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Squats are the best exercise to make your butt bigger and your legs stronger. No other exercise works as well as squats do. They are simple and can be added to any exercise routine very easily. Here are ten types of Squats you can do to get a bigger butt:


Sumo Squats:

Stand upright, and open up your legs as wide as you can, now bend the knees and descend your hips as low as you can go. Your thighs should stay parallel o the floor. Put all your weight at the back of your heel. Go back up, nice and slow. Keeping the legs parts make the knees go straight. Repeat again for 30 seconds.



Squat Jack:

Stand upright, and jump a fraction. While jumping kick out both your legs and arms to their respective sides. Land and cross your hand back on your chest. They easy to do but can tire you soon. Your hands and legs should be stretched to their limit with your head and back straight.



Pulse Squats:

Stand with your feet as wide apart as your shoulders, now with your hands crossed on your chest, go down, staying on your hips, pulse thrice and go back in the upright position. Pulses are hard, you can do as small or as big as you want. You will get the hang of it soon.



Jump Squat:

This is like basic squats but a jump added as a third step. Stand upright, go down in a regular squat, but do not come up like a regular squat, instead, pump your legs and jump, land into a squat and do the whole thing again thrice, this will count as 1 rep.



Mini Band Squat

Stand upright, add a band to your calves, loop both legs in the band and do your standard squats. Try to go down as low as you can, hold the position and then go back up. That’s how you do a mini band squat.



Split Squat

Stand upright and from there bring one foot out and the other low behind it, as if doing a lunge. Keep you lowered knee in line with the from leg’s foot. Do your reps on one foot and then start with the other.



One-Legged Squat

Standard squats buy with one leg variation. Lower your body but kick out on leg when going down. And stand upright, going down alter the leg when going down. The arms will stay extended in front of the body all the while.


Bulgarian squats

Bulgarian squats and standard squat have only one difference, and that is the rear leg stay elevated when you go down. Get a small stool or a small chair and put up your leg and then bend with the other leg forward. This creates balance as well make your core stronger and butt bigger.


Lateral squats

Stand with your feet wider than your shoulders and lean side to side, bend with one leg and make the other go stretch as you can. Keep the other leg as straight and bend the opposite one as low as you can. Go straight up and then bend to the other side. Keep going left to right and right to left.

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