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If you’re on the keto diet, especially a beginner, chances are you’ve been missing snacks. It can be very difficult to snack on this diet as there are so few options for low carb snacks that won’t kick you out of ketosis or that won’t seem boring after a few weeks.

Not only that but, it’s so difficult to find snack options that are keto friendly in stores.

Today, we’ve made it our duty to find out some really tasty super low carb snacks you can easily order from online. The best part is, you can enjoy these keto snacks and stay in ketosis


15 keto snacks work buying


Quest Nutrition Protein Tortilla Chips

These baked tortilla savory chips are great for the keto lifestyle. Each packet contains 19g Protein, 4g Net Carbs, 140 Calories. These are low carb, gluten free, soy free and potato free.

You can low carb protein chips on Amazon.


Rebel Ice Cream – Low Carb, Keto

Looking for a low carb ice cream option that you’ll actually enjoy? Why not try this one. With only 1 net carb per pint, this ice cream is the perfect low carb snack for summer!

Note: This product is suitable for dirty keto.

You can read more or buy this on Amazon. 



Keto Protein Bars

This low carb keto snack is perfect for when you just want something light to munch on. It contains 21g Protein, 4g Net Carbs, is low carb, gluten free, and soy free. It contains no added sugar and is sweetened with erythritol, sucralose, and stevia. Plus, it tastes really good! 

You can find these keto protein bars on Amazon.


Keto Cookies

You can find these low carb cookies here.






ChocZero 70% Dark Chocolate

Delicious, sugar-free, no sugar alcohols, and no artificial sweeteners. These low carb snacks are sweetened with a special monk fruit and fiber blend. Each piece contains 1g net carbs which is great!

You can find ChocZero Dark Chocolate here.



Organic Primal Thin Crackers

These delicious low carb thin crackers are a perfect replacement for regular crackers. The only contain 70 calories and 3 Net carbs in each serving (6 crackers).

You can find these low carb cracker here.



Keto Manna | Ketogenic Chocolate Fudge

If you follow a keto diet, you know the challenge of finding healthy, ketosis-supporting snack foods on-the-go. Keep a few KetoManna packets in your bag and never get stuck without high-quality keto-optimized low-carb nutrition again. They contain only 2g net carbs per serving and are sweetened with monk fruit sweetener.

You can find these keto chocolate fudges here.



Lemon Snack Bar

These are light and crispy with a delicious lemon flavor made with real almond butter. They’re the perfect snacks for the low carb/keto lifestyle.

You can find these lemon bars here.



Keto Vanilla Almond & Coco Bars – 4g Net Carb

These Keto Approved bars only contain 4g Net Carbs and 9g of Protein. They’re a great sweet treat to enjoy without going over carb macros and getting out of ketosis.

You can find these vanilla, almond and coco bars here.



Coconut Smartcake

These low carb and low-calorie smartcakes are great for the keto lifestyle. If you love cakes, you’ll really enjoy these.

You can find these smartcakes here.



Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Made with Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Peanuts and Natural Flavors, these soft, sweet and deliciously chewy double chocolate cookies are really great for low carb snacks. Each cookie contains 15g protein, 5g net carbs, <1g sugars, 10g dietary fiber, 240 Calories, 16g fat.

You can find these double chocolate chip cookies here.



Organic Paleo Thin Crackers (Low Carb)

Made with Organic Blanched Almonds, Organic Seeds & Organic Cassava Flour. Each serving contains 70 calories and 5g Net Carbs.

You can find these low carb crackers here.



Crunchy Baked Low Carb Snack Bars

These oven-baked crunchy snacks are the perfect keto diet snacks. Made mostly with cheese.

You can find these crunchy snacks here.



Low Carb Marble Muffin


These low carb marble cakes contain 0 sugars – 0 Trans Fats – 0 Gluten – 0 Flour
and only 3 Net Carbs! For the muffin lovers, doing keto, these muffins are a lifesaver!

You can find these keto muffins here.



Low carb rum balls

The rum balls are made with GMO-free Almond meal and contain 0 sugar – 0 Trans Fats – 0 Gluten – 0 Flour. They each contain 1 Net carb and are perfect for keto snacking.

You can find these rum balls here.



KETO Snacks Care Package (20ct)

This KETO Snacks Care Package is an assortment of 20 individually wrapped, grab-n-go Keto diet-friendly snacks. These nutrient-rich snacks are ultra low carb (net carbs: 4g or less per snack) and packed with healthy fats.

This snack box is a great option for you if you want to try multiple keto snacks for a fraction of the cost. That way, you’ll be able to save money and try multiple options before choosing your favorites (that you can then buy in bulk) knowing that you’ll enjoy what you get!


You can find this keto snack box here.


These are all keto friendly snacks that are perfect when you want to enjoy a few treats or when you want something quick and easy for on the go. Check them out to see which ones you enjoy. These just may become your new favorite snacks!

These low carb keto snacks are THE BEST! I'm so glad I found these 15 keto snacks for when I'm on the go. Now I can quickly grab these easy keto snacks that can help me to lose weight on the ketogenic diet. Plus, I don't have to make them, I can simply buy these keto snacks! Definitely pinning this for later! #keto #ketodiet #ketogenicdiet #ketorecipes #lchf


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