Substitute For Sour Cream In Casserole

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Don’t have sour cream or realized you’re all out while you’re making tacos? Here are the best substitutes for sour cream in tacos that actually work!

Substitute For Sour Cream In Casserole

Tacos are a versatile dish that most people love. Sour cream offers a nice creamy, tangy addition that complements tacos so well. 

However, if you’re bored of sour cream, don’t like it, cannot eat it, or don’t have it, you’ll be happy to know a substitute for sour cream in tacos is easy to find. 

If you’re making tacos then the best sour cream substitutes in tacos are crema, plain greek yogurt, Tzatziki, cream cheese and cottage cheese.

We’ll discuss all five of these sour cream alternatives for tacos in more details and share how to use each below.

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Substitutes For Sour Cream In Tacos


sour cream

Crema is a great sour cream substitute for tacos. Crema is very similar to sour cream, just not as thick. It’s often used in authentic Mexican cuisine, making it the perfect accompaniment to any kind of taco. 

Crema can be used the same way you would use sour cream in your tacos; you can add as much or as little as you want. With crema being thinner in consistency, it’s much easier to control your portions when crafting your taco. 

Plain Greek Yogurt

Plain Greek Yogurt

Ever wondered if you could have greek yogurt in tacos? The answer is yes!

Plain Greek yogurt makes a healthy substitute for sour cream in tacos, with less fat but the same tang. Be sure to drain the liquid from your Greek yogurt so it doesn’t make your tacos soggy. 

You can swap your sour cream for an equal amount of plain Greek yogurt. You can also add some lime juice or lime zest to the plain Greek yogurt to enhance its flavor and enjoy some delicious greek yogurt instead of sour cream tacos.



Tzatziki is another simple way substitute for sour cream on tacos. Tzatziki is a yogurt-based dip that contains cucumber and has a nice, refreshing flavor. This could be a nice complement to your tacos for something a little bit different, but close enough to sour cream that it makes a unique substitute for sour cream in tacos. 

Tzatziki has a stronger flavor profile than plain sour cream, so you might want to use a little bit less to not overpower the taco. Of course, tacos give you more freedom to customize your taco to your liking, so feel free to use the equivalent amount of tzatziki as a sour cream alternative for tacos.

Cream cheese

Cream cheese

While not overly popular, you can use cream cheese instead of sour cream on tacos. Cream cheese is thicker than sour cream, so it first has to be loosened up with some milk or water for the best results. 

A good idea is to use about 1-2 tablespoons of milk or water to thin out about ¼ cup of cream. Then add a few dollops as a topping for your tacos. 

Cottage cheese

You can also use cottage cheese on tacos instead of sour cream. Cottage cheese is healthier than sour cream which makes it even better.

To use cottage cheese as a sour cream replacement for tacos, simply mix about ¼ cup of cottage cheese with 1-2 tablespoons of milk and a few squeezes of lime juice to get a consistency that is closer to sour cream.

The best ways to substitute for sour cream in tacos 

Check out these easy replacements for sour cream in tacos. Make sure to read the information above to find the best sour cream substitution ratios for tacos and ideas on how to make each sour cream replacement more like sour cream so as not to affect the flavor of your tacos too much. The substitutes are:

  • Crema
  • Plain greek yogurt
  • Tzatziki
  • Cream cheese
  • Cottage cheese

Final thoughts

When it comes to tacos, sour cream can take it to another level. However, if you don’t have it and you don’t want to make tacos without sour cream, you can still make a really good taco without sour cream by checking out this list of ways to substitute for sour cream in tacos.

There you have it! Five incredibly easy ways to substitute for sour cream for tacos. 

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