Lavender substitute

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Have you ran out of lavender? If so, you’re probably looking for some good lavender substitute options? Keep reading to see the top 3 lavender substitutes.



Lavender substitute

Lavender plant  is a unique herb in that all parts of this plant – buds, leaves and dried stems – can be used in cooking. Lavender has a flavor that sweet, soft and floral with some bitter notes. It is also earthy, woodsy and minty.

This herb is used in cooking in poultry preparations, seafood preparations, in beverages and in baking. It is also used in spice and herb mixes like herbes de Provence.

But, if you’re about to make it and can’t find any in your kitchen what else can you use in its place? Thankfully, there are several other herbs or extracts that can provide similar results.

How do I substitute dried lavender for fresh?

The best substitute for dried lavender is fresh lavender and vise versa. 

So, how do you substitute the dried lavender for fresh? Well, like most other herbs, it is recommended to use a 1:3 ratio for dried to fresh. This is so because most dried herbs including lavender, tend to become more potent once it has dried. This means you use 1 part dried lavender for every 3 parts fresh lavender in a dish.

Other lavender substitute options

Lavender extract

In the absence of lavender leaves, lavender flowers, or lavender stems, lavender extract can be used as a substitute. Lavender extract is made with fresh or dried lavender buds or lavender oil, as well as water and alcohol and can be used to replace fresh or dried lavender in baked goods like pastries, cakes, cookies, syrups as well as beverages, ice creams, teas, whipped cream and more.


rosemary leaves

If you have it, rosemary can also be used as an alternative to lavender. Rosemary, like lavender, is an herb from the mint family. Therefore, this herb has some similarities with lavender in terms of flavor in that rosemary has a woodsy-citrusy flavor. Therefore, it is okay to use rosemary or rosemary extract in any recipe that calls for lavender. 

Rosemary even has edible light purple, white or pink aromatic flowers as well! Read more about alternatives for rosemary here.

Herbes de Provence

If you happen to have it, herbes de Provence is another good substitute for lavender. Herbes de Provence is a herb mixture that comprises herbs like thyme, rosemary, savory, marjoram, and oregano. This herb mix is great for meats, vegetables, sauces, and gravies.

Leave it out!

If you have no lavender and none of the substitutes listed here, leave it out if it is not the star ingredient in the recipe you’re making.

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