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This is the easiest money saving plan for 2019 to help you save up some real money.

The new year will soon be upon us and with it usually comes our goals and plans for a better year.

Something that’s highly recommended this time of year is to start saving money so that you can get yourself something REALLY nice, pay off some debt that you may have incurred or take yourself on a nice trip.

This year, I’ve created a 52-week money saving plan that I’m sure you’ll love. This plan will help you learn a simple principle. That is, putting aside a small amount of money each week can ultimately have you save a very large sum of money at the end of 52 weeks.

The best part is that you can start by setting aside just $2.50 and end up with over $1700!

You can save up the money in a  simple jar or keep it in an account. My sister did hers in a shoe box last year! As long as you don’t touch this money throughout the year, you can keep the money wherever you please.

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Last year I undertook a similar challenge and was able to save only $700. It was great but, this year I’ve made a plan to save $1700 for a nice trip for next Christmas.

And, do forget, you can start this challenge at any time of the year. So, if you see this in the middle of the year, don’t feel like you can’t start because you totally can.

If you want to go on this journey with me, then do me 2 small favors:

  1. Find something secure to store your money each week.

I tried a regular jar last year but that didn’t really work. The process didn’t feel quite as official and serious as it does this time around that I’ve gotten an actual money box for this.

So, if you’re like me have a look at these money boxes below so that you can officially start saving

Amazing Custom Money Saving Boxes

(Click images to check them out)

2. Print this printable, either for your planner of to stick to your wall for a constant reminder.

Don’t forget, share this with everyone you think would love to go on this money saving journey this year. It could be your spouse, partner, family members, daughter, friends. Everyone who you think would benefit from his year-long savings journey.

Plus, it would be great to have company while doing this challenge as it might keep you super motivated to see it through!

Click image to download and don’t forget to share!

This savings plan is THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I'm so glad I found this money saving challenge, now I can save lots of money this year. This is a 52 Week Challenge! Plus it has a great FREE printable outling the 52-week MONEY SAVING CHALLENGE that going to help you save money for hritmas, travelling or just buying yourself something really nice! Pinning this for sure!

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  1. I just came across this and i am going to try it for the new year to give my husband a wonderful birthday present 2020.

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