11 Red Pepper Flakes Substitute Options

substitute for red pepper flakes

Don’t have red pepper flakes, or realized you’re all out while you’re cooking? Here are the best red pepper flakes substitute options to use in recipes. Making a recipe and don’t have red pepper flakes? There are over 9 easy ways to swap out this spice. What are red pepper flakes? Red pepper flakes also called crushed red peppers, crushed red pepper flakes, chili flakes or red chili flakes are a spice made from a blend of peppers from the capsicum annum family. The blend of peppers includes cayenne peppers, Serano peppers, jalapeño peppers, bell peppers, Fresno, and Anaheim peppers, but […]

7 Best Black Pepper Substitute Options

substitute for black pepper

Black pepper is a staple in most kitchens as it’s used in so many recipes! However if you ran out of  black pepper and you have only just noticed, or you have a black pepper allergy, or you just don’t like the stuff, chances are you need a substitute for black pepper. Here, we’ve shared 7 easy black pepper substitutes. Some you have in your home right now! What is black pepper? Black pepper is a type of spice, Native to India, made from the mature, unripe, dried berries from the flowering vine of the Piper nigrum or black pepper […]

10 Easy Cayenne Pepper Substitute Options

cayenne pepper substitute

Are you looking for some good cayenne pepper substitute options? How about 13 great ways to substitute for cayenne pepper in a pinch? Well, you can find all these right here! What is cayenne pepper? Cayenne pepper is a type of spice scientifically known as Capsicum annuum. It is a moderately hot chili pepper from the Solanaceae family, native to French Guiana and is popularly used in Mexican cooking. Cayenne pepper has about 30,000 Scoville heat units and adds a hot, spicy kick to any dish it is used in. It also helps to brighten up the dish due to […]

5 Best Coriander Substitute Options

substitute for coriander

If you’re making a recipe that calls for coriander but you have none on hand, then you’re likely looking for some coriander substitute options. Here, you will find the best substitutes for coriander so you can continue on with your recipe! What is the difference between coriander, coriander seeds and cilantro? Before we discuss the substitutes for coriander, let’s first clear up this confusion between these terms as they do seem to cause a lot of uncertainty! Coriander, coriander seeds and cilantro all come from the same plant, which is called the Coriandrum sativum from the parsley family. Coriandrum sativum […]

9 Best Cardamom Substitute Options

substitute for cardamom

There are several options if you can’t use cardamom! Here are the best cardamom substitute options that can work in both sweet and savory recipes. What is cardamom? Cardamom, also referred to as cardamon, cardamum or the Queen of Spices, is an exotic spice from the ginger family that is native to India. It is the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla beans. This spice can be found as a whole pod, ground powder, or shelled whole seeds. Green cardamom vs black cardamom vs white cardamom There are different types of cardamom including black cardamom, green […]

7 Best Allspice Substitute Options

substitute for allspice

Are you making a recipe that calls for allspice? If you are, and you have none on hand, chances are you’re looking for the best allspice substitute options that actually work. Fret not. Here, you will find the best allspice substitutes that can be used in case of necessity. What is allspice? Unlike what most people think, allspice is not a combination of all the spices. In fact, allspice is a single spice that comes from the small berries found on an evergreen tree of the myrtle family called pimenta dioica, native to the West Indies. Yes, allspice is made […]

7 Best Inexpensive Saffron Substitutes

substitute for saffron

Saffron is a very expensive spice that isn’t very easy to find. So, if you’re about to make a recipe that calls for saffron, chances are you may have a hard time finding this spice, or the price tag is not justifiable to you. Substitutes for this spice can save the day. Here, you will find 7 best substitutes for saffron that will not break the bank. In fact, some of these are in your kitchen cabinet right now! What is saffron? Saffron is a spice derived from a flower called crocus sativus or saffron crocus that is native to […]

7 Easy Ways To Substitute For Cinnamon

substitute for cinnamon

Are you making a recipe that calls for cinnamon. If you are, but you have none on hand, chances are you are looking for easy ways to substitute for cinnamon. Here, you can find these 7 best cinnamon substitutes that you likely already have at home!  What is cinnamon? Cinnamon is a very popular spice obtained from the bark of evergreen trees from the Cinnamomum family which are native to the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and South America. Cinnamon has a flavor that can be considered sweet, spicy, woody, and bitter with hints of citrus. Like most other spices, no single […]

9 Easy Ways To Substitute For Ground Cloves

substitute for ground cloves

Looking for a substitute for ground cloves? How about 9 ground cloves substitutes? Here, you will find all the spices that you’re able to use to replace ground cloves in a pinch. The best part? Most of these are spices you already have on hand, so no need to make a run to the store! What are ground cloves? Ground cloves are the immature flower buds of the Syzygium aromaticum or clove tree, that are picked while very young, dried, and then pulverized to form a fine powder. Cloves are a spice that is native to Muluka Island in Indonesia […]

7 Best Mace Substitutes – You have #2 In Your Kitchen!

substitute for mace

If you’re making a recipe that calls for mace, and you have none, chances are you’re looking for the best mace substitute you can find. Here, you’ll find 7 tried and tested mace substitutes that you can add to any recipe. When it comes to spices, the mace spice is not one of the most popular. In fact, mace is often overlooked by its sister spice nutmeg. Nonetheless, mace is great for adding to so many recipes and can make all the difference in a dish.  What is mace? Mace is a spice native to Indonesia, that is derived from […]