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If you’re interested in using a bullet journal this year you’ll definitely wanna know some of these great hacks that will help you be super productive and can actually help you use your journal effectively.

A bullet journal is a simple notebook that can be used to plan out your life. They’re basically used like planners but are a lot cheaper, plus they’re very plain, to begin with, so you can essentially make them look exactly how you want them to, which is awesome!

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However, because it’s a simple a hardcover notebook, there often needs to be some sort of imaginative thought of how to actually make it work as a productivity tool. Today’s post will share 6 more bullet journal hacks that can help your bullet journal work for you and help you along your productivity journey this year.

P.S All these hacks entail using simple items that you might have laying around!

Use washi as a signifier

So, if you have some really important pages that you may want to flip through often, adding washi to the length of the page can help you mark out this page very clearly and this it will be super easy to locate when you need to reference the page. Plus it looks really cute!

It’s also a great idea to use this hack to mark out your monthly spreads that way you can always find them really easily.


Use washi for adding in various things

This is especially great for shopping lists and other lists that you have to take out. Instead of carrying your entire journal or tearing out a page (ouch!) when you want to go out, then you can simply remove the list quite easily. This is also great for to do lists and other things that you may want to tuck into your purse without carrying out your entire journal.

This is a great way to add your master to-do list to your bullet journal. That way, it’s super easy to flip it out when you’re doing your daily or weekly planning and you can always keep yourself reminded of your mater to do list items.


Construction paper clean up

If you make a mistake on your bullet journal and you haven’t used an erasable frixion pen– then you may think that you have to cross out this mistake which can make your journal oo less than tidy. One simple hack to fix mistakes, especially mistakes in your headings and such is by covering them up with a piece of construction paper, then rewriting your heading or what on the construction paper. This not only adds some color to your page, but it’s successfully masked a hideous mistake!

Fold out key

Keys are big in the bullet journal community. But having to flip through each time to remember the symbols you’ve selected can be a small hassle. A fold-out key is amazing for remembering the indicators on your key and not having to flip through to the front each time you want to be reminded of a symbol.


Add custom tabs

If you love to navigate to certain pages be it weekly or monthly spreads, customizable tabs may be a great option for you. They’re not only easy to add in, they can save you lots of time flipping through pages and they’re made so that you can actually write on the tabs which is super helpful. Plus, they’re short enough that they won’t bend if you stick your journal in a handbag.


Love Pens?

Add a super-sized paper clip to the edge of your bullet journal to be able to carry multiple pens around with you.


Use Your Phone!

If you ever have to leave your bullet journal behind because your handbag is too small or you just don’t want to carry the journal around, but you also want to remember some stuff that you’ve written down a simple hack is to use your phone to take a picture of the spread or list that you need to reference. That way you have everything you need right on your phone!

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