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If you’re trying to be successful on the ketogenic lifestyle, you’ll need some amazingly tasty keto summer recipes in your arsenal this summer.

With all the delicious salads, barbeques and, drinks, smoothies and desserts you’ll definitely be tempted to cheat this summer. However, these low carb summer recipes can help you stay on track with your WOE. 

Your body and well being will thank you for it!

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These bacon wrapped pickles are really easy to make and are so tasty, you’ll wish you’d been making them all along.

You can find this recipe here.




This is the perfect recipe for summer for the entire family. These are also very simple to prepare and will help anyone with a craving for pizza!

You can find this recipe here


Keto Plus MCT Oil + Exogenous Ketones

This will help you get into Ketosis, Enhance Performance & Mental Focus.

It is delicious and refreshing and will help give you energy throughout the day. This makes some delicious keto shakes as well, which will be perfect for summer or a meal replacement while helping you on this keto journey!

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Looking for a delicious alternative to spaghetti and meatballs this summer? This low carb zucchini and meatballs will do the trick. Everyone will absolutely love this keto summer recipe!

You can find this recipe here.




Chicken Alfredo anyone? This healthy keto summer recipe is a must try for anyone who’s been craving chicken alfredo while on this WOE. Did I mention how flavorful this is?

You can find this recipe here.



Keto summer drink recipes

Summer can’t possibly happen without some really yummy low carb drinks for those hot day. These keto summer recipes are great and your family will enjoy them too…even though they’re not on keto.



Keto Lemonade

Refreshing lemonade anyone? This is a perfect drink for summer. It has a great taste and is so refreshing, everyone is sure to enjoy this easy keto lemonade on a hot day!

You can find this keto lemonade recipe here.




This flavorful limeade will become a favorite in your household this summer. Perfect for quenching your thirst and with no sugar added, this drink is a must for summer!

You can find this keto limeade recipe here. 




These hibiscus tea cocktails are great for summer. Worth making for your entire family to enjoy.

You can find this recipe here.



Keto summer dessert recipes

Sugar cravings are ‘real’ on the keto lifestyle. If you’re craving sugars this summer, these recipes will help you more than compensate for our cravings.




If you love pie and have been dying to have some since you’ve started keto, then this strawberry cream cheese pie will be the answer to your prayers.

keto summer recipes

You can find this recipe here.




How good does this look? Your entire family will become addicted to this yummy dessert.

You can find this recipe here.




If your family loves peanut butter as much as mine does, then this recipe will be a hit in your household. Plus it can be fun to include the kids in the preparation!


You can find this recipe here.

Which of those delicious keto summer recipes will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments below!

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