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Looking for some tasty breakfast smoothies that’ll be great for weight loss and a healthy breakfast? Then these are some great options for you to try.

I love breakfast smoothies, especially lately since I’ve started going to the gym on a daily basis and trying to keep myself healthy and strong.

But sometimes, breakfast smoothies tend to taste a bit nasty and are not worth the time it took to make them. This is why I’ve compiled this list of breakfast smoothies that you need to try out f you want a healthy, filling and tasty smoothie!


Banana oat breakfast smoothie

Banana Oat Breakfast Smoothie - 20g of whole food protein in a deliciously creamy smoothie that's guaranteed to keep you satisfied all morning! | #recipe #healthy
Photo Credit: Running With Spoons

Learn to make this from Running With Spoons

If you love a filling smoothie for breakfast, this one is your holy grail. This is a really tasty breakfast smoothie with oats and chia seeds that you’ll really enjoy.



Breakfast Energy Smoothie

tasty breakfast smoothies
Photo Credit: Deliciously Sprinkled

Learn to make this from Deliciously Sprinkled.

How yummy does this smoothie look? I’ve tried it and I absolutely loved it! This is super easy to make, with only 4 ingredients and will keep you satisfied for hours. So, if you’ve been looking for some healthy fruit smoothie recipes, then this is a must try.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Shake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Shake | Cooking Classy
Photo Credit: Cooking Classy

Learn how to make this from Cooking Classy

You can enjoy this delectable breakfast smoothie just by throwing together a few ingredients you already have at home!


Blueberry Protein Weight Loss Breakfast Smoothie

Photo Credit: Nutrition Twins

Learn how to make this from Nutrition Twins

This 224 calorie smoothie will keep you satisfied for a while. It’s a great recipe to try out if you want to lose weight and still have an awesome breakfast.


Wake Me Up Coffee Smoothie

Wake Me Up Coffee Smoothie
Photo Credit: Live Eat Learn

Learn how to make this from Live Eat Learn

I love me some coffee so I had to add this breakfast smoothie to the list. I hope you try it out and appreciate how good it is!


Strawberry Pineapple smoothie

Easy strawberry pineapple smoothie
Photo Credit: Baked By Rachel

Learn how to make this from Baked By Rachel

Bananas and pineapples sound like a heavenly combo! This smoothie should be on of your go to breakfast smoothies for super busy days.


Paleo Star Fruit Mango Smoothie Recipe

Starfruit Mango Smoothie Recipe (Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Paleo & Vegan) by #LivingHealthyWithChocolate

Learn how to make this from Living Healthy With Chocolate

This tropical breakfast smoothie is so delicious! I’ve tried it a few times and each time I’m surprised at how good it tastes. Try this out if you love tropical fruits.


Pineapple Coconut Breakfast Smoothie

A delightful pineapple coconut breakfast smoothie packed with sweet pineapples, creamy coconut milk, and delicious shredded coconut.
Photo Credit: Berly’s Kitchen

Learn how to make this from Berly’s Kitchen

Have you ever tried a smoothie with coconut? If you have not, wait no further. Try out this amazing smoothie recipe and let me know what you think.


Very Berry Avocado Spinach Smoothie

breakfast smoothie
Photo Credit: Little Spice Jar

Learn how to make this from Little Spice Jar

Get your natural, healthy fats in with this breakfast smoothie! It contains avocados so you know it’s gonna be good!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

chocolate and peanut butter smoothie recipe
Photo Credit: Nourish Your Glow

Learn how to make this from Nourish Your Glow

Sometimes breakfast smoothies are bland. To make them tastier, why not try out this chocolate and peanut butter smoothie?


These tasty breakfast smoothies for weight loss that are absolutely amazing! Not only do they help make breakfast super easy and fun, but they’re also packed with awesome nutrients that help make you healthy. Plus, they’re so easy to make and can help you keep those calories in check. Definitely, let me know which ones are your favorite from this list!


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