Grilled Chicken Drumsticks

These yummy grilled chicken drumsticks make the perfect fun grilled chicken recipe to make this summer. Made with simple ingredients, you can never go wrong with grilled chicken for the entire family. Grilled chicken legs are a staple of summer grilling and these chicken legs are coated with a delicious marinade and grilled to the perfection and should be a on your list. This recipe is also great because it only requires a few ingredients including some simple spices and it is very affordable. Make sure you rub the chicken nicely with the marinade and allow it to rest for […]

Grilled Stuffed Peppers With Ground Beef & Rice

These yummy grilled stuffed peppers made with basmati rice and ground beef make the perfect fun snack, or easy dinner or lunch idea. Made with simple ingredients, you can never go wrong with a recipe as delicious and easy as this one!   Grilling is not just reserved for meat cuts. In fact it can be used to prepare a whole range of meals and with summer upon us, I thought it fit to share this easy stuffed pepper recipe. This recipe is the perfect example of how to make something beyond just a steak on the grill. The peppers […]

Low Carb Grocery List For Beginners

Knowing what you can and cannot eat on the keto diet is extremely important. It helps you avoid silly mistakes that can kick you out of ketosis or jeopardize the benefits of the keto diet. The low carb diet is a complicated one that sometimes can seem like more hassle than it’s worth. What with scouting the internet trying to find recipes made with ingredients that don’t cost a ton of money and then of course figuring out what is okay to have a low carb diet, sometimes, you may just want to give up. You no longer have to […]

Keto Cheat Sheet

If you’re starting the keto diet and you’re overwhelmed and you need to find a simple keto cheat sheet to help you understand the diet, then you’re in the right place. What is the keto diet? This is a diet in which you limit carbs, increase fat and moderate protein. Think, 75% healthy fats and vegetables, 205 protein and 5% carbs.   Lots of Healthy Fats and Vegetables Veggies which include: Asparagus  Alfalfa sprouts  Arugula Broccoli  Broccoli Rabe  Cabbage  Collard greens  Dandelion green  Endive  Kale  Lettuce Bok Choy Spinach  Swiss chard  Watercress  Cucumbers  Artichokes Bamboo shoots Beets  Bell peppers Mushroom  […]

19 Best Keto Recipes You Have To Try In 2020

These are some of the best keto recipes you must try in 2020. They’re easy to make, delicious, low in carbs and definitely worth making at least once! You don’t always have to make the same old thing every week on the keto diet. Instead, you can try out something new and interesting every once in a while and these popular keto recipes are the great keto options to make.  If you went through 2019 without making these you just have to try them this year! You won’t regret a single one!   Try out the best keto recipes of […]