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Are you thinking of making a stuffed pepper recipe? If you are, I’m sure you’re wondering what to serve with stuffed peppers. This is quite typical as many people don’t know what sides go with stuffed peppers, but, I’ll show you some amazing ideas that go well with stuffed peppers.

This post shares some incredibly delicious sides for stuffed peppers that tastes really good so you can make a full, satisfying meal quickly and easily.

Stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers can be served as a great main dish and come in many variations including ground beef, chicken, ground sausage, stuffed peppers with rice or even just vegetarian stuffed peppers!

Therefore, the sides that are serve with this main dish will depend on the  recipe you’re making to ensure that any side complements the stuffed pepper main dish properly.

Some incredible stuffed pepper recipes to try out:

Before we get started wit the stuffed pepper sides, here are some of my favorites stuffed pepper recipes you can check out. These taste amazing and are all very easy to make:

Peppers stuffed with chicken like this easy chicken stuffed pepper recipe will pair well with sides like salads, roasted vegetables and, even bread.

These stuffed peppers made with ground beef are another favorite of mine and goes well with fresh salads and rice.

These stuffed peppers made with ground sausage are another favorite of mine. These aren’t made with bell peppers, but rather mini sweet peppers.

Stuffed peppers goes well with food like roasted vegetables, fresh salads, and breads, coleslaw and so much more.

Below, you’ll find a list of over 15 of these easy recipes that you can serve with any stuffed pepper recipe! 

Here’s what to serve with stuffed peppers

Roasted asparagus 

This roasted asparagus recipe is perfect for serving with stuffed peppers. They’re also very easy to make and a quick and delicious and go especially great with chicken stuffed peppers. You can find this roasted asparagus recipe here

Sautéed Spinach

This easy sautéed spinach recipe is fast, easy, healthy and very versatile. Made in minutes, this recipe just needs 5 ingredients and tastes so good! You can find the recipe for this sautéed spinach recipe here. 


Roasted air fryer beets

These roasted beets are made in an air fryer and are tender, delicious and easy to make and make the perfect side dish for vegetarian stuffed peppers. You can find a simple recipe for air fryer roasted beets here.

Mexican Black Beans

Mexican Black Beans are delicious and super easy to make and can be made with ingredients in your pantry. The best part is that these easy Mexican black beans goes good with stuffed peppers to make a full meal. You can check out this easy Mexican black beans recipe here

Side salad 

This side salad isn’t just an ordinary salad! It has two specific ingredients that makes it super delicious. Plus it is great to serve alongside stuffed peppers for a whole healthy meal! Find the recipe for this easy side salad here

Crunchy veggie rainbow salad

what to serve with stuffed peppers
This crunchy veggie rainbow salad recipe with an Asian salad dressing and makes a simple salad with vibrant colors! This veggie salad goes perfect with chicken stuffed peppers for a great dinner recipe! You can find this easy veggie rainbow salad recipe here

Chipotle cauliflower rice

This easy copycat chipotle cauliflower rice is incredible! Made with only 5 ingredients, this cauliflower rice recipe is perfect for ground beef or chicken stuffed bell peppers.You can find the recipe for this easy cilantro cauliflower rice here. 


Whole wheat naan

Besides the beans and salads, another great side dish for stuffed peppers is bread. This whole wheat naan recipe makes soft and pillowy naan to go with stuffed peppers. You’ll never want to buy the pre-packaged naan from the supermarket once you try this authentic and healthy homemade naan recipe! You can find this whole wheat naan recipe here

Texas Roadhouse Rolls

sides for stuffed peppers
These fluffy and buttery rolls are a perfect copycat for Texas Roadhouse Rolls. Serve these next to some delicious stuffed peppers for a full meal! Find these easy copycat Texas roadhouse rolls here. 

Broccoli Stem Slaw

Broccoli Stem Slaw is crisp, colorful and totally delicious. It is made from simple, everyday ingredients that all complement each other very well. this broccoli stem coleslaw is the perfect side dish for all kinds of stuffed peppers to. So, if you’re looking for a simple yet tasty coleslaw to go with stuffed peppers, you have to check this broccoli stem slaw recipe out. 

Red cabbage slaw

Red cabbage slaw is a delicious side dish recipe or topping with apple and raisins. This slaw is creamy and tangy and goes great with stuffed peppers. Find this easy red cabbage slaw recipe here.

Roasted broccoli recipe

This roasted broccoli is very easy to make and will go great with ground beef stuffed peppers. This recipe is a healthy side dish that everyone must try out. You can find this roasted broccoli recipe here. 

Slow cooker potatoes

Full of flavor and zest, these slow cooker potatoes are one of the most delicious and easiest side dishes you will ever make! These are perfect for any main dish especially stuffed pepper recipes. These are a great option to make to as they’re made in a slow cooker so you can cook these at the same time you’re baking the stuffed peppers which will cut down on cooking time! You can find these easy slow cooker herb potatoes here

Old-Fashioned Vegan Baked Beans 

If you don’t like black beans, you can also make some yummy baked beans to serve with your main dish of stuffed peppers.  This recipe is just like the on grandma used to make and is vegan! These baked beans are sweet, smoky, gluten-free, and made right in your cast iron skillet! You can find this easy baked beans recipe here

Homemade Mexicorn recipe

This festive, colorful side dish is a dinner table favorite in yellow, red and green, that goes perfectly with stuffed pepper recipes. You can find this super easy recipe for Mexicorn here

Brussels Sprouts

This satisfying side dish is great for going with nay main dish including stuffed peppers. It’s super easy to make to and goes beyond boring old brussels sprouts! You can find this balsamic glazed brussels sprouts recipe here. 
Now that you have all these options to serve with any stuffed pepper recipe you make, you can now make some complete meals that are truly delicious and satisfying. 


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