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If you’re vegan and want a few useful tips to help make your journey easier, or if you’re sitting on the fence about whether to convert to veganism or not. Here are a few great vegan tips and tricks that are sure to help you out.

Over the years, thousands of people have claimed that this way of living and eating has changed their lives in so many positive ways. Use these ideas to help make your vegan journey better.


Watch these documentaries:

In order to truly understand the vegan lifestyle, it is imperative that you watch a few of these eye-opening documentaries.

Earthlings– This documentary will ensure that you never touch meat again.

Cowspiracy- This documentary will help you understand the destruction of the planet.

What the Health- This documentary will help you learn about the destruction of your body if you continue like everyone else.

Forks Over Knives- This documentary will teach you how you should eat to be truly healthy.



Find vegetarian alternatives to all your favorite meals:

If you’re truly committed to succeeding as a vegetarian, you’ll need to find tasty alternatives for all of your favorite non-vegetarian meals.

Finding good alternatives for things you love to eat may seem a bit difficult, but, trust me they’re there! If you’re having a hard time, here are some ideas to help make finding good vegan alternatives easier for you:

Try out this AMAZING book to help you easily veganize all of your favorite everyday comfort foods. This book will be the best vegan book you’ve ever gotten- hands down. Not only are the recipes super delicious, wholesome and easy to make, this book has tons of pictures of the food, so, if you’re a visual person, you’ll love it!

You can find this book right here.



Take it slowly

With this way of living, it is important to take things step by step. This hack is especially great for beginners or if you’re feeling like you’ve been failing at this.

It’s difficult to make most major changes overnight. So consider these steps to help you ease into it.

Start with food. Eliminate all animal flesh. And then animal by-products.

Then consider your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Throw out, give away or sell anything made from animals.

Then look at changing your cosmetics and cleaning products to cruelty-free and vegan.

Also, keep reading and educating yourself as you follow this journey. And don’t beat yourself up for small mistakes.



Have lots of delicious vegan snacks and quick meals ready

When you’re hungry, you tend to make poor choices. Having a list of vegan snacks and food options at the ready is one way to ensure you never slip up (or slip up less) on this journey. Here is a list of vegan snacks you need to get if you’re craving delicious snacks:

Vegan Chia Bars

Vegan Fruit Snacks

Vegan Double Chocolate Brownies

Vegan Falafel Chips

Vegan Peanut Butter Bar

Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Snack Bar



Vegetarian Keto 

This way of easting is very restrictive. However, it is a great to follow if you want to decrease animal suffering, and get results. So, if you’ve ever considered this way of eating, use book below to help you make it a success.

You can try out this lifestyle here.



Find Vegan Alternatives for your favorite items:

You may think that it is difficult to find vegan alternatives for products you enjoy. If you’re struggling to find good alternatives, check out this list below for guidance.

Vegan toothpaste

Vegan toothbrush

Vegan Lotion

Vegan Skin Care Set

Vegan Body Wash

Vegan Hand Soap

Vegan Baby Products

Vegan Perfume

Vegan Deodorant (Women)

Vegan Deodorant (Men)

Vegan Makeup Brushes

Vegan Makeup Palette

Vegan Crossbody

Vegan Lip Balm

Vegan Probiotic Supplements

Vegan Anti-Aging Face Moisturiser




If you’re finding it difficult to get rid of your cravings for meat, processed food, and added sugars, try fasting for 24 hours twice a week for a month or so. This process is called intermittent fasting and will help your body to eliminate food cravings.

To learn more about how intermittent fasting can be incorporated to make your vegan journey easier, click here to get more information.

You can find this intermittent fasting book here.



Vegan sweet cravings?

Lastly, this may seem small, but when you’re craving junk, try out vegan ice cream options such as this one. It’s a simple to find dairy-free ice cream in the made with various …such as cashew, almond, coconut, or soy, each with a list of delicious flavors.

You can find this vegan ice cream here.



Vegan On A Budget

Most times a new eating regime change tends to be expensive. If you’re looking for ways to keep your new way of eating as cheap as possible, try out Frugal Vegan if you want to live a healthy vegan lifestyle without breaking the bank with these 99 affordable and delicious plant-based recipes.

You can find this book here.


These vegan tips and tricks will help you out in so many different ways. They’re all worth looking into if you want to your vegan journey to be easy and effective.

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