30 Day Ab Challenge

We all want beautiful abs, and we all can get it with the right exercises and eating habits. This 30-day ab challenge is designed to help you challenge your midsection and sculpt beautiful abs. Crunches alone won’t get you beautifully toned abs, and the moves in this 30-day ab challenge are […]

17 Football Snacks For Your Superbowl Party

These football snacks for your super bowl party are the best. They’re easy to make and will make fun and yummy additions to your menu on game day.  Jalapeno Popper Football Cheese Ball This Jalapeño Popper Football Cheese Ball is sure to make a touchdown at your next game day party! […]

15 Superbowl Appetizer Ideas For Game Day

Are you planning on getting everyone together for game day? If so, you need some amazing Superbowl appetizers that everyone will enjoy during all the fun and excitement of game day. This is why we’ve found these 15 super tasty Superbowl appetizer recipes for you to make.  Meat lovers mini […]

20+ Zero Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

What are zero calorie foods? The term zero calorie food sounds totally crazy, right? I mean do zero calorie foods even exist and if they do,  are these foods even real and healthy? Rest assured, they are real and they are very healthy. Zero calories foods are foods that you […]

30 Day Money Saving Challenge

This 30-day money saving challenge is a great way to challenge yourself for the next 30 day. This is the time of year for saving. After all the festivities and spending of December with all the gift giving, parties, holiday travels, it is time to get serious about saving some money. […]