. 

Cream cheese

cream cheese as a sub for milk in eggs

Cream cheese has also been used as a substitute for milk in scrambled eggs as well. Cream cheese adds a savory flavor and creamy texture to eggs.

For tasty eggs, 1 tablespoon of softened cream cheese is ideal for 1 egg. 

Half and half

Half and half

If you have half and half, you can also use this as a milk substitute for eggs. Half and half is a mixture of half cream and half milk and, when used in eggs, it helps them become fluffy and moist. 

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt might seem unlikely, but it is another great milk substitute for eggs as it has a nice slightly tangy flavor and adds a light creaminess to eggs. As well as protein!

Use about 1 tablespoon of greek yogurt for every egg used to make your scrambled eggs.

Plain yogurt

plain yogurt

Another way to make tasty scrambled eggs without milk is with plain yogurt. Plain yogurt helps to make your eggs creamier and a bit tangy. Use 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt for every egg you plan to use.

Creme fraiche

Creme fraiche is another alternative for milk in eggs


Another good alternative for milk in egg recipes like scrambled eggs is creme fraiche. Creme fraiche has a similar creamy taste and consistency to heavy cream with a slight tang. 

Therefore, it adds creaminess and a nice slight tangy flavor to eggs. 1 tablespoon of creme fraiche works for every egg in the recipe.

Almond milk

Almond milk for scrambled eggs

If you’d prefer plant-based milk for your eggs, almond milk is a good choice. Almond milk adds a nice creaminess to your eggs, but, once cooked, the eggs will also be light and fluffy. This is one way to enjoy some dairy-free scramble.

Use 1 tablespoon of unsweetened almond milk or original almond milk for every egg.

Soy milk

soy milk

Another plant-based milk that can be used in eggs is soy milk. Stick to plain soy milk and only use 1 tablespoon for every egg used.

More, or should I say too much milk will dilute the flavor of your eggs and make them rubbery and unpleasant.

Hemp milk

Hemp milk


Hemp milk is another creamy non-dairy milk that can be used to make scrambled eggs. Use this milk like you would any other milk to add some moisture and earthiness to your scrambled egg recipe. Use ½ or 1 tablespoon for every egg.

Cashew milk


Cashew milk is another plant-based milk you can use if you want to make dairy-free scrambled eggs. 1 tablespoon is enough for each egg used in the recipe.

Unsweetened cashew milk is best used for the purpose of adding to eggs.

Coconut milk

coconut milk

As suggested by the name, coconut milk is a type of plant-based milk made from the flesh of coconuts. It is an easy substitute for whole milk in a 1:1 ratio.

This is a suitable substitute if you’re looking for some creaminess with fewer calories and no dairy. Use anywhere from ½  tablespoon – 1 tablespoon of coconut milk for every egg the recipe calls for. 

Note, coconut milk has a subtly sweet coconut smell that you will be able to perceive in a scrambled egg recipe. So, use stronger herbs and spices to balance the recipe.

Rice milk

Like all the other lactose-free, dairy-free milk options, rice milk is another good dairy free substitute for milk in scrambled eggs.

Rice milk has a very mild flavor, with a slightly nutty aftertaste, but it can be used in eggs if you have nothing else.

Powdered milk (or dry milk)


Dry milk, or powdered milk is another great replacement for milk in eggs. Dry milk is a dairy product made by a process whereby milk is evaporated until it becomes a dry powder.

Like regular milk, this ingredient can be used to add moisture and creaminess to eggs.

To use it, mix in 2 teaspoons of water and 1 teaspoon of dry milk until it forms  1 tablespoon of liquid milk. Use 1 tablespoon for each egg. 

Evaporated milk

dilute evaporated milk for eggs

Another good alternative for milk in eggs is evaporated milk. Evaporated milk is thicker and creamier, so you can dilute it with some water, but otherwise, it is a great substitute.

Typically 1 tablespoon of evaporated milk – diluted or not diluted – will work for every egg in a recipe.


shredded cheddar cheese

Another great milk substitute in scrambled eggs is shredded cheese. To use shredded cheese in place of milk in your scrambled egg recipe, simply add some of your favorite shredded cheese to your eggs as they cook. 



Lastly, water is another awesome substitute for milk in eggs. Water, which is an ingredient that everyone has access to, will help scrambled eggs become more fluffy. 

1 tablespoon of water is ideal for every egg in a recipe.

Final thoughts

There you have it! About 15 great ways to make eggs without milk with ingredients you have in your refrigerator or pantry. These substitutes are not ingredients that give your eggs the same flavor or texture that milk would. Instead, these are simple items you can use in place of milk if you have no regular milk.

Some of them will change the texture and taste of your scrambled eggs, but, they work. In fact, some of them will result in eggs that you might just enjoy more than scrambled eggs made with milk! I for one thoroughly enjoy making my eggs with heavy cream.

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