Best Basil Substitute – #8 Is In Your Kitchen Right Now!

basil substitute

Are you making a recipe that calls for basil? If you are and you have just run out of basil, then you must be looking for a good basil substitute. This post shares 11 of the best basil substitutes that actually work.  What is basil? Basil is a type of herb from the mint family that is used in both its fresh and dried form in recipes like tomato sauce, salads, pesto, pasta dishes and more.  What is the flavor of basil? The most popular variety of basil called Sweet basil or just basil has a flavor that is fresh […]

25 Different Types Of Spices (With Pictures!)


This article shares all the most popular types of spices as well as their uses in food preparation and photos of each for easy identification. So, if you have been wondering about the various culinary spices, then this post is for you. What are spices? A spice can be either a seed, fruit, root bark, powder, or other plant substance that is used to add flavor and or color to dishes.  When it comes to making the best recipes, spices and herbs are a must. This massive list of spices will help you understand the various types of culinary spices […]

Types Of Herbs For Cooking Amazing Dishes

Today, I’ll be sharing some of the most popular types of herbs used in cooking along with their uses and also photo illustrations of each. When it comes to cooking, nothing makes food more amazing than the aroma and flavor of fresh culinary herbs. So, if you’re thinking of upping your herb game in the kitchen, you’ll really enjoy this post as we’re listing all the most popular herbs as well as the recipes they’re best used in. What are herbs? Herbs are any plant with leaves, stems or flowers that can be used to flavor food. Herbs can also […]

6 Substitutes For Maple Syrup (#2 Is In You Cabinet Now!)

maple syrup substitute

Out of maple syrup and looking for a good substitute for maple syrup? Well, how about these 6 maple syrup substitutes that actually work? Keep reading to see how you can substitute maple syrup on pancakes, in granola, in cookies and more! What is maple syrup? Maple syrup is a type of syrup made from extracting the maple tree sap from the trunks of any species of maple tree. This sap is then boiled down so the water evaporates and leaves behind a concentrated syrup that is sweet, sticky and brown and called maple syrup.  What is the taste of […]

13 Easy Cilantro Substitutes (#8 Is In Your Fridge!)

substitutes for fresh cilantro leaves

Run out of cilantro in the middle of cooking? Or maybe you just hate cilantro and so you’re looking for cilantro substitutes that actually work. If you’re in any of these situations, then, you’re going to love this post. Here, I’ve listed 13 easy cilantro substitutes that can work in a pinch. What is cilantro? Cilantro, also known as Chinese parsley is a fresh herb that is a member of  the parsley family. The cilantro herb is a bright green herb with very delicate leaves that look like parsley leaves but are more rounded. Cilantro also has a flavor that […]

9 Ways To Substitute For Paprika With Kitchen Staples

Are you out of paprika? Are you looking for a good substitute for paprika? How about 9 good paprika substitutes that you can use in various recipes? If this interests you, read more about all these paprika alternatives below! What is paprika? Paprika is a vibrant red or orange-red ground spice made from different types of ripe dried red peppers which may include cayenne peppers, paprika peppers, aleppo peppers, bell peppers, poblano peppers, sweet peppers etc. This kind of spice is used most popularly in goulash, chicken paprikash or as a garnish. Flavor of paprika Because paprika can be made […]

Condensed Milk Pancakes

pancakes with condensed milk

Are you looking for an easy recipe for condensed milk pancakes? if you are, then you definitely stumbled upon the right recipe. These pancakes made with sweetened condensed milk are super flavorful, fluffy and really easy to make! Condensed milk pancakes  When it comes to delicious pancakes, these sweetened condensed milk pancakes along with my delicious evaporated milk pancakes are the most highly requested in my home. In fact, these are so good, that I’ve started to make them more often than any other pancakes.  So, if  you’ve ran out of all other forms of milk in your home and […]

Substitute For Turmeric Powder (In Yellow Rice, Butter Chicken, Soups etc)

turmeric powder substitutes

Have you just run out of turmeric powder? If you are and you’re looking for a good substitute for turmeric powder, then you’re in luck. Here, I’ve listed the 5 best substitutes for turmeric powder that actually works! What is turmeric powder? Turmeric powder is a bright yellow powder made from the root of Curcuma longa and used as a culinary spice and traditional medicine. Turmeric is a flowering plant from the ginger family and it is native to Southeast Asia.  What is the flavor of turmeric? Turmeric powder has a mild, slightly bitter, peppery and earthy flavor with notes […]

8 Best Ways To Substitute For Chili Powder

chili powder substitute

Making a recipe that calls for chili powder but you’ve just run out? If you are and you’re looking for a substitute for chili powder, then I’ve listed 8 alternatives to chili powder that will work well in just about any recipe that calls for chili powder. What is chili powder? Chili powder, also called chili powder blend or chili seasoning mix is a blend of one or more varieties of red chili peppers – such as cayenne peppers, paprika peppers, Aleppo peppers, ancho peppers, or jalapeños – combined with spices like cumin, onion, and garlic powder, oregano and salt. Chili […]

6 Best Ways To Substitute For Chipotle Powder

chipotle powder substitute

If you’re looking for a quick substitute for chipotle powder, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will find the best alternatives for chipotle powder as well as the recipes they can be used in and the substitute ratios for each replacement. What is chipotle powder? Chipotle powder also called chipotle chile powder is an earthy, smoky seasoning made from grinding ripened, dried, smoked jalapeños (which are also called chipotle chile peppers or chipotle (Morita) chiles) into a fine powder that often has a medium to high heat. Flavor of chipotle powder This powdered seasoning has a sweet […]