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Summer is here and with summer and beach days comes shorts. However, if you have thicker thighs they may become super uncomfortable to wear due to your inner thighs rubbing together.

Many men and women suffer from this (whether they’re slim or heavier) and it can be both embarrassing, painful and annoying to experience this. These are some great tips and products that can help you avoid rubbing and chafing inner thighs altogether this summer.

Some of these solutions for rubbing inner thighs may sound a bit unusual but they will work wonders!

Try out a few of them so that you can enjoy summer pain-free and enjoy wearing your summer clothing without fear!


6 Hacks To Prevent Rubbing Inner Thighs



Monistat has anti-chafing stuff that works even better than deodorant or antiperspirant. This non-greasy fast-acting formula prevents chaffing and irritation. This will be your best friend if you want to go through summer without the pain and discomfort of rubbing inner thighs. With this wonderful little invention to prevent friction, you can wear all the dresses and shorts you desire for summer!

This product will protect your skin with a smooth, breathable moisture-control barrier. Will fight friction and relieve uncomfortable irritation and help reduce the appearance of redness after shaving or waxing the bikini area. 

You can find this Chaffing Relief Powder Gel here.


Gold Bond

This goes on clear and provides excellent friction protection. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to wear comfortable clothing this summer without experiencing painful thigh rub. Plus, you just need to apply once and it lasts for at least 3 hours. Perfect for anyone with thigh that touch.


You can find this product here. 



Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

Want to go out and enjoy summer with shorts, dresses, and skirts? Using body glide will help you do this without the pain and discomfort of rubbing, chafed inner thighs. This stuff is so good, you’ll be able to go for hours out in the heat enjoying yourself without getting pink and tender inner thighs.


You can find this product here.



Anti Monkey Butt powder

If you get really bad chafing when it’s hot, especially during the summer, then you’ll want to try out this product. Applying a bit of this powder between your legs when you wear a dress, shorts or skirts will make your legs glide together and you’ll avoid the harsh friction you’d get without this product. This could also be used to keep under your bossom dry. It’s awesome for relieving itching and soothing irritated skin.


You can find this powder here.



prevent rubbing inner thighs

These are a little on the sexy side, however, they when worn under a skirt or dress, these will help to prevent ‘chub rub’. Also, they will fit you if you’re whether you’re slim or on the heavy side. They’re also very breathable and comfortable, won’t dig into your skin and they won’t slip down your legs when you’re walking.

They will do a good job at keeping you comfortable throughout summer. Just make sure to get the perfect size.

You can find these bandelettes here. 


Lastly, if you’re thighs rub due to you being overweight and you’re interested in losing the weight, try working out, doing intermittent fasting or following the keto diet in order to lose weight in time for next summer.


Do you know anymore ways to prevent the friction of rubbing thighs? Leave your tips in the comments for everyone else to benefit!

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