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There are so many baby items on the market which makes it difficult for first time moms (and even moms who have done it before) to figure out what’s necessary and what’s not.

Any parent to be knows the struggle. You’ve probably been reading handfuls of blogs and scheming through lots of aisles trying to figure it all out. However, you’re no closer to knowing what your baby actually needs.

I promise you’re not the only one and this is why this article was created. To help you find a list must have baby products for your baby registry that you’ll actually use.

You no longer need to feel overwhelmed having this list of all the basic items you need for your baby before he or she arrives.

This is one less thing that’ll be taken care of in preparation for the most wonderful experience fo your life!


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All of these items can be found on Amazon as this is the best place to actually create a baby registry and plan for your baby’s arrival.

If you don’t have one as yet, you can create on here. You’ll get some really cool benefits when you have an amazon baby registry such as free shipping and returns on most items, plus, you get 10% – 15% discount on most items in your registry once you sign up using this link.



Baby Registry Items For Feeding




Nipple cream

While breastfeeding your nipples might get cracked and or soar, having an effective nipple cream that’s trusted by thousands of moms can be life saver for helping you ease the pain and discomfort.


Breast pads

While breastfeeding, your breaks will likely be very leaky and you’ll require some breast pads that won’t get soaked through. Getting reusable breast pads will help you deal with this. Stock up on these as you may have months off leakage ahead. BabyBliss Nursing Pads are a great options to try out.


Boppy pillow

This is the perfect pillow for nursing your little one and making sure that your baby is positioned perfectly when breastfeeding and also perfect for when you want to have your baby lounging around in comfort and provide a few hands free moments for you. Grab yourself a great boppy pillow here.


Burp cloths

Your baby will spit up a lot and having these on hand will be a life saver. You can find some thick, soft an absorbent one right here. Also, stock up on these as you’ll need a lot!


Milk storage bags

Great way to store breastmilk for your baby. You’ll need to find some that a good quality and won’t leak. The Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags are a very good and trusted choice for moms.


Nursing tank tops

You’ll need to feed your baby often, and wearing the right kind of clothing will make that process easier. These nursing tanks which can be worn out or layered and will help you feed your baby without exposing too much of your breast. They contain claps which can easily be unhooked with one hand and are made of a comfortable material. Overall, they are perfect for when you’re out of the house or when you have friends and family over and need to feed the baby. Grab yourself some nursing tanks here.



While you’re feeding your baby on one breast, the other may begin to leak. Having a Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump can help you catch a good few ounces of milk that you can then storage in the freezer for your baby.




Bottle feeding


Handsfree pumping bra

This is the perfect product for you if you’re a busy mom who either works outside the home or has lots of things to do around the home. You just pop it on and you’re able to catch your breast milk for storage! You can find one that’s trusted by lots of moms here. This is a product every pumping mom needs.


4 oz bottles

These are the sizes you’ll need for when you’re no breastfeeding. Your baby will eat about 4oz every 2-3 hours. Perfect for when your partner has to feed baby give you a break or if you’re planning on sending your baby to daycare. You can find an excellent brand of 4 oz baby bottles here.


Nipples (size 0+)

You’ll need some size 0+ nipples if you bottle feed your baby. These nipples from Dr Brown’s are the perfect option



If you’re going to be bottle feeding, you’ll need a great steriliser to keep your bottles clean and sanitised.


Swaddle blankets

You’ll need some warm and smooth blankets for swaddling your baby. These are also perfect for using as a nursing cover as there comfortable and light weight. You can get some awesome blankets here.


Bottle brushes

Cleaning your baby’s bottles will be imperative. Here’s where you can find a good bottle brush.


Bottle warmer

An easy to use and convenient bottle warmer is another item you need in your baby registry. Click here to get your own.




Baby Gear For Your Baby Registry



You’ll want to get a light weight and easy to open stroller for your baby.  Click here to get your own durable, stylish stroller with large seating area and seat storage.


Baby carrier

Choosing the best baby carrier is often very difficult for new moms. After all, you want to have the best for your baby and there are so many on the market.

The LILLEbaby carrier is a great choice as it is comfortable, ergonomic and can be used in up to six positions and up until your baby is 45 lbs. It’s also perfect as it allows you to control your baby’s tempartature for any season and you’ll feel comfortable with this baby carrier as well! If you’re looking for a baby carrier, you can click here to get your own.

Also, you can click here to find more baby carrier colour options.


Car seat

Like anything else for a baby, there are a lot of options for car seats. The Graco Snugride Infant Car seat is an amazing car seat if you’re looking for safety and comfort for your baby. If you’re on the market for an infant car seat that’s well priced, you can click here to get one.


Portable play pen

This is one item that you absolutely must buy. It can be used for baby to sleep in and play in various rooms at home and outdoors. It’s also great because it’s small an can fit in your home if you have less space and it can be moved around quite easily. Grab your own portable playpen here.


Rock N play sleeper



Safety Items You Need In Your Baby Registry

Baby monitor

It’s extremely important to have a baby monitor. Especially if your baby sleeps in a nursery away from you at night. Also great for just keeping an eye on your baby in general for peace of mind. You can find a great quality baby monitor right here.



Get yourself an easy to use and convenient and accurate baby thermometer to quickly diagnose fevers and illnesses.

Nursery Items For Your Registry


Having comfortable place to nurse your baby is essential after giving birth. A good glider will provide you with that place and will fit perfectly into your nursery.



In order to keep your baby cool. a fan is a great item to get. This standing fan is a great an affordable one.

Changing table

A reasonably priced changing table that’s perfect for storage, safe and sturdy. You can find one here.



Cribs are a necessity for babies. Find a great basic crib that’s nice, story and affordable is amazing. This convertible crib is perfect for your baby.


Soothie pacifiers

These are some of the best smoothies trusted by thousands of moms. Get your own here.



Diaper Care Items You Need

Diapers (different sizes)

Get some good pampers to keep your baby dry.



Always have wipes on hand. These pampers wipes are a favourite of many moms.



Load up on onesies in all sizes and colours. Your baby will be in these quite often.


Daiper bag

You need a great bag with lost of pockets and this one will work amazingly.


Diaper cream

Use this tried and true cream is made for healing your baby’s rashes.


Daiper pail

Get this diaper pail if you want to keep the smells of soiled diapers from escaping.




Health/ Cleaning Products For Your Baby Registry

Baby bathtub

This newborn to toddler tub is safe and easy to use to bath your baby.


Baby towels

Get the best baby towels for your newborn here.



Get these gentle and super soft baby wash cloths for bath time.


Baby wash & shampoo

Get a gentle baby wash & shampoo to get your baby clean without drying his or her skin.


Baby lotion

Get this gentle baby lotion to help prevent and protect dry skin.


Nail clippers

Use this nail clipper for a safe an effective way to clip your baby’s nails.




Products For Moms


Water bottle

Nursing your baby will make you very thirst. Therefore, you’ll NEED an endless supply of water and having your own water bottle can help you out!

Epsom salt

After giving birth, you will have lots of responsibility and may find it difficult to care for yourself. However, your body will have gone through a lot and using epsom salt in a sit bath can help speed up your body’s natural healing process.


These are all products that you’re almost guaranteed to use for either you or your baby. Therefore, if you don’t alreay have them on your registry, add them now. And, if you want to order them from amazon (where you cn find some really good deals), do it.

After all, all these products will solve a problem for you or your baby and you really want to have them available when they’re needed.

These baby items will ensure that you’re very prepared for your little ones arrival.

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