15 Healthy & Easy Meal Prep Bowl Recipes

We all get busier as we grow older, and it gets to a point where your lunch isn’t packed by Mom anymore, or where a bag of chips and a bottle of soda are no longer considered satisfactory eating. We realize that healthier, more balanced meals are preferable, but sometimes after a long day at work or school, it’s hard to find the time to get them ready. This is why so many folks nowadays turn towards meal prep as their saving grace. Imagine that it’s time for lunch, and all you have to do is pull out a container […]

6 Must Have Baby Products You Can’t Live Without

If you’re pregnant, you may not know all of the must-have baby products you need. However, knowing about these useful baby products and having them available for your little one can make a huge difference in the first few months of your baby’s life as well as in your ability to properly care for your baby and to provide much-needed relief in various aspects of you and your baby’s life.   Here is a list of must-have baby products new moms swear by.   Baby Ear Protection (3 Months to 2 Y) You can find this here.   Fridababy Nasal Aspirator Finding a […]

14 Gifts For Your Boyfriend Under $100

Looking for some great gift ideas for your boyfriend? Try finding some things from his list this year and make him feel special.       Y Back Matching Suspender and Bow | Funny Sleeveless Gym Workout Shirt |  Men’s Tie, Socks, Pocket Square Gift Set | Beard Grooming Kit |  Mens Slim front Wallet | NFL Metallic Travel Tumbler | Hookey Ring Toss Game | Adjustable Laptop Stand | Bruno Bianci Insulated Wine Tumbler | Bluetooth Headphones | Touch Wireless Speakers | Calvin Klein Obsession for Men | Echo Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal Fabric | Men’s UGG Boots |

11 Gorgeous Platform Beds That’ll Get You Excited For A Bedroom Makeover

When we think of home decor, we often tend to focus on the kitchen or living room. After all, this is the part of our homes that is mostly on display. However, if you’ve been thinking of investing a little bit of money on your bedroom, there are ways to still make your bedroom feel like a retreat, on a budget. And, finding the perfect bed is a great start as it can become the focal point of your bedroom. In order to make your bedroom look as contemporary and as beautiful as possible, choosing an affordable platform bed is […]

10 Amazing Planners That’ll Help You Get Your Life Together

A couple years ago I got introduced to planners. Before this, I was more of a small notebook and slip of paper type of girl. I loved to write down my daily schedules but it never dawned on me that having a seperate book for planning and organizing my daily activetes was acutally a thing. However, I’m now hooked on planners and organizers and so I’ve decided to share 10 must have planners with you. So, if you’re like me and you’re wanting to get an amazing planner for 2018 to keep your self super oranised and ready for just […]

12 Healthy Fresh Fruit Popsicle Recipes For Kids

It’s summer time. The kids are home, it’s hot and it’s time to get creative and make your kids some really yummy, yet healthy cold snacks to keep them satisfied. These fresh fruit popsicles are perfect for the kids tis hot summer. Made with fresh fruit and so yummy, your kids will be super happy through out summertime.   Related: Awesome Find To Keep The Kids Having Fun Outdoor All Summer Here are 12 Healthy fresh fruit Popsicle recipes for your kids:   Strawberry Kiwi Popsicles Made with only a few simple ingredients, these are absolutely perfect for both kids […]

9 Vegan Tips & Tricks That’ll Make Being Vegan Easier

If you’re vegan and want a few useful tips to help make your journey easier, or if you’re sitting on the fence about whether to convert to veganism or not. Here are a few great vegan tips and tricks that are sure to help you out. Over the years, thousands of people have claimed that this way of living and eating has changed their lives in so many positive ways. Use these ideas to help make your vegan journey better.   Watch these documentaries: In order to truly understand the vegan lifestyle, it is imperative that you watch a few of […]

6 Genius Hacks To Eat Better This Week

Eating well is a big deal. We all try…often struggle to eat healthier but sometimes it just seems impossible to do. Generally, many of us can’t commit to eating well for an entire week much less a month. Not only does this suck, this shows how difficult it is for us to get success. However, even though it may be hard to eat healthier, there are some things that you can do every day to help better so that you can achieve your goals for the next few months. These are some really helpful tips that you should try if […]

8 Indoor Plants You Need To Have In Your Apartment/Home

If you’re looking for some great home decor ideas, then indoor plants may be just the thing you need to spice up your space. Not only do they add a beautiful touch to your space, they also have a host of benefits such as purifying the air are just the thing you need if you love gardening…or at least dabbling in it. What’s more, most of these indoor plants are so easy to care for, they are virtually no risk of them dying you! Did I mention that these are super easy to care for? In no time, your apartment […]

9 Genius Minimalist Hacks That’ll Make Your Life So Much Simpler

These great minimalist hacks are worth knowing if you’re on a minimalist journey. If you’re interested in living a more minimalist lifestyle, I’m sure you’re on the lookout for some really amazing hacks that’ll help you live a more simple, less cluttered existence. This will help you feel great and will go a long way in helping you appreciate the true essence of life without the clutter and confusion of ‘things’ Here are some brilliant minimalist hacks that can help to significantly simplify your life. Worth reading: 7 Genius Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You’ll Regret Not Knowing Sooner   Minimalist hacks […]