what to serve with coconut rice

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Are you about to make some coconut rice for dinner? Are you wondering what to serve with coconut rice? Keep reading to learn about the best main dishes that go well with coconut rice.

What To Serve With Coconut Rice

This list has 10 amazing main dishes for coconut rice that are easy to make, taste amazing, and can complete your dish!

So, what goes good with coconut rice?

Coconut rice is a fluffy rice recipe made with rice, shredded coconut, oil and seasonings. Sometimes it’s also made with beans as in the case of this tasty coconut rice and red beans recipe. 

I dare say, that no one can turn away a bowl of steaming hot coconut rice. This type of rice is a recipe I make for my family quite often because it is so popular with them. 

But, what are some good main dishes that go well with coconut rice? Thankfully, there are many main dishes that go with coconut rice.

It is most popularly served with fish, but even meats like chicken, beef, pork, veal, goat meat and even lamb are great main dishes for this type of rice. 

So, if you’re looking for some ideal main dishes for coconut rice that you have no tried as yet. Or maybe, this is your first time making coconut rice so you just don’t know what to serve with it, this list of ideas are exactly what you will need.

10 best main dishes for coconut rice

Lemon garlic butter fish 

lemon garlic butter fish

One easy and delicious recipe that goes with coconut rice is lemon and butter fish. This main dish made with only fish fillets, garlic, butter, lemon, salt and pepper Results in some tender flaky pieces of fish in a delicious garlic butter sauce that will be ready in under 30 minutes. Fish is perfect for coconut rice and this recipe in particular does wonders for that kind of rice. You can find the recipe for this lemon garlic butter fish here.

Thai fish curry

thai fish curry

Thai fish curry made with a yummy coconut curry sauce is another great main dish for coconut rice. In fact this main dish complements coconut rice so well, it could very well become your go to every time you make coconut rice for a complete meal!

The best part is that it only takes 20 minutes to make Thai fish curry. Check out the recipe for Thai fish curry here.

Shrimp in cream sauce

shrimp in fish sauce

Another easy main dish that works with coconut rice is a shrimp in cream sauce recipe. Made with ingredients like unsalted butter, shrimp, heavy cream, garlic and seasonings, this super easy recipe is perfect next a bed of coconut rice. You can learn how to make this shrimp in cream sauce here.

Saucy shrimp

saucy shrimp

Saucy shrimp is also great as a main dish for coconut rice. Made with ingredients like shrimp, tomatoes, garlic, heavy cream, lime juice and feta cheese for example, this shrimp recipe goes really well served over fluffy rice.

Because it’s so easy to make, it is the perfect weeknight dinner when served with coconut rice. You can learn how to make this saucy shrimp recipe here.

Chicken with garlic mushroom sauce 

chicken with garlic mushroom sauce

Chicken, especially a saucy chicken recipe is another worthy main dish for any rice recipe including coconut rice. This chicken recipe made with chicken breasts and mushrooms compliments any coconut rice recipe really well. You can find the recipe for this chicken with garlic mushroom sauce here.

Chicken piccata 

Chicken piccata

Another great main dish that goes with coconut rice is chicken piccata. I mean nothing can beat delicious pan seared chicken and rice! You can find a great Chicken piccata recipe here. You can also read more about other sides to serve with chicken piccata here.

Honey mustard chicken

Hone mustard chicken

One main dish that is always a hit in our kitchen is honey mustard chicken. I often serve it with some rice like this coconut rice, which is easy to make but looks like a very fancy weeknight dinner! Learn how to make honey mustard chicken here.

Garlic pork chops in creamy sauce

Garlic pork chops in creamy sauce

Pork chops also make and other awesome main dish for coconut rice. Find a few recipes that you personally like, but these creamy pork chops in garlic mushroom sauce is one my family quite enjoys. You can check out the recipe for these garlic pork chops with creamy sauce here.

Pork tenderloin with maple balsamic sauce

Pork tenderloin with maple balsamic sauce

If you’re making coconut rice you’ll also want to take an extra 30 minutes to make this delicious pork tenderloin recipe to go with it. Trust me when I say you will not regret this decision! Find out how to make this pork tenderloin with maple balsamic sauce here.

Stir fry

stir fry

Lastly a stir fry can also be made to go with coconut rice. If you’re looking for a vegan option, then use your favorite vegetables for this stir fry. But if you’re not vegan then you can throw in some pieces of chicken or other meats too! You can find a recipe for a yummy stir fry here. Also feel free to learn about what to serve with stir fry dishes here. 

The best main dishes that work for coconut rice are meats, seafood or poultry that are saucy. The reason why sauces are important is so that they can help you enjoy rice that isn’t dry and unpalatable! Thus all the examples of coconut rice main dishes here are accompanied by a great sauce that will add extra beautiful flavors to your coconut rice!

What vegetables to serve with coconut rice

There are quite a few vegetables that go well with the subtly tropical nutty flavor of coconut rice including kale, peas, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, eggplant, green beans etc.

What sauce goes with coconut rice

When it comes to coconut rice, if you’re serving it with a main dish, its very natural to pair it with the sauce from that main dish. This is completely fine, but you can also make your coconut rice dish more interesting by using sauces like sweet chili sauce, chili lime sauce, Sichuan sauce, pesto, duck sauce etc.

What meat goes with coconut rice

Almost all meats go well with coconut rice. Therefore, feel free to use whatever you having including chicken, beef, fish, shrimp, pork, lamb, quail, duck etc. As long as it’s prepared well, any of the items listed here will make a complete and delicious coconut rice meal. 

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