9 Ways To Substitute for Mango That Work!

substitute for mango

Looking for a substitute for mango that actually works? Here are 9 of the best mango substitutes that have been tried and tested. If you’re making a recipe that calls from mango and you have no mango on hand, then there are a few alternatives worth considering. What are mangoes? Mango, which is among the most consumed fruits in the world, is a tropical stone fruit from the drupe family that is native to India. Mangoes can be identified by their fleshy, creamy, bright yellow flesh, their thin green, yellow/orange/reddish outer skin, and their sweet, fruity aroma that fills the […]

11 Lime Juice Substitute Ideas (With Substitute Ratios)

substitute for lime juice

Looking for a great substitute for lime? How about 10 incredible substitutes for lime juice? Keep reading to find out how you can use items you likely have in your kitchen to replace lime juice in cooking.    Lime juice is a staple in many kitchens. But, if you need some lime juice in a pinch, what can you use as an effective lime juice substitute? Well, here are 10 easy ways to replace lime juice in a pinch. These easy substitutes can be used for cocktails, baked goods and dressings, marinades, and lots of other recipes that call for […]