11 Must Have Hand Lettering Books For Beginners

Hand lettering is a form of drawing letters that is quite similar to calligraphy but not the same. Calligraphy uses a dip pen and ink to draw strokes and letters with different amounts of pressure, Whereas hand lettering uses a pen to artfully draw out letters in a decorative way. When it comes to hand lettering, each letter is carefully thought out and drawn in a different way for every situation. Hand-lettered words are usually illustrated and they are all unique and different from each other.   Hand lettering is a way of expressing oneself that has evolved over time […]

Complete Bullet Journal Starter Kit For Beginners And Beyond

This bullet journal starter kit article contains everything you need to start your very own bullet journal! So, what is a bullet journal after all? The truth is that bullet journaling is becoming more and more popular every day and you probably already heard about it.   But, if you haven’t, a bullet journal is a planner system that can help you plan your different activities. In most bullet journals, you will find a wide range of elements inside. From collections to dailies, monthlies, an index, and even a future log.   It is a very forgiving planning system, which […]

Bullet Journal Setup : Step By Step Guide For Your First Bujo

If you are highly into productivity, to do lists and habit tracking and the like, chances are you’ve considered using a bullet journal to help you manage your life. After all, who doesn’t love being more productive and more organized, right? But if you’ve been stuck on exactly how to set up your bullet journal, then you’re int he right place. We get it. After all, starting something new. Something as completely ‘blank’ as a bullet journal may be a little bit intimidating. We’re here to help you go through all the steps you need to get your bullet journal […]

Bullet Journal Doodles: 24 Amazing Doodle Ideas For Beginners & Beyond!

So you’ve started a bullet journal and you’re looking for some creative bullet journal doodles to use in your journal. If you are, you’re not alone. You may be looking to start doodling in order to help with your anxiety, or just to be more creative. This article will work for you if you’re a beginner or even if you’re more advanced. Whatever reason you want to learn more about doodles, you will be pleased with this massive list of doodles that you can use in your bullet journal.   What are doodles? Doodles are simple drawings that typically doesn’t take a long […]

Bullet Journal Expense Tracker Ideas To Help Manage Your Spending

Finances. They’re something that we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. However, many of us may not necessarily like dealing with money or, may not know how to properly manage it. One thing in particular many of us deal with is keeping an eye on our spending. This is why these bullet journal expense tracker ideas will help you a lot!   A little back story  I used to be exactly like this too. I avoided doing anything about my money. I knew what my monthly income was. I even knew what my bills cost […]

Bullet Journal Period Tracker Ideas & Layouts To Inspire You

Are you looking for some ideas of how you can track your period in your bullet journal? If you are, then you will learn all this and more in this awesome bullet journal period tracker article. As women, we go through a lot every month. One of the most uncomfortable and sometimes unwelcome things we go through is our period. Because this is something that happens every month you may not think it is important to keep track of it at all. After all, why track something that will happen anyway? Well, there are many reasons why you should. First of all, tracking your […]

49 Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Inspire Your Next Spread

When it comes to bullet journal page ideas, there are a million different ones out there that you can use. However, sometimes it just takes too long to find the exact page layout you need for a particular moment…and knowing what pages you can use beforehand makes more sense. After all, whether you’re a die-hard bujo lover who uses the bujo as a way to be creative and de-stress, or you’re just trying to make your bullet journal a tool you use to become more productive, some days you just feel burnt out with the vast number of page ideas you have to […]

9 February Bullet Journal Layout Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

Are you preparing your bullet journal for February? Do you want some cool inspirations to help you make the best spread you’ve made to date? If you said yes, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find 9 amazing February bullet journal layouts that will look so beautiful in your bullet journal for the month of love. These layouts are creative and should help spark some new ideas of your own bullet journal spreads in your mind. Before you get into the spreads for February, you can read here to learn more about bullet journal layouts and their importance.   What you need to make […]

Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads: 9 Layout Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

You want to become more organized and have chosen to use a bullet journal. Now you need some awesome bullet monthly spreads to make your journal more functional. Alas, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need simple monthly spread ideas or more elaborate monthly spreads for your bullet journal, you will be able to find them here. If you need help with coming up with bullet journal monthly layouts that work for your needs, you should be able to find some ideas and inspirations here.   What are monthly spreads? Bullet journal monthly spreads are monthly calendars, where you list […]

73+ Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas To Inspire You

This bullet journal habit tracker article will outline everything you need to know about habit trackers and how to go about using them to help you succeed in various areas of your life. Chances are you’re tired of going around in circles trying to form good, healthy habits. Indeed, habit formation takes a long time and a lot of dedication and this exactly why you need bujo habit trackers…or a few. Every day we unconsciously (or consciously) perform millions of little routines that ultimately become our daily habits.  Unfortunately, many of these are bad and need to be addressed. But […]