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If you’re always losing small items like hair ties, bobby pins, make up brushes and other such items, this is for you.

I tend to lose every small object in my home and just when I need them the most too.

If you’re like me and you need ideas to organize the small objects around your home, read this post! It will save your life and help you find stuff when you need them the most!






These 7 organization tips are truly amazing so share this with your friend!


Sewing Items

If you always want to have easy access to your thread rolls, this is an organizer you’re going to need to get.

You can check it out here.


Car and House Keys

I can’t count the number of times I lose my keys each week. I bet you can’t either. If you’re one who constantly misplaces keys, a great organization hack is to get a magnetic key organizer so you place the keys there each time you come into the door.

You can check out a great one here.



Wheather it’s remotes for the TV or for your kid’s games, these always go missing. One simple hack to keep them organized is to get an access tray.

You can get an amazing tray here.


Nail Polish Storage


Get a simple plastic container to ensure that you keep all your nail polishes in the same place and easily accessible. Especially if you have tons of different shades.



You can check it out here.



Craft supplies

I’m not a big crafter, but my good friend is and I’ve seen her store all of her craft supplies in a storage cart and she swears that this is a lifesaver for her as she can easily locate anything she needs just when she needs it.

You can check out this cart here.


Bobby Pins, Nail cutters, scissors  etc

Magnetic bathroom rack will help you keep all your small items in one place within easy reach. If you tend to lose all your bobby pins, this is something to consider.

Note; This is great for storing bobby pins and such, but it’s also great for securing anything with some metal that might get lost easily. Many people use it for knives, tools and so much more.

You can check this out here.


Makeup brushes


If you find your self constantly using a few items from your make up kit for almost everyday use, then this hack is for you. Especially if you hate having to bring out every makeup item you have daily.

You can store each of your favorite, most used pieces in a simple makeup organizer which will make it super easy to grab and use your go-to pieces on a daily basis.

You can check out these items here.


Kids Toys

Having toys all over the house is a big headache. One great organization hack is to get a great toys organizer like this one.


ways to organize small things
You can check this out here.


Pencil and Stationary Storage

These things get lost all the time in my household. If itis the same for you, try out this storage unit.

You can check it out here.


These are some great organization hacks that you need to try out if you want o stop searching for small items around your house!


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