Many times we go to baby showers with unsure of what to get for the expecting mom, especially if she didn’t create a baby registry.

But what if you could walk into the baby shower party and have a gift or gifts that the mom to be will REALLY like and find super useful?

Today’s post covers 13 amazing gift ideas that moms will really appreciate.

I know this because I surveyed a few moms to find out what they really wanted….and you’ll be surprised at what momma’s to be actually wanted.

So read on and learn how to give a great gift the next time you go to a baby shower! Don’t forget to save this list for when you’re shopping for baby shower gifts too!


Pampers Swaddlers Newborn

Out of all the items that moms to be requested newborn pampers, this was one of the most requested items.

So if you’re heading over to a baby shower, grab some newborn pampers.

The mom to be will definitely appreciate some of these!


You can check them out here.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Size 1

Another way you can really make an expecting mom happy is by getting pampers that are a size up!

This is great since many moms will be getting newborn pampers at the shower, but most won’t get size ups we all know  that newborn babies grow so fast

Note: Many moms requested to be gifted pampers that are a size up!

You can check them out here.

Pampers Baby Fresh Baby Wipes


The second most requested gift was baby wipes.

So, if you’re heading to a baby shower, bring along as many baby wipes as possible. The more the merrier!

You can find baby wipes here.




32 oz Wide Mouth Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Water Bottle Tracker

Another item many expecting moms wanted as a gift was a water bottle. It makes sense since moms get really thirsty when they’re breastfeeding.

This one is made with moms in mind, so it’ll make a wonderful gift for her.

You can check it out here.




 Baby Memory Book

This memory book was another favorite of the moms I surveyed.

This one, in particular, is pretty cool and inexpensive and comes in 15 different colors and styles.


You can check out it here.



 Baby Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets were also high on the list. They’re such a thoughtful gift to bring to a baby shower that one mom said this:

Receiving blankets to tuck under the baby’s chin when bottle feeding, and to use as a burp cloth. 3 uses for them. A must!!

These come in a variety of wonderful colors.

You can check out these great receiving blankets here.


 Natural Cotton Baby Sling Carrier  



New moms have lots of running around the house to do and being able to have a newborn cuddled close and in a soft and comfortable baby sling helps make things move along quite smoothly.

You can check this out here.




 Adjustable & Shatterproof  Baby Car Mirror


This is a gift that’s very useful, but many people may not think to get it. This is worth getting for an expecting mom.


You can check it out here.




 Auto Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper

Great gift for expecting moms if you want to make her super happy.

You can check it out here.







Stretchy Baby Car Seat Covers

Another hit with expecting moms is this great stretchy baby car seat covers.

You can check it out here.





Gas and Colic Reliever for Babies

You can get this great gift that many moms highly requested.

It’s a great item to get on since many other people will overlook small items like this.

You can check this out here.



You can check this out here.

4th Trimester New Mom Gift Box

Many moms wanted a little something for themselves. At a baby shower, the little unborn nugget gets all the attention but expecting moms requested that you keep them in mind.

Here is what an expecting mom said,

Don’t forget a little something for the Mom-To-Be… like a small basket with some soaps, bath salts, maybe a special sweet treat. Mom’s need lovin’ too!

You can check it out here.

These are some of the top baby shower gifts ideas that expecting moms would be super excited to receive.  Save this list with you whenever you have to shop for a baby shower.