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Traveling is a marvelous thing. Getting to spend time in different places and experience other peoples culture is something that we all should endeavor to exercise in our lives. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide where to travel to next, so today I’ve created a list of top 19 places that should be on your travel bucket list before you die.

These locations are the accounts of people who travel a lot and they’ve shared with you the places they consider wonderful destinations to visit in your lifetime.


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This year we spent more than 2 months traveling Namibia and we astonished how diverse and beautiful this country is. The landscape changes completely from Fish River Canyon and red-sand dunes in the South to Epupa Falls and Caprivi wetlands in the North. Traveling Namibia is like going through different countries. The wildlife is incredible as well; lions, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, leopards I can continue this list forever! People in Namibia are extremely helpful and friendly from owners of lodges to children from Native tribes. We absolutely loved Namibia and will definitely go back again luckily it’s not far from us as we live in South Africa. 

You can read more of this place from Campbell and Alya at Stingy Nomad


Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Jokulsarlon, Iceland This glacier lagoon in Iceland is otherworldly in its incredible beauty. You can take a boat ride among the floating icebergs to get near the glacier they are calving off of. The incredible boom as they separate from their previous residence is the only sound that fills your ears. After your fill at the lagoon, you can follow the icebergs down their short journey through the waves into the Ocean. The contrast of the crystal blues of the ice with Iceland’s black turbulent seas are magical.

You can read more of this place from Jamie at The Daily Adventures Of Me


Asturias, Spain

It’s a wonderful place for its incredible nature: mountains, seashores and green, lots of green…. Also, my favorite food is Asturian, and my favorite drink is Asturian cider.

You can read more of this place from Roman at Roman Roams


South Africa

My favorite African country. I love it because it’s so varied in terms of landscapes, culture, and experiences, plus Cape Town is the best city ever. It’s also a great road tripping destination, roads are in good conditions and it’s easy to get around, meaning you can enjoy the country in total freedom!

You can read more of this place from Margherita and Nick at The Crowded Planet


Java, especially Mt Bromo

The landscape is like being on another planet. Seeing an active volcano certainly puts thinks into perspective. The whole of Java is wonderful, so many trekking options and the people are lovely.

You can read more of this place from Darren and Shelley at Finding Beyond


Alentejo region in Portugal

The country is known for places like Algarve, Porto, and Lisbon but there are still some spots in Alentejo where the crowds haven’t arrived and where it is possible to experience all the Portuguese awesomeness.

You can read more of this place from Inma and Jose at A World To Travel  



A region of immense natural beauty with 46 little villages on the most isolated area in Greece. Rarely stunning places like this are not overcrowded with tourists.

You can read more of this place from Chrisostomos at Trip and Trail


Costa Brava, Spain

Beautiful Mediterranean beaches, charming towns overlooking the water, twisting, turning roads with the most beautiful views, and to top it off, Spanish food and wine!

You can read more about this place from Delightful Travellers


 Aegina, Greece

A beautiful Greek island just a short ferry ride away from Athens!

You can read more about this place from Sophie at The Wunderful Me


Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv is a beautiful and historic city tucked away in Western Ukraine. It has a stunning old town full of medieval squares and really unique architecture.

The cuisine is amazing – pierogis, cabbage rolls, cheap beer – what more could you want? It’s really easily accessible from Poland and completely safe to visit.

The best part about it? It’s a total hidden gem so the prices are low and there are hardly any tourists around!

You can read more about this place from Stefan at Stefan RTW



Everyone should visit Poland at least once in their lives.

The country has everything you could ever want, including a salty sea for swimming, forests full of wildlife and mountains perfect for cozy winter getaways.

Top it all off with some delicious Polish delicacies like pierogies and cream cake, and you’ve got yourself the ideal destination for just about every traveler!

You can read more from Maya at Maya Maceka



We fell in love with this quaint multicultural city which is at ease with its past and present and embraces both in a bear hug exuding warmth enough to make it feel like home. It helps that the people here are also friendly and welcoming.

You can read more about this place from Rishabh & Nirali at Gypsy Couple



With amazing food to try (and some interesting sweets as well), the culture is both welcoming and rich with temples and shrines. The capital, Tokyo, is a jungle of little alleyways to explore and shops to visit. Japan is truly a place where the past and the future coexist.

You can read more from James at One Lost Traveller



Pristine mountain villages swathed in holy dance ceremonies, monasteries built into cliffs, fortresses with the Himalayas in the background, and temples galore. The freshest air you’ve ever breathed. Kind-hearted people with centuries-old traditions. Unbelievable nature.

You can read more from Kristen at Kristen Gill



cliche or culture? A week staying in the 11th away from the tourists and soaking up being a local (along with some visits to the great art galleries). We loved every minute of it.

You can read more about this place from Rowan and Jan from Retiring Not Shy



I recommend everyone visit Antarctica at least once in their life. The White Continent consistently shows up on many travel bucket lists and rightfully so. With a landscape full of glaciers and icebergs, Antarctica is beautiful, breathtaking and magnificent beyond what any words can describe. Although Antarctica is one of the most remote and untouched places in the world, there is no shortage of amazing things to see and do. Lucky visitors will be surrounded by wildlife including seabirds, whales, seals, and penguins. For more active travelers, there are opportunities to kayak, hike or even participate in a polar plunge.

You can read more about this place from Patti and Matilda over at The Travel Sisters


Kenya and/or Tanzania

Everyone has to go on a safari in Kenya and/or Tanzania. It’s amazing to feel the African vibes and a close encounter with one of the big 5 is unforgettable. End your trip with a few days on the beach in Mombasa.

You can read more about this place from Wendy at World Wide Wendy



I love Switzerland for its stunning scenery. Snow-capped mountains, crystal clear alpine lakes and lush green pastures make every vista jaw-droppingly beautiful. Add to that well preserved medieval towns and cities and quaint villages and there’s something to suit everyone.

You can read more about this place from Caroline at Holidays To Europe


The Gian’st Causeway in Northern Ireland.

The place is magical. The setting between cliffs and coast is already stunning but It’s almost unbelievable that those thousands of basalt columns are nature made. They are fitting together like a puzzle and it’s not surprising that people believed for so long that the causeway is made by a giant.

You can read more about this place from Lena at Four On A World Trip


Which of these lovely places are your thinking about visiting? Let me know in the comments below.

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