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These are some really cool bullet journal hacks that make sense and actually work to make using your journal more productive.

Bullet Journaling is a great way to keep things super organized and help you stay productive throughout the day. I’ve tried it alongside using a regular planner and I’ve found that it helps me get a lot done!

It’s a remarkable way to plan out things in a no-frills manner. This is a great organizing system for small business owners or just people who like minimalist things or just love using a regular notebook which is highly customizable and easy to use for organizing.

If you’re thinking of using a bullet journal this year, here are some easy bullet journal hacks that will help you become more productive throughout the day.


The Essentials You Need To Start:

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Multi-Purpose Washi Tape Set

Divider Sticky Notes


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These bullet journal hacks actually work and can give you some great ideas for your journal


Hand Lettering Made Easy

If you’re not really great at writing fancy looking letters and this hinders how nice your headings look, then a simple hack is to use an LED Copy Board to get your lettering done.

You can find this tool here and use it to help you copy any font style that you want in your bullet journal. It’s truly awesome.

You can find instructions for this here.


Always have post-it notes

These are super helpful but can make your bullet journal a bit bulky. A smart way to carry a few around is to have them inside out your bullet journal like this. This is one of the great yet simple bullet journal hacks that I love to use.

That way you have them, but you’ve avoided the bulk or even the need to carry along an extra bag or pouch for supplies.


Create useful tabs

These tabs are amazingly useful and will not only help you mark out certain area on your bullet journal, they’ll also provide a place to write up some quick notes when you’re on the go or need to jot down something really quickly.

These are also super affordable and can be found here. I highly recommend these multi-purpose tabs for anyone who’s into bullet journaling.


Use colored pens.

This is a great way to keep your ideas separated and easily recognizable. I like to use at least 3 different colors in both my bullet journal and my planner as it keeps various ideas separate.

These fine line pens are a great choice. The colors are nice and rich, they won’t bleed through your pages and they come in 24 amazing colors, so you can easily choose a few that you really like and that’ll go with the general color scheme of your journal. You can find these here.


Use this washi tape

This is a simple way to input our days without having to write them in yourself. I actually really like this for a number of reasons. It allows me to have a very uniform look for my monthly spread and it’s so quick to add in! You can check these out here.


Color Code using regular washi tape

I know I mentioned using various pen colors but you can take this a step further by using these handy washi tape roles to make everything easily accessible.

Not only will these make your bullet journal a little more fun, but it’s also mighty useful in helping you locate things very easily. Try them out and get your journal looking great while still being super functional. This bullet journal hack is awesome for helping you locate specific pages within your bujo in no time.


Paperclip it up

You can use a simple paper clip to keep your bullet journal open while you’re using it. Because bullet journals have a spine, they often tend to stick up in the air when they’re on the newer side, If you use a simple paperclip to clip down your pages, you can avoid having your pages stick up while you’re journaling.


Smart pen holder

One of the downsides of a bullet journal is not having a built-in pen loop. You can easily add one in by getting one of these handy items. Now, you can take your journal out the house and journal on the go!

 bullet journal hacks

You can get this here if you need a great way to carry a pen around.


Use a master to do list

Often times it’s easy to become overwhelmed by having a bunch of ‘to dos’ on your daily page. You can easily avoid this a master to-do list for all of the tasks that you need to get done eventually…but don’t need to get them done immediately.

That way, you never have to overlook important tasks, but you avoid being cluttered and all over the place and you actually focus on the tasks at hand.


Preserve Journal Spine

Break in your notebook easily

Because a bullet journal is essentially a notebook with a spine, you need to be careful how you break it in.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Set up your bullet journal on a table. With the journal still closed, stand it up so that the spine is lying flat on the desk. Then take about ten pages from the front of the book and flatten them down onto the table.
  • Run your hand along the inside of the book to flatten them down. Now take the last ten or so pages from the back of the book and do the same.
  • When you’re done, take the next ten pages from the front and repeat. Keep alternating sides until you get to the center of the book.

This will ensure that your journal is preserved for a longer period of time and you’re not causing undue damage to the spine of the journal.

This is one of my favorite bullet journal hacks as it ensures that you’re able to preserve your bujo for as long as possible.


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Did you love these hacks? Let me know in the comments which ones you’ll be using.



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