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These delicious air fryer recipes are what you need if you want better options of your favorite foods!

An air fryer is a literally a must have in the kitchen if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle. After all, who can resist enjoying fried food favorites without the guilt of extra fats and oils?

If you’ve been on a good eating kick as I have, you will really appreciate this long list of air fried foods that taste so delicious.Air fryer recipes including air fryer chicken, air fryer wings, air fryer fish, air fryer breakfast and so much more!

Before we begin, here are some of the great benefits you can expect from using an air fryer. They include:

Helping you to cut the fat content

Helping you to eat fewer calories.

You will know from experience, that if you’re not following keto, cutting fat is a very important step in helping you to get results and these air fryer recipes are the perfect place to start. 

So, enjoy these delicious air fryer recipes that are delicious and easy to make. 


6 Easy Air Fryer Recipes You Should Try



Air fryer frozen chicken wings

These no thaw chicken wings made in an air fryer are THE BEST! Made with just a few ingredients an in under 30 minutes, these are sure to become one of your favorite wings recipes. 

Check out these easy air fryer frozen chicken wings here. 

Air Fryer Baked Potato

This Air Fryer Baked Potato recipe is the ultimate air fryer side dish! Did I mention that this dish is very easy to make, very flavorful and only 213 calories per serving! 

Via Courtney’s Sweets



Crispy Air Fryer Gluten-Free Vegan Potato Latkes

These easy, crispy, oil-free latkes are made in an air fryer and are done in 10 minutes! Who doesn’t like some delicious potato latkes for the perfect side dish? Check it out at Strength And Sunshine.


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Air Fryer Cherry Pies

Looking for the perfect excuse to pull out your air fryer? These tasty ar fryer cherry pies are exactly what you’re looking for. These will make the perfect dessert for you and your family. The best part is, that they only take 15 minutes to be ready but they taste like a little bit of heaven! Find the recipe from Who Needs A Cape.




Classic Air Fryer Meatloaf {Gluten-Free}

Do you love meatloaf? This moist Classic Meatloaf recipe is the ultimate comfort food. Dinner has never tasted so good. Try this out this evening for family dinner and everyone will be asking for seconds.

Via recipes from a pantry




Air Fryer Avocado Wedges With Garlic Aioli Dipping Sauce

These Air Fryer Avocado Wedges With Garlic Aioli Dipping Sauce are perfectly golden and ready to eat in under 10 minutes. They’re the perfect, filling food option for the health conscious who don’t want to sacrifice taste. If you love avocados, these may become one of your ultimate favorites.

Via Bitz n giggles



Easy air fryer eggplant parmesan

These are crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside with toppings of marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. This recipe is made in an air fryer and makes the perfect family dinner that is go good! Check it out on via Watch what u eat.



Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes 


Vegan Air Fryer Everything bagels

Everyone loves bagels and these vegan everything bagels made in an air fryer are the perfect recipe that produces delicious bagels. These air fryer everything bagels are whole grain, low-fat, high-protein, oil-free, and require no boiling/baking. They’re also easy to make and will taste so good with your favorite vegan cream cheese spread.

Via healthy helper blog



Air fryer bacon

Bacon tastes so good in so many dishes. This air fryer version gives you the chance to enjoy a version that isn’t drenched in oil but still so delicious!

Via Simply made recipes



Best Air Fryer Grilled cheese sandwich

Do you love grilled cheese? This air fryer recipe makes the perfect grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast in under 5 minutes.

Via  Berry maple



Air Fryer: Breakfast Puffed Egg Tarts

How yummy do these look? These Air Fryer Breakfast Puffed Egg Tarts are made with delicious shredded cheese, puff pastry, and eggs for the perfect breakfast right out of your air fryer! Check these out via the flying couponer.



Air Fryer French Toast Sticks

Via The Holy Mess





Air Fryer Fish Recipes 


Air Fryer fish and chips

This recipe makes the perfect lunch or dinner for your family. You can make this air fryer fish and chips recipe with any fish of your choice and serve with crunchy potato chips for an easy to make, quick meal that you and your family will enjoy. Check out the recipe here



Air Fryer Baja Fish Tacos with White Sauce

Via This Old Gal




5 Delicious Air Fryer Chicken Wings Recipes


Air Fryer Chicken Wings-Dry Rub Recipe

Making wings using an air fryer is very popular after all, who doesn’t like food that isn’t fried in oil but tastes just as great? These Air Fryer Chicken Wings are crispy delicious. 

Via Father and Us



Air Fryer Wings Recipe

Looking for an easy air fryer wings recipe and the best rub for chicken wings ever! This recipe is exactly what you need. These are simple and flavorful without using any oil to cook them!

Via Temecula blogs



Air Fryer Chicken Wings With Buffalo Sauce

These air fryer chicken wings take about 35 minutes to make and they’re awesome if you’re looking for a great buffalo wings recipe!

Via Low Crab Yum



Air Fryer Sriracha Honey Lime Chicken Wings

Via The Starving Chef Blog



Air Fryer Spicy Bang Bang Chicken Wings

These Air Fryer Spicy Bang Bang Chicken Wings are exactly what you need f you want wings that are drenched in a creamy sweet and spicy chili sauce. These are a better version of bang-bang wings so you know you’ll really enjoy these. 

Via This Old Gal



Air fryer Chicken Recipes


Air Fryer Sesame Chicken Legs

These Air Fryer Sesame Chicken Legs are tasty and low carb friendly. If you want to make an amazing recipe using chicken legs, this simple and delicious air fryer recipe is exactly what you’ll want to make.

Via my stay at home adventures



(Not Fried) Fried Chicken Recipe

Via Spaceships and Laserbeams



Air fryer chicken breast

This Air fryer chicken breast is a better version of golden crispy deep fried chicken as it’s air fried with very little oil, which makes it a great guilt-free meal you can enjoy with your family.

Via Little Sunny Kitchen



Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

Covered in Panko bread crumbs, these air fried chicken tenders are the most tasty chicken tenders you can make for a great meal.

Via Mommy’s Fabulous Finds


Extra Crispy Gluten-Free Air Fryer Popcorn Chicken (Allergy-Free, No Oil)

You do not need any oil to make this Extra Crispy Gluten-Free Air Fryer Popcorn Chicken recipe! You certainly don’t need to have fast food again with a recipe like this in your arsenal!

delicious air fryer recipes

Via Strenght and Sunshine


Air fryer recipes that make meals better!

Nothing is better than the knowledge that you can enjoy some of your favorite recipes which cutting out a lot of fat from them. For health-conscious people, these air fryer recipes are awesome and make the perfect additions to meals without sacrificing flavors!

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