Mac And Cheese With Evaporated Milk

mac and cheese recipe with evaporated milk -1

Ready for an easy recipe for mac and cheese with evaporated milk? This recipe right here is all you will need. Made with a handful of staple ingredients, this recipe can be made in under 40 minutes and serves the entire family. It is perfect for you if you’re looking for a way to replace milk in a mac and cheese recipe.  When it comes to mac and cheese recipes they’re usually made using milk. But, you can make a delicious creamy mac and cheese dish with evaporated milk and I’ll show you how. Why use evaporated milk in mac […]

Fluffy Pancakes With Almond Milk

easy almond milk pancakes

These fluffy pancakes with almond milk are sure to become one of your favorite recipes. They’re simple, vegan, and a great choice for anyone who may have just run out of milk and need a quick milk substitute.    Pancakes are a staple in many households and with good reason since they’re so good. But, not everyone knows how to make pancakes with ingredients that aren’t the typical staple pancake ingredients.  In fact, I have some friends who cannot comprehend that you can make good, tasty pancakes with almond milk! Today, I’ll show you how to make fluffy almond milk […]

Fluffy Pancakes With Condensed Milk

These pancakes with condensed milk are literally some of the best pancakes you’ll ever have! They’re the perfect recipe for anyone who has run out of milk and is looking for a good milk substitute for a pancake recipe. You absolutely have to try this recipe.    Pancakes made with sweetened condensed milk Condensed milk pancakes aren’t very popular. In fact, many people don’t even know that you can actually make pancakes with condensed milk. What with this type of milk being so sweet, many people may naturally shy away from the stuff for something like pancakes. However, like these […]

Creamy Mashed Potatoes With Cream Cheese

These mashed potatoes with cream cheese and butter are perfect for anyone who is out of milk or heavy cream and looking to learn how to make mashed potatoes without milk that is creamy and tastes amazing!   When it comes to mashed potato recipes, a huge majority are made with either milk or heavy cream as go-to ingredients. After all, this is how traditional mashed potatoes were made.  However, if you’ve just run out of milk or heavy cream, and you’re looking for a good substitute for milk in mashed potatoes or a good substitute for cream in mashed […]