9 Best Ways To Substitute For Potatoes

substitute for potatoes

Are you making a recipe that calls for potatoes? If you are and you’ve just noticed that you have none in your kitchen, then this list of easy ways to substitute for potatoes will surely come in handy! It outlines 9 easy potato substitutes that you most likely already have in your kitchen! Keep reading to find out what they are! Potatoes are a tuber that originated from Peruvian-Bolivian Andes. This vegetable has a flavor that can be considered as being savory and sometimes slightly sweet with a waxy texture when raw and a rich buttery texture and flavor when […]

8 Best Ways To Substitute For Stewed Tomatoes

stewed tomatoes

Are you looking for the best substitute for stewed tomatoes? Well, how about 8 amazing stewed tomatoes substitute options that will work? Keep reading to see how you can use other tomato based items when you have no stewed tomatoes on hand. Stewed tomatoes are chunks of fresh tomatoes that have been seasoned with ingredients like salt, basil, garlic and oregano, stewed and most times sold canned for preservation. Stewed tomatoes are very convenient to have on hand and are used for making pizza, soups, spaghetti dishes, pasta sauce, lasagna, and even served as a side for chicken, fish and […]

6 Ways To Substitute For Water Chestnuts (With Ratios)

substitute for water chestnuts

Are you looking for ideas on the best way to substitute for water chestnuts in a recipe? If you are, then you’re in the right place. Here, you will find 6 amazing water chestnut substitutes worth trying. What are water chestnuts? Water chestnuts are aquatic tubers native to Asia, parts of Africa, and Oceania. Water chestnuts have a texture that is crunchy when raw, and firm and slightly crunchy when boiled. They’re also slightly sweet, fruity and nutty with a mild flavor that is easily overpowered by the seasonings, sauces or other ingredients they’re cooked with.  Water chestnuts can be […]

11 Tried and True Parsnip Substitutes

Looking for a great substitute for parsnips? How about 11 easy vegetables that can replace parsnips? Keep reading to find out how you can use items you can easily find in the grocery store, or even in your kitchen as parsnip substitutes.    What is a parsnip? A parsnip is a cream-colored root vegetable that belongs to the flowering plant family called Apiaceae. Parsnips are very closely related to carrots and parsley. They also have a sweet flavor similar to that of carrots and are usually eaten cooked but, they can also be eaten raw.   Uses of parsnips Parsnips are […]

11 Best Ways To Substitute For Leeks

substitute for leeks

Run out of leeks and you only noticed this at the last moment? Can’t find leeks anywhere in the grocery store but you need it for a recipe? If this is you, then you need to find the best substitute for leeks right now and this post will help you do just that! What are leeks? Leeks are alliums that belong to the garlic, chives, shallot, and onion family. Leeks look like a larger version of green onions that are often used in salads and for garnishing . Leeks have a flavor that is very similar to onions, although it […]