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Are you planning on making beef stew? If so, then are are you trying to figure out what to serve with beef stew? If you are, then you’re in the right place. Here, you will find 18 amazing sides to go with beef stew.

What goes good with beef stew?

Beef stew is a delicious combination of tender cuts of beef and yummy vegetables in an incredibly flavorful sauce. It is quite easy to make and is quite popular as a comfort food during the colder season.

It often includes vegetables like carrots, potatoes, onions, green beans, Brussels sprouts, turnips and is thus very versatile dish.

Beef stew is very delicious, comforting and satisfying on its own. But, if you want to bit more, how can you serve beef stew and make it more interesting or make it a full meal?

To do that you need to first make sure you make a super delicious beef stew recipe, then you need to find some amazing side dishes for the beef stew!

Beef stew goes good with a number or yummy foods including breads, rolls,  mashed potatoes, rice, salads, steamed vegetables, and so much more.

Here are 18 incredible side dishes for beef stew


Serve any beef stew recipe with classic noodles for a very satisfying meal. Nothing is more satisfying than this combination. The best part is that noodles are super easy to cook so this side does not add lots of extra time to your cooking!

Beef stew and dumpling

I absolutely love beef stew and dumplings. If you’re looking to make a meal that wows everyone at the table, this one is it!


what to serve with beef stew

Another great way to serve beef stew is with some creamy polenta on the side. If you’re looking for a polenta recipe, then try this creamy and easy polenta out. It is made with less than 8 ingredients and tastes so good!

Cauliflower Mash

Creamy and delicious, this is another amazing beef stew side that will have everyone asking for more.

So, if you don’t have potatoes on hand, or you just want to cut down on starch, this mashed cauliflower is the perfect substitute for mashed potatoes and works great for people on specialized diets like keto or low carb!

Mashed Potatoes

Now if you love mashed potatoes, you should know that this is another easy side that goes well with beef stew. It is also easy to make a quite delicious. So try out this mashed potatoes recipe to serve with the stew for dinner.

Garlic bread

This garlic bread is perfect paired with beef stew. It is also quite easy to make and takes just 6 ingredients. When it comes to a simple,  yet amazing side for any beef stew, this simple garlic bread is a must try! 

Crusty herbed Italian bread

Another great beef stew side dish is this crusty herbed Italian bread. This is a very straightforward recipe that makes some really delicious side for beef stew.

French baguette

Other than herbed bread, you can also serve beef stew with french baguettes.

This is a great side dish that tastes great with just about anything, but, it really goes well with beef stews. 

If you want to serve french baguettes along any beef stew recipe, you need to try out this french baguette recipe


Not many things pair as well with beef stew like cornbread. In my opinion anyway! If you’re ever looking for a simple yet delicious side dish, then this one is it!

Dinner rolls

Made with just 8 basic ingredients, these dinner rolls are one of the best! They pair great with beef stew too!


sides for beef stew

Any kind of cooked rice goes good with beef stew. Just serve it in a bowl with a serving of beef stew on top and enjoy!


Who can resist a plate of couscous served with beef stew? I know I can’t. You must try this out if you’re thinking of making beef stew!

Fried plantains

Serve this sweet treat next to some beef stew for a super delicious meal. If you’ve never tried this out, now is the best time to do so! Trust me, you will not regret it.

The recipe above is for ripe plantains, but you can also make these with green plantains as well!

Vegetable Sides for beef stew

Green salad

Green salads go great with beef stew. Use your favorite green veggies as well as some tomatoes and serve those alongside your beef stew for a very satisfying meal!

Roasted broccoli

Yet another great side for beef stew is some easy roasted broccoli. This side will take mere minutes to make and will complement the stew so well!

Green beans

Another easy side for beef stew is green beans. Make it as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Either way, it works well with the stew.

Green peas

You can also serve it with green beans. While green peas is great for adding into beef stew, it is also a great side dish for beef stew! Whatever way you intend to serve it, I can assure you that it will add some delicious flavor to your meal!

Roast potatoes

When it comes to beef stew you can’t go wrong with a side of buttery roast potatoes. Season the potatoes and roast in the oven and enjoy with a warm plate of beef stew!

Some other vegetables that make great sides for beef stew include kale and carrots.

These are all delicious sides that go well with beef stew. Most of these sides are pretty easy to make and for those that aren’t so easy, they’re worth it as they taste so good!

The best part is that you can serve the stew with multiple sides for a really good meal each time. For example, you can serve the stew with a side of rice, roast potatoes, and green peas and a dinner roll for an enjoyable dinner! 

Save this list so you never have to worry about what to serve with beef stew ever again!

More sides to serve with…

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