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Having one or two amazing DIY pencil holders can spice up your desk. Whether you have a work desk at home or a drab office desk at work, that brightness can really cheer you up.

I’ve been looking for some awesome DIY pencil holders for a long time, but I wanted some that were easy to make, made from items that could be found around the home and looked stunning!

Down below I have found a couple of easy DIY pencil holders from some amazing bloggers who love pencil holders like I do. They’re really perfect because each pencil holder is made from recycled materials!

So, if you’re been trying to figure out how to make a pencil holder out of recycled materials, this roundup of recycled pencil holders is perfect for you.

Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite.



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Some really amazing DIY Pencil Holders you can try out.


DIY Marble Pencil Holder

Found from Mein Feenstaub 

If you’re looking for a fancy Marble Pencil Holder, look no further than this. This pencil holder is so easy to make and looks absolutely gorgeous! All you will need are some tin cans and some marble foil for this handmade pencil holder.


DIY Duck Tape Pencil Holder

diy pencil holders

 Found from The Penny Wise Mama

This gorgeous washi tape pencil holder is a great project. Everyone has washi tape laying around somewhere. So try out this recycled pencil holder if you have washi at home and love to experiment with different designs.


DIY Gold Pencil Cup

Found From Lovely Indeed

Love gold? This is a pencil cup that will excite you immensely. It makes the perfect stationery holder using recycled materials. You should check it out here.


Geometric Colored Pencil Holder

diy pencil holders

Found From Lines Across
Ok, when I first saw this I seriously got interested in trying this out. Clay and colors…sounds like a super fun project that looks unique and epic. I’ll definitely be trying this one!


Gold Spray Painted Pencil Holders

Found From Grey Luster Girl

Simple, chic and eye-catching. If you love gold as much as I do, this is a must try!


Twig Pencil Holder

Found from Ziggity Zoom

A super unique take on a pencil holder. If you like out of the ordinary items, this one is definitely right up your alley. This is a pencil holder is made from recycled materials and it’s great if you love things that are different.




Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar

Found on It All Started With Paint

This one isn’t classed as a pencil holder per say, however, I find that it is quite beautiful and can make a great pencil holder. What do you think?


Turquoise Distressed Chalkboard Mason Jar

diy pencil holders

Found on Something Turquoise

This is stunning! Again, not considered a pencil holder, but it can work really well as one. Try it out if you like the idea.


DIY Pencil & Pen Holders

Found from Ginger Snap Craft

Super simple pencil and pen holders for those who just want a quick fix without spending much time. So, if you want to learn how to make a pencil holder out of a can, this one is your best bet.


DIY Pencil Holder

Found from Craft Passion

If you’d love something made of twine and tin, this is it. Beautiful pencil holder to keep on your desk.


Whether you’re a stationery hoarder (like me) who needs more space to contain items or someone who just has a few cute stationery that you want all in one place, one of those amazing DIY pencil holders can be just what you need.

They will add a nice touch to your desk and they’re almost free to create! So, try out some of those cool pencil holder ideas.

Now let me know in the comments diy pencil holder from recycled materials was your favorite and which one you’re going to make.



These great DIY pencil holders are seriously the BEST! I'm so happy I found amazing, affordable diy pencil holder ideas that I can try out! I'm definitely pinning this!

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